How awesome would it be to make a few bucks while scratching some cards, without ever having to spend much on them in reality? These are like the lottery: They have no basis in anything. But Do Not Despair, There Are Ways You Can Play The Scratch Card Games Better and Increase Your Chances of Winning.

We can’t guarantee that you will learn how to win scratch offs every time, but the below tips are definitely going to help increase your odds!

1. Don’t Buy the Cheapest Ones

There are a plethora of various patterns, costs some push rewards at and other brand names them that it can get difficult or complicated to focus when getting scrape cards so maintain your emphasis to improve you opportunities in scratchers.

We know the cheaper tickets can come across as appealing and people will often purchase several of these. But those are bargain-basement prices, too. The prize pool is lower.

Thus, you might as well opt for the expensive $10 scratch cards rather than buying more of them. Less is more, never truer in scratch.

2. Check the Small Print

Perhaps this sounds more like something you would pay attention to for a loan, but ultimately even scratch cards adhere by these ideologies.

Sometimes the small print will tell you what your chances of winning on this card. Therefore it makes all sense to go ahead an read about that. Why choose longer odds rather that shorter ones?

You also need to view a lottery home page in your state. All the information like that of remaining prizes they will have. In over 10% of scratch off tickets sold now that there no longer any major prizes left in the game. The lottery site usually lists out the prizes left, which makes you able to analyze if purchasing tickets for that particular game is worth it or not.

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3. Buy in Bulk

There is one strategy that some scratch card players are confident about, which involves purchasing their scratch cards.

Instead of buying a single scratch card and, over weeks or months then making repeat visits to buy another from the same line they will typically buy around five at once.

They decided that buying a ton of tickets as once would work because the people who make these cards DO stick wins all through them, but it is not based on odds!

Meaning, when you buy multiple scratch cards in a single purchase like that there are more planted winners overall due to the operator deliberately including them causing your chances of hitting one to be higher than they would if bought over separate purchases. – as per usual with all operators who still adhere to my breaking stories love or setting limits at 3 winning tickets (I do not have access yet on these current upgrades).

Only do this if your budget allows it though.

4. Play Them like Slots

There are closet slot players who loiter around the machines waiting for as many numbers of their kind to go on a dry spell before they start hitting jackpot prizes. A prolonged dry spell can be symptomatic of the jackpot being ready to drop.

This way you are going to have to hang around a store or an outlet that sells scratch cards, which might not be something that is comfortable for you — or possible!

Rather, strike up a conversation with the store real owner/ask any vendor whether or not they be fortunate recently. It may be subtle, but this could mean the difference between a big win or an average outcome.

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5. Keep Your Old Tickets

No, this isn’t nostalgia. It all boils down to a very basic reason.

You may be as easily riffling via a scratch card, feeling that nothing has been won. But don’t throw it away! Who knows, maybe you can catch an error that occurred on your part at a later date!

Sometimes, jackpots are never hit so the manufacturer will request losing tickets to determine a best loser. It can happen.

They worked too hard to get themselves in, none of that matters now however; it’s almost like someone has a winning lottery ticket and accident tossed the damn thing out… Don’t be that dummy who threw away a chance at something real.

6. Submit All Losing Tickets

A bit like the above: You can only be certain you do not have a winning ticket if it has been checked and verified!

You will get paid… Whether the numbers had a winning combination or if there was an error on your card. You can always make a mistake somewhere.

7. Study The Scratch Cards

There is a process that experienced scratch off players use which called the “Singleton Method”.

The examination of the lay out and design in a scratch card removes certain patterns that serve as hints to indicate if whether there are are numbers, symbols or combinations by which an individual could win.

Most scratch card manufacturers have figured out this strategy to limit it, and a lot of them design their cards not to accommodate for it.

However, there are still some who have yet to take steps to tackle it. This is good to be used in scratch cards where there are numbers showing on the side, so it is still a valid method.

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8. Be Strict With Your Budget

You might win more or less by this tactic, but it serves as a safety buffer to prevent you from losing too much money.

Give yourself some sort of weekly or monthly limit, and try to abide by it so you don’t end up getting out from under with regards to your financial circumstances.

9. Pick A Game And Stick To It

It honestly just seems logical to me. Every time you play a losing game that is on your list, it means one less losing ticket for next time until either this series wins or they all lose.

Yet if you spread that spending over several games, well, then it might just be losing scratch cards forever.

So choose a game you enjoy and commit to it. It is much worth approach in the long run.

It’s All About Lady Luck

Okay, so we might not have shown you how to win scratch offs every time (if there was a single trick of any kind everyone would do it and they wouldn’t exist!) However, we have demonstrated several ways and tactics on what can raise the odds of your winning.

In the end, no matter how you look at it – luck is certainly involved but there is also nothing wrong with increasing your chances of winning.


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