Card games are not something that can easily lose their charm. Regardless of whether it’s a family get together or a game night with your friends, card games serve as an extremely entertaining tool. So, here are distinctive sorts of card games that you can enjoy online. 

It is presumed that card games emerged in China during the 9th century and in due course moved to the west and have since become broadly famous as 52 decks of cards that we are familiar with. Slowly, Indians recognized card games as a means of leisure and to spend time bonding with family and friends. 

The actual fun of card games comes when there are a minimum of 4 players but present lifestyle leaves limited room for such chances. Therefore, online card games have made their way to the individuals who are interested in a game of cards but are not able to due to lack of players around them. 

Following are a few card games that are certain to amuse you to the core: 

Since the 9th century, card games have progressed and now, you can discover numerous card games utilizing the same deck of 52 cards but have their distinctive techniques to play. 

As online gaming sprouted, card games have made their transition to be the most famous games online. You can now battle professional gamers from wide distances and can have a entertaining time playing with your loved ones as well (without being actually present at the same place or time) 

1. Double Solitaire 

Double solitaire is a type of the traditional solitaire which is more thrilling and a bit simpler for the new players. In the game, you place down all your cards after the whole deck is rearranged. Now, you make suits and rank the cards by rotating to play. The thrilling spin is that one of the players lowers his pile of cards while making the competitor’s pile grow larger. 

Double Solitaire is an entertaining game played among 2 players only where both players take turns to move their cards. You are permitted to move your card in a series and your chance ends when you can’t make any more moves.  

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2. Sixty Six 

Sixty six is a complex game with a little bit of strategy to be used while playing the game. The name of the game says that a gamer requires to score 66 to triumph in the game. In a sixty-six card game, you require 24 cards in a deck where the lowest card is numbered 9. 

At the start of the game, a player gets 6 cards and the remaining cards are kept facing down on the table. On every turn, a hand is selected from the face down lot of cards. You score upon making a trump or pair suit. Once you attain the score 66, you win the game. 

3. Rummy 

Rummy emerged in the United States and is one of the most famous card games played online. Unlike other card games, Rummy is the only one that utilizes Joker as one of the chief cards. 

It is a select and discard card game where you are required to make runs or sets in order to triumph the game.  Every player is given 13 cards to deal with and there are 2 piles of cards from which you can discard and select cards to construct your sets or runs. 

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4. Teen Patti 

An Indian card game that is inspired by the British game known as 3-card brag is called Teen Patti. Dealing the cards and betting being the chief attribute of the game, a gamer has to make a trio of cards of the greatest number to triumph the game. A traditional deck of 52 cards is utilized to play the game among 3 to 6 players. 

When the game starts, you are required to place the stakes in the middle of the table, this stake is for the successor. The game proceeds by normal betting and dealing the cards. All the gamers attempt to make the trio of the greatest number ahead of anyone else. The initial one to do so wins the game. 

5. Poker 

Poker has become one of the most famous games in India. A ton of buzz around the game is created because of Hollywood films and the excitement Poker has to offer us. If you desire to win the game, you have to have a better comprehension of the cards, the hands and how they are dealt during the game. 

If you bet, you have to make a call (if you are certain that you have the finest hand) or you can fold (wherein you decide to drop out of the game). You are required to create the finest probable hand of 5 cards. The game is played among 2-10 gamers and every gamer gets 2 cards to deal with (placed facing down) and 5 cards (placed facing upwards). With these 5 cards you are required to make a poker hand to triumph the game. 

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6. Satte pe Satta 

Satte pe Satta is yet another enjoyable game majorly played in India. The game involves around 7 decks of cards which are going to make you triumph or lose the game. 

The game is played among 3 to 8 players with the traditional deck of 52 cards. Every player has to assemble their cards in the order of the suits: Clubs, Hearts, Diamond and Spades. The game starts when a player places down a 7th card of hearts. Now the other gamers have to fulfill the sequence till the ace of hearts. 

The game proceeds in a clockwise method and if the gamer doesn’t have the sequence, the turn is passed on to the following player. Satta pe Satta proceeds till all the cards in hand are utilized. 

7. Three-Two-Five 

Three-Two-Five is a trick taking card game enjoyed by kids frequently. It is a comparatively simpler game and is played with 30 decks of cards. 

The cards are handed in a counterclockwise method and 3 players can play the game at the same time. From a traditional deck of 52 cards, the cards from 2 to 6 and 7 are taken out to make it a 30-deck card. In the game, every player has to triumph a particular number of tricks and the dealer has to win a minimum of 2 tricks.  

The game doesn’t conclude and you can proceed with the game for as long as you wish. Just keep a record of score in case you require it to end the game. The gamer who has the greatest score triumphs the game. 

8. Bridge 

Bridge is a famous game and is enjoyed internationally. With the correct strategies and tricks, this game can quite simply be won by anyone. The chief aim of the game is to bid greater and then attempt to beat your competitors. 

Normally the game is played among 2 teams, each team has 2 players each. All the cards are dealt facing down and the gamer has to sect the card while making their calls. Every player is given 13 cards and the player who has the greatest trump card wins the call. 

9. Blackjack 

Blackjack is a popular casino game in which gamers bet at the start of the game. The game can be played among 2-7 players. 

The primary aim of the game is to defeat the dealer by getting a count close to 21 and you can’t get a count over 21. When you’ve bet, the dealer deals with 2 cards (facing up) and gives every player at the table. Exposing only 1 card to the gamers, the game proceeds till a gamer gets a count close to 21. 

10. Mendikot 

Mendikot is another trick-taking game and the objective of the game is to accumulate the highest amount of 10s. There are 2 teams and each contains 2 players and the dealer deals with 13 cards. Each gamer gets 5 cards and the remaining of the cards are dealt later. 

The player who is sitting to the immediate next of the dealer wherein he throws in some aimless card to lead the initial trick. The remaining players follow suit. If any gamer is not able to do so, they can play any other card. The player who makes the greatest trump is the successor of the game. The successor gathers all the cards after every round from the other players and leads the following trick. 

11. Bluff 

As the name indicates, the game is about bluffing your competitor. Just a tiny bit of luck and the correct strategy can make you triumph in the game. Keeping a close eye on the competitors every move is what the game is all about. 

Bluff can be enjoyed among 3 to 10 players with a traditional deck of cards. The cards are ruffled and dealt to every player at the table. The dealer selects which rank has to be played and the players are required to play that rank only. 

All the cards are placed facing down, thus, every player can bluff and get rid of all their cards. And, the player who dismisses their cards first is the winner of the game. 

12. Donkey 

Donkey is mainly a children’s card game in which a player has to gather 4 cards of the same rank and touch his nose once he’s done making a quartet. Children of the ages 3-13 can play this game where they can learn about various parts of their face and also assemble the cards based on their ranks. 

The dealer deals with 4 cards, all facing down and based on the cards, every player selects a rank they wish to play for. Undesirable cards are passed on to the following player, received cards are either again passed or kept to the subsequent player. 


  1. Which card game is the most famous game? 
    Rummy and poker are the most famous card games that you can play online to earn real cash. 
  1. What is the most enjoyable card game played online? 
    The most enjoyable card game is three-two-five and satte pe satta that can be played online. 
  1. What is the simplest card game to play to learn?
    Teen Patti is the simplest card game to learn online. With simple rules and tricks, you can learn the game in no time at all. 

Conclusion Words 

We know that if you are least bit intrigued in card games that is since you have played the game during your childhood days with your family or friends. 

Family get-togethers and fun game nights hold the fondest memories and if you’ve seized every game back then, now is the time to earn actual cash while playing card games. 


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