Rohit Sharma! The name strikes fear! This batting beast, they call him ‘Hitman,’ whacks the ball like a meteor! But can he lead? You bet he can!  Believe it or not, Hitman wasn’t always a Mumbai man. Remember those guys? They saw something special and paid big bucks, a whopping 4.8 crore rupees! That was a lot of money back then!

Then, after three seasons of pure batting magic, Mumbai pounced! They snatched him up at auction for a mind-blowing 9.2 crore rupees! That’s some serious moolah! That auction changed everything! Mumbai got their batting champion, and Hitman? He landed in the perfect spot to unleash his fury! But guess what? He wasn’t done yet! He became a super captain too!

Now, he didn’t start as captain, took over mid-season in 2013. But what happened? WHAM! That same year, he led Mumbai to their second IPL trophy! Talk about a debut! Since then, it’s been win after win, trophy after trophy. Hitman, the captain, is a champion, pure and simple!

How Much is Hitman Worth? 

Hitman isn’t just good, he’s super valuable! His salary has gone through the roof over the years. From a whole bunch of money (15 crore rupees a year!), he became one of the IPL’s top earners. But guess what? His price tag has been stuck at a cool 16 crore rupees for the last two auctions. But with his crazy whacking and super captain-ing, who knows, he might become even more expensive next time!

YearIPL TeamWages
2018Mumbai IndiansINR 15.00 Cr
2019Mumbai IndiansINR 15.00 Cr
2020Mumbai IndiansINR 15.00 Cr
2021Mumbai IndiansINR 15.00 Cr
2022Mumbai IndiansINR 16.00 Cr
2023Mumbai IndiansINR 16.00 Cr
2024Mumbai IndiansINR 16.00 Cr

Forget the trophies for a second, because Hitman is a batting genius too! He’s piled up a mountain of runs in the IPL, over 6,200 of them! Remember that mind-blowing opening partnership with the legend Sachin Tendulkar? Yep, that was Hitman at the other end, smashing boundaries like crazy! He’s a super important part of the Mumbai batting machine, and there’s no stopping him!

Mumbai Magic with Hitman? 

One thing’s for sure: Rohit Sharma, the Hitman, will be a super strong dude to beat in IPL 2024. With his powerful whacking and super-smart captain-ing, he’ll be leading the Mumbai Indians on a mission for another glorious trophy!

Back in the Day: From Orange to Blue!

Remember way back in 2008? Young Rohit Sharma first joined the IPL party! Back then, he wore the orange colours for the Deccan Chargers (they’re gone now, sniff sniff). But even then, everyone knew this guy was GOOD!

We all know Rohit SMASHES the ball like a boss, but did you know he can take wickets too? BOOM! Back in 2009, with the Chargers, Rohit did something AMAZING! He got a HAT-TRICK against Mumbai Indians! Three batsmen OUT in a ROW – Abhishek Nair, Harbhajan Singh, and JP Duminy – all on the SAME BALLS! Not only that, he took a crazy FOUR wickets for just SIX runs! Now THAT’S a player with skills!


Mumbai Mayhem: Highest Score Ever! 

Fast forward to 2012, and Rohit’s playing for Mumbai Indians! In a match against the Kolkata Knight Riders, he went absolutely BANANAS! He scored a HUGE 109 runs – his BEST score EVER in the IPL! Fours and sixes flew everywhere – 12 fours and a whopping 5 HUGE sixes! He basically DESTROYED the bowlers and led Mumbai to a BIG win!

In 2021, Rohit was back in his familiar blue and gold Mumbai colors. He might not have gotten a MASSIVE hundred this time, but his STEADY batting kept the team strong. Over 13 matches, he scored a TON of runs – a total of 381! His highest score of 63 showed off his CLASSY skills, and he even got a well-deserved FIFTY! With 48 boundaries (both fours and sixes!), Rohit was a KEY player for Mumbai.

Leading by Example: 2022 Season

2022 saw Rohit Captaining Mumbai again. He might not have gotten a GIANT hundred this time either, but his CONSTANT batting helped the team throughout the season. In 14 matches, he scored a total of 268 runs. And the highest he got was 48. 

He Played in all 16 matches, but his total runs, 332, left many scratching their heads. Not quite what fans expect from a legend!

But hold on! There were good bits too. Rohit scored two important fifties, showing he can still hold things together. He hit boundaries like a boss – 35 fours and 17 sixes! These big hits were a big help for MI.

Here’s the rub. Not all matches were magic. His highest score was only 65, and he even got out for nothing twice! This lack of runs is a big change from how good he usually is.

One bad season doesn’t erase everything, though. Rohit’s still an IPL giant. He’s got a crazy 6,211 runs, making him the fourth highest scorer ever! Even better, he holds the record for most fifties (42) – that’s how good he is at building big scores.

Let’s not forget Rohit’s captain skills. He’s led MI to a whopping five IPL titles!  Being on MI isn’t always easy. People criticize him sometimes, things get tough. But Rohit’s known for fighting back. He never gives up and always tries his best to get his team on top. That’s the spirit of a true champion!


  1. Name the first team he joined in the IPL?
    • Rohit Sharma started his IPL journey with the Deccan Chargers team.
  2. Tell  the highest score he made in IPL?
    • Rohit Sharma’s biggest score was impressive 109 runs!
  3. How many times did his team won the IPL?
    • Rohit Sharma’s team got the IPL title a whopping 5 times!
  4. What does he do in the IPL now?
    •  He’s known for his smashing shots and is one of the top players in the league.

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