Rinku Singh is ALL THE RAGE! He just CRUSHED Australia in that T20 match, everyone’s talking’ about him! He’s been on FIRE this year, most runs for his IPL team, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)! So good, he even got picked for India! Scored a TON in Asia and Ireland too!

Remember that EPIC game against the Gujarat Titans? FIVE SIXES IN A ROW? SNATCHED victory outta thin air! But hold on, that wasn’t just LUCK! Rinku was a BEAST all season! Scored a HUGE 474 runs in just 14 games! Like, his AVERAGE was INSANE, like, 59! And how about his strike rate? MIND-BLOWING! Like, 149! We gotta see how this dude got SO GOOD!

Rinku Singh: From IPL Nobody to National Maybe…

Back in 2018, KKR saw somethin’ special in Rinku and grabbed him in the auction for 80 lakh. Didn’t exactly DOMINATE at first, but they knew he had POTENTIAL. He GRINDED hard, and by 2023, he was KKR’s SECRET WEAPON! He CRUSHED it in the IPL, and guess what? That success SPILLED OVER to regular cricket! BOOM! Team India called! Here’s a closer look at his IPL journey over the years (kinda complicated stuff, but stick with it!):

Rinku Singh Early Days (2018-2020): Not-So-Bright Spark

Rinku started slow. A few games here and there, nothin’ spectacular. Some folks even wondered if KKR wasted their money. But Rinku kept his HEAD DOWN and focused on IMPROVING. He practiced HARD and worked on his BATTING with the KKR coaches. They saw the TALENT hidden beneath the surface.

Something happened for him at 2021. Rinku started getting more chances, and he GRABBED them with both hands! He scored some VALUABLE runs, helping KKR win close matches. By 2023, he was a REGULAR in the playing XI. Remember that CRAZY six-fest against Gujarat Titans? That was Rinku! He became known as a FINISHER, someone who could score FAST runs at the end of the innings and win matches. His FEARLESS batting and HIGH strike rate made him a crowd FAVORITE!

YearIPL TeamIPL Price
2018Kolkata Knight Riders₹ 80,00,000
2019Kolkata Knight Riders₹ 80,00,000
2020Kolkata Knight Riders₹ 80,00,000
2021Kolkata Knight Riders₹ 80,00,000
2022Kolkata Knight Riders₹ 55,00,000
2023Kolkata Knight Riders₹ 55,00,000
2024Kolkata Knight Riders₹ 55,00,000

He joined (KKR) way back in 2018. This cat can SMASH the ball in local tournaments! KKR bosses knew they had a diamond in the rough, a hidden gem waiting to shine. They stashed him away like a secret weapon! 

PART-TIME PLAYER in 2022, but whenever Rinku got a shot, he played like a MANIAC! Bowlers threw everything at him, but Rinku just DEVOURED the runs FASTER THAN LIGHTNING! Even in just a FEW games, he SMACKED a whopping 174 runs, including a CRAZY 42 runs off like NOTHING!

But 2023 was Rinku Singh’s breakout year! He became a star for KKR, swinging his bat like a middle-order powerhouse. He wasn’t a guaranteed starter, but whenever he played, he played important innings that often changed the game’s direction. In just 14 matches, he racked up a whopping 474 runs, almost reaching his career-best score again with a phenomenal 67*. His strike rate, hovering near the magical 150 mark, showed his clean hitting and ability to quickly boost the score. Rinku Singh’s story is one of hard work and hidden talent. 

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Rinku Singh Last 10 IPL Innings

MatchOpponentRuns (Balls)Venue
68Lucknow67 (33)Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India
61Chennai54 (43)M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai, India
56Rajasthan16 (18)Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India
53Punjab21 (10)Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India
47Hyderabad46 (35)Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad, India
39Gujarat19 (20)Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India
36Bangalore18 (10)M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, India
33Chennai53 (33)Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India
28Delhi6 (8)Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi, India
22Mumbai18 (18)Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India

Rinku Singh, the Aligarh lad is not a normal cricket hero. This young person is mixing it up with the pros in the T20I series against Australia. can Rinku be India’s secret weapon? But pump the brakes, cricket fans! Before the World Cup frenzy, Rinku will be back in action, ready to light up the IPL like a disco ball! But Rinku’s got more than just consistency – he loves the big hits too! Across his whole IPL career, this batting powerhouse has smashed a whopping 725 runs in just 31 matches. And guess what? He hits the ball like a laser – his strike rate is a mind-blowing 142! Rinku isn’t afraid to take a swing! He’s got 38 sixes in the IPL!  


  1. Guess the times he scored more than 50 runs?
    Rinku Singh has hit four half-centuries in the IPL.
  2. Guess the year did he start playing in the IPL?
    Rinku Singh started playing in the IPL in 2018 for Kolkata Knight Riders.
  3. Guess the runs he made in IPL 2023?
    Rinku Singh scored 474 runs in IPL 2023 for KKR in 14 matches, averaging 59.25.
  4. Can you guess total runs has he made in the IPL?
    Rinku Singh has scored a total of 725 runs in 31 IPL matches, averaging 36.25 with a strike rate of 142.16.
  5. The sixes has he hit in the IPL?
    Rinku Singh has hit 38 sixes in the IPL.
  6. Guess the salary he earned in IPL 2023?
    Kolkata Knight Riders kept Rinku Singh for INR 55 Lakh in IPL 2023.
  7. Did he play in the Ranji Trophy?
    Yes, Rinku Singh plays in the Ranji Trophy for Uttar Pradesh.
  8. Can you guess where is he from?
    Rinku Singh is an Indian cricketer from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

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