Cricket fanatics, buckle up! The 9th ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is upon us, and it’s wilder than a badger on roller skates! Forget what you thought you knew – a record-smashing 20 TEAMS are duking it out across the USA and the West Indies for T20 supremacy! June 1st to 29th is gonna be cricket carnage, with nonstop mayhem that’ll leave you speechless!

Imagine a stadium overflowing with 20 cricketing titans. Now, imagine them thrown into four mini-wars – four groups of five teams each! Every team throws down in at least four matches against their groupmates in a desperate fight for survival. But plot twist! Only the TOP TWO TEAMS from each group make it out alive. It’s a nail-biting brawl from the get-go, with every match a wild throwdown!

Super 8s: 

The pressure cooker explodes in the Super 8s! The eight fiercest survivors get divided into two brand new groups. Here, it’s a battle royale, with each team slugging it out in three matches each. They gotta push themselves to the limit, leaving everything on the field to snag a spot in the legendary semi-finals. This is where things get real – just the absolute ELITE make the cut!

Semi-Finals and Finals: Glory Awaits a Champion!

The semi-finals are where dreams are realized (and sometimes shattered!). The top two teams from each Super 8s group clash in a heart-stopping showdown. The victors? They get to face off in the GRAND FINALS, held on the breathtaking island of Barbados on June 29th. This is where a new T20 World Champion will be born!

More Than Cricket? 

Cricket’s not just whacking a ball with a willow, it’s a feeling that electrifies you! And what captures that feeling better than a rocking anthem? “Out of this World” by the superstars Sean Paul and Kes is the official jam for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. Get ready to party as the whole world celebrates cricket!

Cricket Everywhere! Global Cricket Gala!

This cricket fever isn’t confined to one place, it’s a worldwide invasion! The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 is a massive party spread across NINE locations in the USA and the Caribbean. Three happening spots in the USA – Lauderhill, Dallas, and New York – will witness some serious cricketing action. CRICKET ALERT! June 9th HUGE! India vs. Pakistan MEGA MATCH! Brand new stadium on Long Island! Nassau County International Cricket Stadium! Gonna be EPIC! Don’t miss out! 

Big news for cricket fans! The T20 World Cup is happening in the Caribbean islands this summer! There will be 41 incredible cricket matches played in 6 different Caribbean countries. The exciting final match will be played in Barbados on June 29th. Don’t miss out on this historic cricket event!

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The Big Showdown

  • Group A: India vs Pakistan! Huge game! These big rivals will face off in the T20 World Cup. USA, Ireland, and Canada will also play in this group. It will be exciting to see who wins!
  • Group B: Big fight! England vs Australia! This will be a close game. Also watch out for Namibia, Scotland, and Oman. This group is anyone’s game!
  • Group C: The defending champions, the West Indies, bring their Caribbean flair to the table! Alongside them are the consistent New Zealand, the ever-rising Afghanistan, the debuting underdogs Uganda, and the passionate Papua New Guinea. This group is a melting pot of cricketing styles, making it truly captivating.
  • Group D: Experience reigns supreme in Group D with the seasoned campaigners South Africa and Sri Lanka taking center stage. Bangladesh, a team brimming with talent, Netherlands, known for their innovative tactics, and the ever-improving Nepal complete this intriguing group.

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Stadium Sensations

  • Wow! New stadium for cricket! Watch a cool video showing how they built the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium. This is where they will play the T20 World Cup games!

