Cricket fans, mark your calendars! The T20 World Cup coming back all over on June 2nd. It is now co-hosted by the history-making USA and the powerhouse West Indies. Get ready as the world’s cricketing superstars light up the field in their most outlandish jerseys. From fiery batting to gravity-defying catches, this World Cup promises explosive action that will leave you speechless!

1. Australia: From Yellow Blaze to Emerald Assault

Surprise alert! Captain Mitch Marsh leads a team with a jersey metamorphosis unlike any before. Gone are the days of sunshine yellow domination. This year, the Aussies unleash a stealthy, dark green masterpiece accented with vibrant yellow streaks. This bold move shatters a near decade-long tradition of their iconic yellow at the World Cup!

2. India’s Jersey Takes Flight for T20 Glory! 

Cricket fans, get ready for a sight! India’s rocking a brand new jersey for the T20 World Cup that’ll knock your socks off. Picture a bright blue sky with a teensy bit of orange color – that’s the base this year! But hold on tight, there’s more! The jersey’s got cool stripes in India’s famous three colors, plus a fancy “Abhishek” collar that’s super unique. Don’t forget the official thingy from the ICC on the left sleeve, with a shiny star right above it – a reminder of India’s awesome win in the 2007 T20 World Cup! With the super strong Rohit Sharma as captain, India’s ready to paint the tournament blue (and a little orange) this year! 

3. Pakistan’s Jersey Goes Green Machine for T20 Battle! 

pakistan t20 wc jersey

Cricket world, buckle up! The Pakistan Cricket Board just showed off their mind-blowing kit for the T20 World Cup, and it’s totally different! Imagine our favorite Pakistani players – Babar Azam, the amazing Naseem Shah, the super fast Shaheen Afridi, and the dependable Mohammad Rizwan – all wearing a brand new jersey! This one’s a real brain teaser (but in a good way!). It’s got a bunch of different green shades and funky patterns, all mixed together like something out of a movie (that’s why they call it the “Matrix Jersey 24”). Babar Azam is a really good cricket player! He is the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan is going to play in the T20 World Cup. T20 World Cup is a big cricket tournament. Pakistan has a good chance of winning the tournament because they have Babar Azam on their team.

4. South Africa: The Proteas on the Prowl!

Aiden Markram leads the South African charge in the T20 World Cup! Once champions, the trophy has been a mystery for them for ages. Can they break the curse this year? Their new threads are a blast from the past, sporting the classic green and yellow with a bold national flag on the shoulders. Talk about national pride!

5. New Zealand: Black? Not Quite This Time!

New Zealand, a team that strikes fear, enters the arena with Kane Williamson calling the shots. In a shocking twist, they’ve ditched their usual dark attire for a brand new kit inspired by their glory days in 1999. This time, they’ll be clad in shades of grey – a surprising makeover for a well-known team. Will this new look bring them luck? Only time will tell!

6. Uganda

Woah! Uganda’s got a brand new jersey for the big ICC T20 World Cup this year, their first ever! It’s bright yellow, like a big sunshine, with cool red and yellow feathery things on the shoulders. You won’t miss them on the field, that’s for sure! This jersey is so different, everyone will be staring when Uganda plays for the very first time in a big cricket competition!

7. Nepal

The Nepal cricket has come up with new design for the T20 World Cup! Get ready to see an electric blue that pops like the clear Himalayan sky. It has a picture of a strong rhino and the super tall Mount Everest on it. This cool design shows everyone how brave Nepal is and how pretty their country is. With this awesome jersey, Nepal’s team is ready to show everyone how good they are at cricket!

8. Namibia

Namibia T20 World Cup Jersey 2024 – Desert Diamonds with a Shimmering Strike

Last but definitely not least, Namibia joins the party! Namibia keeps its heritage by keeping their iconic blue color as the foundation of the jersey. But this isn’t your average blue. Tiny pops of red, strategically placed throughout the design, add a touch of shimmering elegance, like scattered diamonds gleaming in the Namib desert sun. It’s a subtle yet impactful way for Namibia to showcase their unique cricketing identity – a team that strikes with precision and desert brilliance.

9. Canada:

The Maple Leaf takes center stage on a classic red strip. Simple, yet undeniably Canadian.

10. Netherlands:

Blast from the past! The Dutch have gone retro for the World Cup, with a kit design that throws it back to the glory days of 1996. A trip down memory lane for some fans, for sure.

11. Papua New Guinea

Sticking with tradition, Papua New Guinea opts for a familiar look. Their kit features a bold red base with black trim, similar to their 2021 design.

12. Scotland:

Get ready for a clash of colors! Scotland’s daring kit features prominent shades of pink and navy blue. This sure could become a fan favorite during the tournament.

13. USA: 

The co-hosts are sticking to tradition with their familiar dark blue. A symbol of authority, or a calming presence in the heat of the competition?

14. Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Lions are going all out with their kit this year. It’s a beautiful display of national pride, featuring a stunning artwork that combines a mighty lion, the sparkling ocean, and Sri Lanka’s rich plant and animal life – all woven together in one powerful image.

15. Bangladesh

The Tigers of Bangladesh are roaring into the tournament with their classic green shirts and fiery red details. They’re looking sharp and ready to pounce!

16. Afghanistan

Unity is the name of the game for Afghanistan. Their blue strip represents the strong bonds within their tribes and the beauty of the Lapis Lazuli region – a real gem!

17. England

Still in guesses if it be a classic white with a modern twist, or something entirely unexpected? Fans will have to wait and see!

18. West Indies

The suspense is killing us! We’re still waiting to see what the Windies will wear on the big stage. Will it be a bold new design or a classic throwback?

19. Ireland

Hold Your Horses, Ireland! We’re still waiting to see what the Irish lads will be rocking. Maybe it’ll involve some shamrocks or a touch of emerald green?

20. Oman

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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TeamJersey Status
EnglandYet to be unveiled
West IndiesYet to be unveiled
IrelandYet to be unveiled
OmanYet to be unveiled

Woah! We got the scoop on some of the AWESOME jerseys for the T20 World Cup! These shirts aren’t just clothes, they’re like a SUPER loud cheer for your country and a way to show how proud you are!

TeamJersey Status
AustraliaDark green with vibrant yellow streaks.
IndiaBright blue with sunshine yellow accents, cool stripes in three colors, “Abhishek” collar, ICC logo on the left sleeve with a shiny star above it.
Pakistan“Matrix Jersey 24”: Various green shades and funky patterns.
South AfricaClassic green and yellow with a bold national flag on the shoulders.
New ZealandInspired by their 1999 kit, shades of grey.
UgandaBright yellow with red and yellow feather patterns on the shoulders.
NepalSuper blue with a rhino and Mount Everest design.
NamibiaDark blue with red accents, like scattered diamonds.
EnglandYet to be unveiled.
West IndiesYet to be unveiled.
CanadaClassic red strip with the Maple Leaf.
IrelandYet to be unveiled.
NetherlandsRetro design inspired by their 1996 kit.
OmanYet to be unveiled.
Papua New GuineaBold red base with black trim, similar to their 2021 design.
ScotlandProminent shades of pink and navy blue.
United StatesFamiliar dark blue.
Sri LankaFeaturing artwork of a lion, ocean, and rich plant and animal life.
BangladeshClassic green with fiery red details.
AfghanistanBlue strip representing unity and beauty of the Lapis Lazuli region.

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