Big cricket party happening soon! Cricket fans everywhere are super excited! Most will watch on TV, but some hardcore fans are traveling to see the games for real. Get ready, because with 20 countries all wanting to win, the stadiums will be electric!

But the match everyone’s obsessing over? India versus Pakistan! This high-octane encounter unfolds on June 9th at the Nassau County Stadium in New York. Tickets, let’s just say, weren’t exactly pocket change. But guess what? That hasn’t deterred die-hard fans from both sides! They’ve snatched them up faster than a Virat Kohli six!

Prepare yourselves for a heart-stopping match! Imagine a roaring crowd, painted in the colors of India and Pakistan, their chants echoing through the stadium – pure cricketing bliss or agony, depending on your team!

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Big bucks for big thrills! Witnessing this game live in New York isn’t for the faint of wallet. Fans are shelling out a cool US $2,500 (around ₹2 lakh) each, meaning a four-person crew is looking at a whopping ₹8.5 lakh, easy! But wait, there’s a twist! The official site’s tickets vanished faster than a DRS review, forcing fans to the wild world of resale. Buckle up, because secondary market prices have gone bananas – one ticket alone is selling for a mind-blowing ₹1.84 crore!

Speaking of crazy prices, remember the 2023 ODI World Cup? A single ticket for the India-Pakistan showdown at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium cost a staggering ₹57 lakh! The final, held at the same place, saw ticket prices in the shady black market go absolutely bonkers. But guess what? Big crowds of fans weren’t fazed a bit. They happily paid a lot of money to be right there in the giant stadium. Why? Because they wanted to be part of the exciting feeling of being there in person!


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