Remember 2007? Yeah, way back then, cricket got a super cool, super-fast little brother – the T20 World Cup! This bat and ball BLAST happens every two years, with the ICC throwing the biggest party for the best teams in the whole wide world. They fight it out, SMASH sixes, and CATCH amazing catches, all for the shiny, glorious T20 World Cup trophy!

Let us see some history form 2007 till now about who won? Who choked? What were some moments that made your jaw DROP?  So relax and get ready for it. 

ICC T20 World Cup winners from 2007 to 2024:

2012West Indies
2014Sri Lanka
2016West Indies

An easy glimpse of the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup from 2007 to 2024:

YearWinnersRunners-UpPlayer of the SeriesTop Run ScorerHighest Wicket TakerVenue
2007IndiaPakistanShahid AfridiMatthew HaydenUmar GulSouth Africa
2009PakistanSri LankaTillakaratne DilshanTillakaratne DilshanUmar GulEngland
2010EnglandAustraliaKevin PietersenMahela JayawardeneDirk NannesWest Indies
2012West IndiesSri LankaShane WatsonShane WatsonAjantha MendisSri Lanka
2014Sri LankaIndiaVirat KohliVirat KohliAhsan Malik, Imran TahirBangladesh
2016West IndiesEnglandVirat KohliTamim IqbalMohammad NabiIndia
2021AustraliaNew ZealandBabar AzamWanindu HasarangaOman & UAE
2022EnglandPakistanSam CurranVirat KohliWanindu HasarangaAustralia

The country-wise T20 World Cup winners list from 2007 to 2022:

CountryNo. of Times WinnerYears
West Indies22012, 2016
England22010, 2022
Sri Lanka12014

T20 World Cup: Rewind to 2007

2007! Remember then? Cricket got crazy with the very first T20 World Cup! And guess who hoisted the trophy? You got it – India!

Captain MS Dhoni, with his cool head (and remember that epic hair?), led this young Indian team like lightning. But hold on, their path to glory wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. They even stumbled a bit against New Zealand in the Super 8s, leaving everyone wondering what happened.

That’s the thing about cricket, right? It throws unexpected curveballs! But India, like true champions, bounced back stronger, showing everyone they deserved that trophy. This win was a massive deal. 

Meanwhile, Australia’s Matthew Hayden turned into a run-scoring machine. And we can’t forget the young Pakistani whiz, Umar Gul. 

Big Win for Pakistan in T20 Cup 2009

Remember bad luck for Pakistan in 2007? Almost win T20 Cup, but no trophy! Well, guess what? They WIN in 2009! Party in England, and Pakistan CRUSH Sri Lanka in the BIG GAME! Eight whole wins! Wowzers!

Shahid Afridi, the Pakistani hitter with big swings, SMASH for “Player of the Match!” But wait! All the players did good! Their bowlers were HOT FIRE, especially Umar Gul who got the MOST WICKETS! Super star! Sri Lanka’s Tillakaratne Dilshan? This guy SCORE LOTS! He win BOTH “Player of the Series” AND “Top Run Scorer!” Big bat!

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England Shocks Everyone in 2010 T20 Cup

Imagine this: pretty beaches, sunshine, and CRAZY cricket! That’s 2010 T20 Cup in the Caribbean! And the winner? You won’t believe it – ENGLAND! Whoah! First non-Asian team to EVER win! History time! They beat their big rivals Australia in a CLOSE GAME that made everyone nervous!

Kevin Pietersen, the English hitter with fancy footwork, SCORE LOTS all tournament and win “Player of the Series!” But the BIG GAME belonged to Craig Kieswetter, the young wicket-keeper hitter. His BIG HITS win the game for England! 

West Indies Wins Big at Home in 2012

Sri Lanka hosted the T20 Cup AGAIN in 2012. Guess what? Almost win AGAIN! But this time, playing at HOME, the West Indies WON BIG! Close game, but Marlon Samuels, the surprising Caribbean hitter, SMASHED a CRAZY amount of runs – 78! Sri Lanka’s bowlers had no chance!

Even though Shane Watson from Australia won “Player of the Series” for doing good hitting AND bowling all tournament, Sri Lanka’s Ajantha Mendis was a bowling SUPERSTAR, getting the most wickets and showing off his skills!

Sri Lanka Number One in 2014

Beat India in the very last game. Bangladesh let them play there. Kumar hit a bunch of runs, never stopped running! Virat was really good too, even though his team lost. He hit the most runs and everyone liked his playing the most! Ajantha took lots of wickets! That’s how you win!

West Indies Win Again in 2016

West Indies won again in 2016! They won two times already! Played in India this time. England almost won, but not quite. Carlos hit the ball really far four times in a row! That won the game! Virat was still really good, everyone liked his playing most again. Tamim hit the most runs though. Mustafizur took lots of wickets!

