Hey there, guess what’s happening soon? The Indian Premier League, called IPL 2024, is coming, and everyone is so, so happy! It’s like a big cricket party, and everyone is super-duper excited. Let’s find out why this IPL is so popular and making everyone to say, “Wow!” Yay!

Fantastic Return of Six Indian Cricket Stars

Amazing Comeback Tales

You really love playing cricket with a ball and a bat. But then, something not very good happens, and you can’t play cricket for a little while.

Well, that’s what happened to six awesome Indian cricket players. But hold on! They’re making a super cool comeback in IPL 2024.

  1. Rishabh Pant’s Heroic Return

Tough Times for Rishabh

Rishabh Pant, who’s great  cricket player of our times had a really tough time. As he had met with a car crash had to stay away for a whole year. He went through many surgeries to get better. But guess what? He worked really hard to get fit again, and now he’s ready to come back to play. His story is so inspiring!

Rishabh’s Captain Gig

Guess what’s even cooler? He might be the captain for the Delhi Capitals. Imagine that! He’s like a cricket superhero ready to show off his awesome moves.

  1. Shreyas Iyer’s Bounce Back Show

Shreyas’ Back Troubles

Shreyas Iyer, the smooth batsman, had some trouble with his back. It hurt so much that he had to skip the last IPL. But guess what? He came back strong in other games. Now, he’s the captain for the Kolkata Knight Riders. That’s like being the big boss of the team!

  1. Jasprit Bumrah’s Bowling Comeback

Jasprit’s Back Issues

The Mumbai Indians missed having their top bowler, Jasprit Bumrah, in the last IPL because his back was often hurting. But guess what? Bumrah came back strongly, playing amazingly well for India in different matches. Now, he’s here to help Mumbai Indians with their bowling worries from the last time.

  1. Washington Sundar’s Versatile Return

Leg Trouble for Washington

Washington Sundar, the cricket all-rounder, had a bit of trouble with his leg. So, he missed the last IPL. But hold on tight! Sunrisers Hyderabad kept him in the team because they know he’s awesome. Get ready to see him do some cool stuff in IPL 2024.

  1. Rajat Patidar’s Comeback Tale

Foot Issues for Rajat

Rajat Patidar got lots of love in IPL 2022. But this time he had a little trouble with his foot. So, he could not make it in the last IPL. But the Royal Challengers Bangalore believe in him. They kept him in the team, and he’s ready to make everyone proud.

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  1. Prasidh Krishna’s Fast Bowler Return

Spine Story for Prasidh

Prasidh Krishna, the super fast bowler, had a bit of trouble with his spine. He had surgery and couldn’t play in the last IPL. But guess what? Rajasthan Royals kept him in their team with a big contract. Now, he’s back to make the ball zoom super fast.

More Fun: Siraj’s IPL Money Adventure

Siraj’s Paycheck Journey

Now, let’s talk about Mohammed Siraj. He’s another cool player. We checked how much money he gets for playing in the IPL. It’s like his salary. And you know what? His salary grew a lot since he started playing. It’s like watching someone’s money story unfold while enjoying the cricket show.

Get ready for a mix of comebacks, stories, and money adventures in IPL 2024. It’s not just cricket; it’s about the excitement and surprises waiting to unfold!


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