Sachin Tendulkar, the big cricket star from India. He has loads of money. He’s one of the richest sports guys in the country.

People think he’s the best batter ever. Even though he stopped playing internationally ten years ago, he’s still super famous.

When Sachin played, lots of money flowed into cricket because everyone wanted to watch him. Companies saw this and thought, “Hey, let’s get on board!” Sachin was not just good at cricket; he was also a role model. He always did the right thing and never got into trouble. When he chose to work with a brand, it usually did really well.

Even after retiring, Sachin still plays cricket sometimes. He helps out the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. But mostly, he’s busy with his business stuff. He’s invested in lots of startup companies like Sach, @sdrive_india, Spinny, Smaaash Entertainment, JetSynthesys, International Tennis Premier League, and SmartronIndia. So, yeah, he’s not just a cricket star; he’s also a smart businessman.

NameSachin Tendulkar
Net Worth1250 Crores
Age50 Years
ResidenceBandra west, Mumbai
PositionFormer Indian Cricketer
Marital StatusMarried to Anjali Tendulkar
Source of WealthBrand Endorsements, Investments
EndorsementsAdidas, BMW, Luminous fans, Quaker, Smarton, etc.
Endorsements Salary7-8 Crores

Sachin’s net worth

Wondering about Sachin Tendulkar’s cash stash? Well, he’s not just a cricket champ; he’s swimming in wealth, not only in India but globally. His fortune? A cool 1250 crores. And guess what? Sachin and his fam call a swanky pad in Mumbai their home sweet home.

Now, let’s dive into the money matters. Sachin’s not just about hitting sixes; he’s a money wizard too. One of his smart moves? Investing in Azad Engineering. They do tech stuff for bigwig energy, defense, and aerospace companies. Last December, they hit the jackpot on the National Stock Exchange, thanks to Sachin’s smart bet.


Last May, at 50, Sachin tossed some dough into Azad Engineering. And it wasn’t peanuts. He snagged over 4 lakh shares at an average of 114.10 Indian rupees each. Crunching the numbers, that’s nearly 49.9 million rupees. Whoa, right?

But hold on, there’s more to Sachin’s empire. He’s not just a cricket kingpin; he’s a business mogul. Fancy cars, plush properties, you name it. Plus, he’s got a slice of teams like Kerala Blasters and Bengaluru Blasters. And ever heard of the International Tennis Premier League? Sachin’s got skin in the game there too. He’s even dipped his toes in startups like Sach and Spinny.

And let’s talk endorsements. Big brands like Coca-Cola, BMW India, Adidas, Pepsi, TVS, MRF, Reynolds, Boost, Unacademy, and Luminous India all want a piece of the Sachin pie. The grand totalGuess what? Sachin Tendulkar has a whopping 1250 crores in Indian money. Yep, that’s how much he’s got! And get this: Even though Sachin hasn’t played cricket for ten years, advertisers in India still really like him. They give him lots of money to promote their stuff.

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Brand Endorsement

And get this—he’s the face of fifteen different things! This breaks the idea that cricketers fade away fast. Some of the big names he’s into include JioCinema, Apollo Tyres, Spinny, and Savlon from ITC.

Remember when they called him the “Master Blaster”? Well, that nickname still holds true in the endorsement world. Lots of companies want him to represent them, showing that he’s still got it even after all these years. Take Gillette, for example. They love him for his precision and top-notch quality, just like his batting skills. Then there’s Apollo Tyres, standing for performance and trust, just like Sachin’s cricket career.

Hey, check this out! Sachin’s face is on the Paytm app, showing he’s all into new tech and being flexible, just like on the cricket field. And Unacademy? It’s all about learning and growing, stuff Sachin loves, on and off the field.

Because he’s a role model, Sachin’s also the face of Ageas Federal Life Insurance, showing he’s all about security and being dependable. And Savlon? That’s about keeping clean and healthy, something Sachin cares a lot about. These long-standing deals show Sachin’s still got that magic touch, beyond cricket, all about quality and trust.

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Sachin’s still rocking as the face of many brands, proving he’s still a big deal, not just in cricket but in endorsements too. His partnerships with Savlon, Gillette, Apollo Tyres, Paytm, Unacademy, Ageas Federal Life Insurance, and more show he connects with lots of different people. It’s not just business; it’s about respect and admiration too.

His endorsements show his core traits—precision, trustworthiness, and adaptability—qualities that made him a hero to millions. Sachin’s journey from cricket superstar to respected brand ambassador shows he can adapt and stay relevant, inspiring greatness beyond sports.


  • Who’s got more money, Sachin or Kohli?
    Guess what? Sachin has the most money! He’s the richest Indian cricketer. Even though as you know he’s not playing anymore for the team.
  • How much money does Sachin have?
    Get this: Sachin’s got 1250 crores in Indian money. That’s a whole bunch!
  • Who do you think has got so much? Sachin or Dhoni?
    Sachin’s got more money than Dhoni. Sachin’s has 1250 crores, while Dhoni’s got around 1040 crores.
  • How much does Sachin get paid?
    Hold onto your hat! He gets 50 crores every year. 
  • Sachin’s money come from what source?
    Get ready: Sachin’s money comes from cricket, endorsements, and investments. He’s like a money-making machine!

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