Teen Patti is a famous card game famous around the entire Indian subcontinent. Also familiar as Indian Poker, Flash and 3 Patti, it is played on every prime occasion in India. The game is best played between 3 to 6 players with a classic deck of 52 cards, excluding the jokers. 

Historians believe urs rules are alike to the 3-card brag, while the game is closely connected to the 3-card poker. Due to its uncomplicated gameplay, it makes for a brilliant entertaining game. so , if you are ready, let’s begin with the usual terms and other elements of the 3 patti game.  


Common Terms in 3 Patti Game 

Boot – In 3 patti games, boot is also familiar as the entry free or ante. The boot sum is the base sum put on the board at the beginning of the game. It is deposited by all the bettors before the dealer gives out the cards. 

Post – It refers to the entry charge needed to join the game once all the bettors have deposited the boot sum. 

Blind Player – It refers to the high roller who bets without seeing his cards. A blind bettor can only bet two times the blind bet. 

Seen Player – Seen player means that the player who bets after seeing his cards. This player can bet a base of two times the blind and a max of four times the blind bet. 

Stake Amount  It refers to the bet that a blind player makes for the pursuing player. It is lowered by half for the pursuing player if the seen player places a bet. Although, the bet is equal to or twice the stake sum if the following player is a blind player. 

Call & Raise (Chaal) – Call refers to when a bettor matches the bet of the player before him. On the other hand, Raise is when a player elevates the bet placed by the bettor before you.  

Sideshow & Compromise – Sideshow is when a seen player wishes to contrast the cards with the player sitting to his right. For a sideshow, the player must wager equal or twice the stake sum to request the card’s comparison. 

Although, the former player can reject or accept the request as per his will. If the former player accepts the request, then the player with an inferior-ranking hand folds. It is familiar as a compromise. 

Show – Also familiar as a showdown, a show takes place when all but 2 players fold their cards. During a show, all players contrast their hands and the player with a greater hand triumphs. 

Fixed Limit – It means that the maximum betting sum is equal to the final wagered sum. What’s more, the maximum betting sum can’t go over two times the last bet. 

Spread Limit – It means that the player can escalate the stakes to any limit within a particular range. For instance: if the spread limit for a game is Rs. 800, the bettor can call and elevate it to Rs. 800. 

No Limit – It means a player can raise or call to any sum since the higher limit in the game is absent. 

Pot Limit – It means that gamers can raise or call any sum until the pot limit is attained. When that occurs, an automatic showdown takes place. The hands are contrasted and the player with a greater gand wins the pot cash. 

How to Play the 3 Patti Card Game? 

  • The game starts with players placing the boot sum at the middle of the table. 
  • The dealer gives out 3 cards to each player in a clockwise direction and the game is played in this direction as well. 
  • Every player makes the bet by playing chaal or blind, based on if they have seen the cards or not. 
  • The player can elevate by betting more than the former player or call by matching the betting sum. Players have the alternative to fold in case of a not so good hand. 
  • The 3 patti game proceeds until only 2 players remain on the table or if the pot cash touches the limit. In both instances, a showdown takes place wherein players contrast their cards and the card with the greatest hand ranking wins. 

Teen Patti Game Rules

Players have to understand and comply with the teen patti rules before beginning the online game. So without any further delay, let’s get right to it: 

  • The minimum stake sum determined upon before the beginning of the round decides the minimum bet in the game. 
  • After every player gets their 3 cards facing down, they can play as a blind or seen player. 
  • When playing an online 3 patti game, the show takes place when only 2 players remain.  Players contrast their hands and the hand with the greater ranking wins.  
  • The card standing is as follows: 2-10, J, Q, K, A. Aces are both low and high while twos are the lowest standing cards. The aim is to make the finest 3 card hand as per the hand standing of cards in the game. 
  • During a sideshow, the player who requested it folds if both the bettors have the same hand. On the other hand, the player sitting on the left proceeds the bet if the former player rejects it. 

Teen Patti Card Game Hand Rankings 

Now that we are familiar with the 3 patti game rules, let’s get to know about the hand standings of the cards in the patti game. Their ranking right from the lowest to the highest is as follows: 

Trail  Also familiar as Three-of-a-kind, it is the greatest hand ranking in the Teen game. On this hand, a player attains all 3 cards of the same rank. 
Illustration: A (Spades), A (Diamond), A (Hearts) is the greatest trail and the strongest hand in the patti game. 

Pure Sequence – Also familiar as a Straight Flush, this hand is developed from 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. 
Illustration: A (Hearts), K (Hearts), Q (Hearts) 

Sequence – This hand is also familiar as Straight. On this hand, all 3 cards are in sequential order but are of distinctive suits. 
Illustration: A (Spades), K (Hearts), Q (Diamond). 