Squad Shuffle

  • Most teams have unveiled their initial player selections for the T20 World Cup. Don’t get too attached though! Teams have the flexibility to make changes until May 25th. Captains, gotta pick your team FAST! After June 27th, gotta ask the BIG GUYS at ICC. They call the shots! So choose wisely! Don’t mess up!
DateMatchLocationTime (LOCAL)
Sat, 1 JuneUSA vs CANADADallas07:30 PM
Sun, 2 JuneNAMIBIA vs OMANBarbados08:30 PM
Mon, 3 JuneSL vs SOUTH AFRICANew York09:30 AM
Mon, 3 JuneAFGHANISTAN vs UGANDAGuyana08:30 PM
Tue, 4 JuneENGLAND vs SCOTLANDBarbados10:30 AM
Tue, 4 JuneNETHERLANDS vs NEPALDallas10:30 AM
Wed, 5 JuneINDIA vs IRELANDNew York09:30 AM
Wed, 5 JunePAPUA NEW GUINEA vs UGANDAGuyana07:30 PM
Wed, 5 JuneAUSTRALIA vs OMANBarbados08:30 PM
Thu, 6 JuneUSA vs PAKISTANDallas10:30 AM
Thu, 6 JuneNAMIBIA vs SCOTLANDBarbados03:00 PM
Fri, 7 JuneCANADA vs IRELANDNew York09:30 AM
Fri, 7 JuneSRI LANKA vs BANGLADESHDallas07:30 PM
Sat, 8 JuneAUSTRALIA vs ENGLANDBarbados01:00 PM
Sat, 8 JuneWEST INDIES vs UGANDAGuyana08:30 PM
Sun, 9 JuneINDIA vs PAKISTANNew York09:30 AM
Sun, 9 JuneOMAN vs SCOTLANDAntigua01:00 PM
Mon, 10 JuneSOUTH AFRICA vs BANGLADESHNew York09:30 AM
Tue, 11 JunePAKISTAN vs CANADANew York09:30 AM
Tue, 11 JuneSRI LANKA vs NEPALFlorida07:30 PM
Tue, 11 JuneAUSTRALIA vs NAMIBIAAntigua08:30 PM
Wed, 12 JuneUSA vs INDIANew York09:30 AM
Wed, 12 JuneWEST INDIES vs NEW ZEALANDTrinidad08:30 PM
Thu, 13 JuneENGLAND vs OMANAntigua03:00 PM
Thu, 13 JuneBANGLADESH vs NETHERLANDSSt. Vincent10:30 AM
Fri, 14 JuneUSA vs IRELANDFlorida10:30 AM
Fri, 14 JuneSOUTH AFRICA vs NEPALSt. Vincent07:30 PM
Fri, 14 JuneNEW ZEALAND vs UGANDATrinidad08:30 PM
Sat, 15 JuneINDIA vs CANADAFlorida10:30 AM
Sat, 15 JuneNAMIBIA vs ENGLANDAntigua01:00 PM
Sat, 15 JuneAUSTRALIA vs SCOTLANDSt. Lucia08:30 PM
Sun, 16 JunePAKISTAN vs IRELANDFlorida10:30 AM
Sun, 16 JuneBANGLADESH vs NEPALSt. Vincent07:30 PM
Sun, 16 JuneSRI LANKA vs NETHERLANDSSt. Lucia08:30 PM
Mon, 17 JuneNEW ZEALAND vs PAPUA NEW GUINEATrinidad10:30 AM
Mon, 17 JuneWEST INDIES vs AFGHANISTANSt. Lucia08:30 PM
Wed, 19 JuneA2 vs D1Antigua10:30 AM
Wed, 19 JuneB1 vs C2St. Lucia08:30 PM
Thu, 20 JuneC1 vs A1Barbados10:30 AM
Thu, 20 JuneB2 vs D2Antigua08:30 PM
Fri, 21 JuneB1 vs D1St. Lucia10:30 AM
Fri, 21 JuneA2 vs C2Barbados08:30 PM
Sat, 22 JuneA1 vs D2Antigua10:30 AM
Sat, 22 JuneC1 vs B2St. Vincent08:30 PM
Sun, 23 JuneA2 vs B1Barbados10:30 AM
Sun, 23 JuneC2 vs D1Antigua08:30 PM
Mon, 24 JuneB2 vs A1St. Lucia10:30 AM
Mon, 24 JuneC1 vs D2St. Vincent08:30 PM
Wed, 26 JuneSemi 1Trinidad and Tobago10:30 AM
Thu, 27 JuneSemi 2Guyana08:30 PM
Sat, 29 JuneFinalBarbados10:00 AM

WOW! 2022 T20 World Cup CRAZY Cricket!

Remember that amazing tournament? Miss those one-handed grabs, last-second wins, and epic batting? Well, you can watch them ALL again!

Never saw them? Now’s your chance! Most MIND-BLOWING moments, all in one place! Don’t miss out! 

Wait, the Match Ended in a Tie? Don’t Panic!

T20 keeps things interesting. Even if a match ends all square, there’s a secret weapon: the Super Over. This mini-match decides the winner. But plot twist! If the Super Over also ends in a tie, they just keep playing them until someone emerges victorious. Buckle up, it can get intense!

Extra Time? You Bet! Knockout Matches Get an Extension.

The excitement doesn’t stop in the knockout stages (semi-finals and finals). To make sure every close encounter gets a fair shot at a conclusion, there’s extra time. The finals even get a whole reserve day, just in case the drama spills over!

Big cricket tournament! 2022 was amazing! There were surprises, upsets, and awesome plays. Get ready to learn about it (or see it again if you missed it)!

Before the main games, teams practiced from May 27th to June 1st. This helped them get ready for the World Cup. It was like a mini-cricket tournament before the big one!

The fixtures for the T20 World Cup warm-up matches:

DateMatchLocationTime (LOCAL)
Mon, 27 MayCanada vs NepalGrand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Grand Prairie, Texas10:30 AM
Mon, 27 MayOman vs Papua New GuineaBrian Lara Cricket Academy, Trinidad and Tobago03:00 PM
Mon, 27 MayNamibia vs UgandaBrian Lara Cricket Academy, Trinidad and Tobago07:00 PM
Tue, 28 MaySri Lanka vs NetherlandsBroward County Stadium, Broward County, Florida10:30 AM
Tue, 28 MayBangladesh vs USAGrand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Grand Prairie, Texas10:30 AM
Tue, 28 MayAustralia vs NamibiaQueen’s Park Oval, Trinidad and Tobago07:00 PM
Wed, 29 MaySouth Africa intra-squadBroward County Stadium, Broward County, Florida10:30 AM
Wed, 29 MayAfghanistan vs OmanQueen’s Park Oval, Trinidad and Tobago01:00 PM
Thu, 30 MayNepal vs USAGrand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Grand Prairie, Texas10:30 AM
Thu, 30 MayScotland vs UgandaBrian Lara Cricket Academy, Trinidad and Tobago10:30 AM
Thu, 30 MayNetherlands vs CanadaGrand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Grand Prairie, Texas03:00 PM
Thu, 30 MayNamibia vs Papua New GuineaBrian Lara Cricket Academy, Trinidad and Tobago03:00 PM
Thu, 30 MayWest Indies vs AustraliaQueen’s Park Oval, Trinidad and Tobago07:00 PM
Fri, 31 MayIreland vs Sri LankaBroward County Stadium, Broward County, Florida10:30 AM
Fri, 31 MayScotland vs AfghanistanQueen’s Park Oval, Trinidad and Tobago10:30 AM

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