Cricket! A super-cool game, right? With matches that make your heart race and players who are, like, totally awesome! Well, one such amazing player is Virat Kohli – a name that everyone respects, not just in India, but everywhere!

Believe it or not, Virat started playing cricket practically since he was a tiny baby! They say he held a bat even before he could walk properly. By the time he was three, he was already facing bowling throws from his dad! His love for cricket kept growing bigger and bigger at Vishal Bharti Public School. Every chance he got to play was like a dream come true!

Virat’s dad was his biggest supporter, always there to cheer him on. They practiced like crazy, both chasing Virat’s dream of playing cricket for India. All those years of hard work totally paid off on a super special day – December 24th, 2009. Guess what? In a cricket match, Virat scored a whopping hundred runs, his first ever in international cricket! This amazing feat was like a giant announcement – a superstar was born!

Virat’s incredible skills on the field have made him super rich! Can you believe it? His net worth is like, way over 1050 crore! But for his fans, he’s more than just a rich guy. 

Virat Kohli: Run Machine, Trophy Tycoon!

Virat Kohli’s cricket career? Think supersonic jet, leaving fans speechless and records in dust! This batting beast has a trophy cabinet that glistens brighter than a diamond sixer! Get ready to be bowled over, cricket fans, because we’re about to peek into Virat’s incredible hall of fame!

Virat Kohli: Trophy Time and Big Money!

Guess what! Virat Kohli’s trophy collection is overflowing! Let’s see all the shiny things he’s won:

  • Way back in 2012, remember? Fans went crazy and gave Virat a special prize, the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Sports Person. They like him a LOT!
  • Then, whoosh! In 2013, something even bigger happened! Virat got the Arjuna Award. It’s a super important prize in India, like a gold star that says, “You’re the best cricket player!”
  • Zoom ahead to 2017! Another big win! Virat scored the awesome Padma Shri Award, a super special honor for his incredible cricket skills. Think like winning the whole entire game of cricket!
  • 2017 was yet again an amazing year for  Virat got another trophy. It was the one and only CNN-News18 Indian of the Year Award. This shows he’s amazing not just at playing cricket, but also a really good person!

These are just a few of his many trophies! He even has some for being nice to animals and helping the Earth. How cool is that!

NameVirat Kohli
Net WorthINR 1050 CR. ($127 million)
Age35 years
ResidenceMumbai, India
PositionIndian International Cricketer
Marital StatusMarried to Anushka Sharma
Source of WealthBCCI and IPL Contracts, and Brand Endorsements
EndorsementsMyntra, Puma, Vivo, Manyavar, etc.
SalaryINR 45 Crore

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How much does Virat Kohli make?

Virat Kohli makes a ton of money every year! He gets 45 crore rupees from cricket, like from his team and the big Indian cricket league. But that’s just a small chunk! Most of his money comes from companies that want him to advertise their stuff. He makes a whopping 175 crore rupees every year from that! That’s because he’s super famous and everyone wants him to sell their things!

Let’s take a victory lap through some of his brand deals:

  • Muthoot FinCorp (2022): Virat charmed audiences in three TV commercials for this financial company.
  • UPI Chalega: Virat’s a champion for this digital payment campaign, making it easier for everyone.
  • Colgate (2016): A bright smile needs a great toothpaste, and Virat agrees!
  • Hyperice (2021): Staying fit is key, and Virat promotes this global wellness brand as both an ambassador and investor.
  • Vicks India (2012): No one likes a cough, and Virat helps keep us healthy with Vicks.
  • American Tourister (2016): Virat travels in style with American Tourister luggage.

Even More Endorsement Wins!

The list keeps going! Virat has also partnered with:

  • Amaze Inverters and Batteries
  • Boost Energy Drink (since 2012)
  • Valvoline (2016)
  • Philips India (2018)
  • Uber (2018)
  • Royal Challenge (since 2017)
  • Manyavar (2016)
  • Google Duo (2019)
  • Myntra (2019, with Anushka Sharma)
  • Himalaya (2019, with Rishabh Pant)
  • Luxor, Duroflex, Star Sports, Essilor (2022)

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King Kohli: From Cricket Pitches to Profit Riches

Forget meat! Kohli, along with his wife Anushka Sharma, are all about eco-friendly eats. They invested in Blue Tribe, a startup serving up yummy plant-based meat. 

Kohli digs his sleep, but also loves a good pick-me-up. That’s why he’s part-owner of Rage Coffee, a popular Indian brand with supercharged brews. Perfect for getting pumped before a match or conquering that to-do list.

One8 isn’t just what’s on Kohli’s back, it’s his own brand! This super successful business has cafes called One8 Commune. These trendy spots are fan favorites, raking in a whopping 195 crore rupees every year!

Digitally Protected with Digit Insurance

Kohli’s a smart guy, and he knows about being safe financially. He and Anushka Sharma invested in Digit Insurance, a hot new digital insurance company. This strategic move shows Kohli’s smarts when it comes to money matters.

Food is a big deal for Kohli. He and his wife opened Nueva Restaurant in Delhi. This fancy place serves up delicious South American food, taking your taste buds on a trip around the world!

These are just a few of Virat Kohli’s many winning ventures outside of cricket. His business smarts and clever investments prove he’s a champion in every way!

Wowza! Virat Kohli isn’t just a cricket champion, he’s like a real-life king with a whole bunch of super cool houses! Back in his hometown, Gurugram, Virat’s got this massive house that cost, can you believe it, around 80 crore! That’s more money than most people see in their whole lives!

But guess what? That’s not the only house this cricket king owns! Over in Mumbai, the big, busy city, Virat chills in another fancy apartment so expensive it costs a whopping 34 crore! Talk about living the high life!

But hold on a sec! It seems Virat likes a bit of everything. Big cities are cool, but so is the beach! That’s why he and his super famous wife, Anushka Sharma, bought a beautiful house down in Alibaug, right on the beach. This beachside beauty cost around 13 crore, which is still a lot, but sounds amazing for relaxing after hitting tons of sixes on the cricket field! ️

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Now, all these fancy houses are great, but remember, Virat didn’t get them by just sitting around. He practiced super hard, never gave up, and became one of the best cricket players ever! That’s the real lesson, isn’t it? If you work hard and dream big, you can achieve anything, even owning a house (or three!) as cool as Virat Kohli’s!


  • Guess the net worth of Virat Kohli?
    Virat Kohli has 1050 crore ($127 million)
  • Can you guess virat kohli earnings?
    His earnings are Rs. 1050 crore
  • Virat among the richest cricketers in world?
    Yes he is a richest cricketer in world.

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