Australia Champs in 2021

Australia won in 2021! First time ever! Played in Dubai. Beat New Zealand in the last game. Mitchell hit a bunch of runs, never stopped running! Won by a lot. He liked playing the most this time too. Babar hit the most runs in the whole game. Adam got the most people out.

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 England Wins in 2022

England played super good cricket and won the T20 World Cup again! This is their second time winning, just like West Indies! They played Pakistan in the big game, all the way in Australia. Remember Melbourne? That’s where it happened! Sam Curran bowled really, really well and everyone clapped for him. He even got a special prize for being the best player in the whole entire game! But guess what? He won another prize too, for being the best player in ALL the games! Wowzers! Virat Kohli scored the most runs, everyone knows he hits the ball far! Wanindu Hasaranga was the trickiest bowler, he got the most people out!

Next Big Cricket Game Soon

The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 starts on June 2nd! The best matches are taking in two places: West Indies and the United States! Isn’t that cool? Twenty whole teams are going to play, that’s a lot of cricketers! India is there too, everyone wants them to win this time! They haven’t won before, but maybe this year they’ll be the champions! West Indies and England have both won the T20 World Cup twice, will India join the club? We’ll have to watch and see!

T20 Coming Up! 

Two Places for Cricket Fun! This year’s cricket game is in two places! It’s like never before! West Indies and America are playing together. America is new to cricket, but they are excited to play!

More Teams to Play! Lots more teams are playing this year! There are 20 teams! That’s the most ever! See lots of new players and maybe even some surprises!

Who Gets to Play? Some teams already know they can play. But twelve more teams need to win a game first. Then they can play too!

Where will the Game Be? America and the West Indies. Imagine seeing cricket in totally new places!

Everyone Wants to See! This cricket game is super fun to watch! People all over the world want to see who wins. 

Cricket for Everyone! America playing cricket is a big deal! It means more people can learn about cricket. Maybe you’ll love cricket too!

Super Fancy Watching! The game will be played in lots of places. So they’ll use special ways to show it on TV. 

CountrySquad Name
PakistanICC T20 World Cup 2024 Pakistan Squad
CanadaICC T20 World Cup 2024 Canada Squad
Papua New GuineaICC T20 World Cup 2024 Papua New Guinea Squad
ScotlandICC T20 World Cup 2024 Scotland Squad
South AfricaICC T20 World Cup 2024 South Africa Squad
Sri LankaICC T20 World Cup 2024 Sri Lanka Squad
UgandaICC T20 World Cup 2024 Uganda Squad
United StatesICC T20 World Cup 2024 United States Squad
OmanICC T20 World Cup 2024 Oman Squad
NepalICC T20 World Cup 2024 Nepal Squad
NamibiaICC T20 World Cup 2024 Namibia Squad
IrelandICC T20 World Cup 2024 Ireland Squad
IndiaICC T20 World Cup 2024 India Squad
AustraliaICC T20 World Cup 2024 Australia Squad
BangladeshICC T20 World Cup 2024 Bangladesh Squad
AfghanistanICC T20 World Cup 2024 Afghanistan Squad
EnglandICC T20 World Cup 2024 England Squad
NetherlandsICC T20 World Cup 2024 Netherlands Squad
New ZealandICC T20 World Cup 2024 New Zealand Squad

Faq Facts on T20

Who won the very first T20 World Cup game ever?

  • Zoom! India! They were the Cricket Champions and who won Pakistan Tigers with their super bat!

Double Win! Which team won the T20 World Cup twice?

  • The West Indies Whizzes were the fastest team ever! They zipped past everyone and won the trophy twice, in 2012 and way later in 2016!

Superstar Hitter! Who was the best player way back in 2010?

  • England’s Batting Blaster, Kevin Pietersen, was a super duper star! He hit the ball all the way to the moon! Wowzers!

When the Srilanka did have T20 World Cup?

  • The Sri Lankan Lions roared the loudest in 2014! They were super strong and beat the Indian Tigers in the final match!

Who took second place in 2021?

  • The New Zealand Kiwis almost flew away with the trophy in 2021! But the sneaky Australian Koalas grabbed it at the very last second!

Speedy Runner! Who scored the most runs way back in 2016?

  • Tamim Iqbal from Bangladesh is the Cheetah of Cricket! 

Who got the trophy in 2022?

  • The England Champions are back! Just like in 2010, they used their super skills to beat the Pakistan Tigers again in 2022!

Where will the next T20 World Cup happen?

  • The next T20 World Cup is an adventure! The cricketers are flying to faraway lands – the West Indies and the United States for the very first time ever!

How many teams will play in 2024?

  • Get ready for a mega cricket party! There will 20 teams playing in 2024! 

Who Started This Game? Which country started this fun cricket game?

  • The South African Springboks started this fun cricket game way back in 2007! They were the first to host the T20 World Cup!

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