Big News! India’s gonna fight for the T20 World Cup trophy! Captain Rohit Sharma, a true cricket champion, will lead the team. Buckle up, fans, this World Cup in the USA and West Indies will be super exciting!

Good news for wicket-keeping! Remember Rishabh Pant, the big hitter who got hurt last year? Well, he’s BACK! Get ready for his amazing batting and super-fast catching.

India picks World Cup team! Who’s the boss? Believe it or not, it’s batting king Rohit Sharma! Remember last year? Hardik Pandya crushed it as captain, but this time he’s Rohit’s right-hand man! This team is FIRE!

King Kohli is on fire too! Remember how he smashed runs in IPL? Boom! Straight to the World Cup team! Other teams are SO scared, they had to pick him!

Wicketkeeper drama! Both Pant and Samson are AWESOME! Too many good choices! Who will catch? India’s problems are the best kind – too much talent!

Who’s In? Who’s Out? India’s T20 World Cup Squad 

Big shock! KL Rahul gets the axe! But hold on tight, there’s more twists! The T20 World Cup squad announcement sent shockwaves. Even super-scorcher Shubman Gill got benched, landing in the reserve camp! But wait, who’s this new guy Rinku Singh? A complete mystery! This batting finisher came out of nowhere, ready to swing his willow from the sidelines!

Surprise alert! Shivam Dube, the lefty with a sweet swing for both India A and the Chennai Super Kings, finally muscles his way into the main squad. Wham! Talk about unexpected picks!

India picked special bowler boys Axar and Ravindra. They make ball go round and round, really tricky! Kuldeep and Chahal join in, making ball even twistier! Hitters get confused! But wait! Fast zoomy men coming! Jasprit, Mohammed and Arshdeep throw ball super fast, zoom zoom! Hitters can’t see ball! More zoomy men waiting, Khaleel and Avesh, ready to jump in if needed!

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We Won Before, Let’s Win Again! India wants to win the T20 cup again! They won first one in 2007, beating bad guys Pakistan! First game against Ireland, then big game against Pakistan on June 9th in New York! Big fight!

Captain Still Here! Only one player left from 2007! Captain Rohit Sharma, he’s still playing! So cool!

India’s T20 Team:

  • Hit ball hard! Rohit (Captain), Hardik (Helps Captain), Yashasvi, Virat, Suryakumar
  • Catch ball good! Rishabh, Sanju
  • Hit ball far! Shivam
  • Super spinny boys! Ravindra, Axar, Kuldeep, Chahal
  • Fast zoomy men! Arshdeep, Jasprit, Mohammed

Reserves: Shubman, Rinku, Khaleel, Avesh


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