Hey cricket enthusiasts! IPL 2023 was like a wild ride, right? Fast bowlers were the superheroes of the show. Now, let’s zoom in on the top 5 speedsters who made the tournament a real spectacle.

5. Mohammad Siraj

Hold onto your hats! Mohammad Siraj, the once-costly bowler, did a total 180 in IPL 2023. Get this: he’s now a sensation in the Indian team for all formats. Wrap your mind around it – 14 wickets in 19 matches, and his average? A cool under 20! The kicker? Crushing Punjab Kings with four wickets for just 21 runs. Now, Siraj’s eyeing the World Test Championship Final against Australia at The Oval in London. Talk about turning the tables!

4. Matheesha Pathirana

Buckle up: Matheesha Pathirana, the rising CSK star, dazzled with killer death bowling. With MS Dhoni’s nod, he snagged a whopping 19 wickets in just 12 matches at an average under 20. Hold your horses, there’s more – his bowling style? A nod to Lasith Malinga! Fans in Chennai and beyond are going bananas. Why? His yorkers and slower ones hit the bullseye every single time. Now that’s how you make a splash!

3. Tushar Deshpande

Here comes Tushar Deshpande, the unsung hero of CSK’s epic win in IPL 2023. Brace yourself: 21 wickets in 16 matches, and the pièce de résistance? A whopping 3 for 45 against RCB, sealing the deal for Chennai by 8 runs. What’s in his arsenal? Speed, precision, and a bowling line & length as steady as your morning cuppa. Sure, he had a couple of pricey outings, but Deshpande always bounces back. Talk about resilience!

Hold your breath! Wow, the last game in IPL 2023 was super-duper exciting! It started raining, making things tricky, and the Chennai Super Kings had to chase a super big 171 runs in just 15 overs. Hold on, here’s the fun part! Ravindra Jadeja comes in and showed his power and there you go the CSK wins their 5th IPL title at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. It was like a super thrilling movie ending!

All season, cool batters like Faf du Plessis and Shubman Gill amazed us with their awesome bat skills. They made the ball go woosh with their willow magic. What a fun season it was! But hats off to the fast bowlers who spiced up IPL 2023, turning it into a cricket carnival we’ll be reminiscing about for ages. Cricket fever, anyone? Brace yourselves for more heart-stopping moments!

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2. Mohit Sharma

Guess what? Mohit Sharma was like the superhero of death bowling for the team in Ahmedabad! Everyone watching the IPL got their minds blown by his super smart and skillful bowling. Can you believe he started as just a net bowler for Gujarat Titans? Now, he’s rocking it as one of the top-notch pacers in the whole tournament. What a journey, right?

Coming straight from Haryana, Mohit Sharma scooped up a whopping 27 wickets this season. That’s the second-highest by any bowler this time around. Hold on, his average is mind-blowing, around 13 – which is just spectacular in the T20 cricket world.

This dude used all his cricket wisdom to make his team win on so many occasions. Well, except for that final where luck wasn’t on his side in the last over. But guess what? He’s the go-to guy alongside Mohammad Shami for the next season. Exciting times ahead!

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1. Mohammad Shami

Let’s talk about the real deal – Mohammad Shami, the experienced, skilled, and downright splendid bowler. This guy has been rocking the cricket scene for more than 10 years, and guess what? His bowling just keeps getting better from day one. He’s been around the block and picked up the most wickets this season – a whopping 28! And get this, his average is around 19, which is pretty darn good in the T20 cricket universe.

For his super-duper performance, Shami snagged the purple cap at the end of the season. The highlights? His four-fer against Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Man, he was a boss, keeping it economical with his brilliant bowling.

Sure, Shami gave away some runs in a few games, but did that stop him? Nope! His determination always came back roaring in the next match. Right now, he’s in London, gearing up for the World Test Championship Final against Australia starting on June 7. What a champ! 


Amidst the cricketing brilliance, seasoned players like Faf du Plessis and Shubman Gill showcased their batting finesse. Yet, it was the fast bowlers who injected spice into this cricketing carnival. 

As the curtain descends on this chapter, the anticipation for the next season builds among cricket enthusiasts.


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