Cricket, have you heard of it? This strange but utterly captivating sport has baffled and thrilled fans for centuries! It is played by two teams with 11 fellows each.  And it a total battle between bat and ball. And it’s not as aggressive as you guess it would be!

Imagine a grassy rectangle the size of your schoolyard, that’s the cricket pitch. Smack dab in the center, three wooden stumps stand tall, like soldiers guarding a tiny castle. On top of these stumps perch two little wooden soldiers called bails. Knocking these bails off with a ball is the bowler’s ultimate goal, but that’s easier said than done!

So, how do the batsmen score points? They hit the ball and then they run! They run between the wickets before the fielders (the other team) throws the ball back and knocks off the bails. The more times they run back and forth, the more points they score. 

The rules of cricket

Cricket! Looks easy, right? Wrong! It’s like a crazy play with surprise endings and funky rules. Getting the batsman (hitter guy) out is more than just a baseball strike. And then there’s the amazing catch! If a fielder snags the ball the batsman hits in mid-air, it’s lights out for the batsman. But bat whack wicket? Yep, the batsman can even get himself out by hitting those little sticks on top of the wickets with his bat, silly guy! There’s also “obstructing the field,” which means the batsman can’t stop the fielder from catching the ball, or the wicket-keeper can catch him out of his crease (special safe zone) with a sneaky trick. Don’t forget run-outs! If the batsman forgets to reach the other crease while running between the wickets, zoom, he’s toast!

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Now, the bowler (ball thrower) has their own weird rules. They can’t step over a line when throwing the ball, and the ball can’t be a bully and fly over the batsman’s waist. If they mess up, it’s a “no-ball,” which doesn’t really count. But hey, any runs the batsman scores off a no-ball still count, kind of like a bonus! Even better, the batsman gets a free hit, a chance to whack the ball without fear (except getting run out). No-balls during a free hit don’t get another free hit though, the bowler just has to try again with a normal throw.

Two batsmen are always on the field, trying to score as many runs as possible before they all get out or they run out of throws (overs). The number of throws can change depending on the type of cricket game.

The team batting first sets a score, a number they want the other team to beat. Then, they swap places – batters become bowlers and vice-versa. In shorter games, like Twenty20 or One Day things, the bowlers only get a certain number of throws. They gotta use them all up before they can switch to batting! So, that’s cricket in a nutshell, kind of. It might seem silly, but with all its twists and turns, it’s a super cool sport to watch!

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Imagine a team having a secret weapon – a player who can jump in for anyone on the field but can’t bat or bowl! That’s a substitute fielder, but they can only be the super-catcher (wicket-keeper) if the nice umpires (referees) give them a thumbs up!

When the game starts, the fielding team has to play with a smaller group of friends close to the batter. If they get too many friends on the field, it’s like a mini-punishment – a “no-ball” and a free swing for the batter! Whoops!

Challenging! Sometimes, the players might not agree with the umpires (referees). That’s okay! Each team gets a few chances to ask them to take another peek. But if they use them all up, that’s it – the grown-ups win, and their decision is final!

Playing Nice! Just like we need to be sharing well, there are rules about how everyone behaves on the field. If someone breaks them, it’s like a time-out – they might not get to play for a little while!

Respect the Grown-Ups (Again!) When the grown-up umpires make a final decision after a peek, that’s the end of the story. No arguing, no tantrums – just like good sports!

The Big Win! Ready for the most important part? The team with the most “runs” (like points!) at the end of the game gets to do a happy dance – they win!


Cricket!  A beloved of all sports right?  But it’s like a giant game of tag, with a twist! Two teams, like packs of colorful ants, fight over a red ball. One team gets a big, flat spoon (the bat!), trying to whack the ball far, far away. That’s how they score points!

But wait! The other team isn’t having any of it! They’re like superheroes, jumping and diving to catch the ball before it zooms away. If they snag it in their paws, the hitter has to go sit on a bench – ouch! Then, a new friend gets to whack the ball with the spoon.

A cricket isn’t just hit and catches, though! It’s like a secret code game. The team leader whispers a plan to his friends, like pirates before a treasure hunt! The thrower (the bowler) pretends to be mean, flinging the ball super-fast, trying to trick the hitter into missing it. But the hitter is super smart, watching the cricket ball closely and hitting it with a big “Pow!”

Don’t worry about all the rules it has! Cricket is like sharing– everyone gets a turn, and nobody gets grumpy if they lose. Even if you miss the ball, there’s always another chance to whack it for a super long ride! So grab a ball, find some friends, and get ready for some cricket craziness under the sunshine!


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