Note: in Three-patti hand standing, A-K-Q has the greatest rank in sequence and pure sequence (run). On the contrary, 2-3-4 ranks the lowest. 

Colour – Also familiar as Flush, this hand is developed from any 3 cards of the same suit. 
Illustration: A (Hearts), 2 (Hearts), 4 (Hearts) 

Pair – 2 out of 3 cards of the same standing makes a pair in 3 patti. 
Illustration: 8 (Spades), 8 (Diamonds), 9 (Diamonds) 

High Card This is the lowest standing hand. It takes place when a bettor doesn’t have a flush, pair, pure sequence, sequence or trail. 

3 Patti Game Variations 

3 patti has different thrilling variations that include twists to the gameplay. Following are the most popular teen patti game variations: 

Best of Four 

In this variation, each player is dealt 4 cards instead of the normal 3. Although, players must form the finest possible hand using any 3 of their 4 cards. This variation elevates the potential for stronger hands and includes an additional layer of strategy. Players are required to carefully survey their 4 card mergers and decide which 3 cards to use to develop the strongest hand. 

Lowball (Muflis) 

Lowball, also familiar as Muflis, is a variation where the aim is to have the lowest-ranking hand. In this game, the greatest card is counted as one point, and the Ace is thought of to be the lowest card, having a value of zero points. The bettor with the lowest hand wins the pot. For instance, a hand with 7-6-3 would beat a hand with 9-8-2. Lowball introduces an entirely distinctive strategy, where players focus on low standing cards and stay away from high-value cards. 

Wild Draw 

The wild draw variation presents wild cards into the game. Jokers or other designated cards  act as wild cards, which means that they can be utilised to represent any card to fulfil a hand. When a player attains a wild card, they can set it to any suit or value to develop the best hand possible. The presence of wild cards includes excitement and unpredictability to the game, as players can utilise them strategically to elevate their hands. 

Low Wild 

In the low wild variation, the lowest standing card in each hand becomes a wild card. For instance, if the lowest card in a certain hand is a 2, all 2s in that hand become wild cards. These wild cards can be utilised to fulfil a set or sequence, alike to usual wild cards. The inclusion of low wildcards elevates the potential for strong mergers, as players have more chances to develop winning hands. 

High Wild 

Contrastingly, in the high wild variation, the greatest ranking card in each hand becomes a wild card. For instance, if the greatest card in a certain hand is a King, all Kings in that hand become wild cards. This variation permits bettors to use the high-ranking cards strategically to develop stronger hands. High wild elevates the potential for powerful mergers and introduces a distinctive dynamic to the gameplay. 

Two-Lowest Wild 

The two-lowest wild variation includes designation of the 2 lowest standing cards in each hand as wild cards. These wild cards can be utilised to fulfil hands, just like usual wild cards. Having 2 wild cards in play includes a greater possibility of developing strong hands, which can lead to more intense strategic decision-making and betting. 

Bust Card Draw 

Bust card draw is a variation that presents an element of uncertainty and risk to the game. Before the beginning of the game, a card is aimlessly drawn. If any player attains the drawn card in their hand, they directly lose the game. This variation includes an additional layer of excitement, as players are required to be cautious and stay away from getting the bust card. 


Stud is a variation of 3 Patti that includes elements of stud poker. In stud, each player attains one card facing down(hole card) and the rest of the cards facing up. This permits other players to view some of the cards in play and make much better betting decisions. The merger of face-up and face-down cards includes complexity to the game and necessitates players to adapt their strategies accordingly. 


The community variation in Teen Patti is alike to Texas Hold’em poker. In this variation, community cards are dealt facing-up in the middle of the table. These community cards are distributed between all players, and players add them with their hole cards (private cards) to create the finest possible hand. The presence of community cards include an additional layer of strategy and elevate the possibility of strong hands. Players must carefully survey the community cards and use them in conjunction with their own cards to make the finest hand and make better betting decisions. 


In this format, the players are dealt 3 cards each, and the game is played with a classic 52-card deck excluding the jokers. The highest probable hand is 999, which beats all other hands, including a trail. The ranking of hands is distinctive in this format, with the following highest hand being an untouched sequence followed by colour, sequence, high card and pair. 


In this variation, only the cards of Seven, Four, King and Ace are used. This reduces the number of cards in the deck and makes it simpler to get a great hand. The rules and betting structure are alike to classic 3 Patti. 

Classic Teen Patti 

This is the most basic variation of teen patti, played with an individual deck of 52 cards. In this variation, each player is dealt 3 cards facing down, and the game starts with the player setting to the left of the dealer. Players can either opt to view their cards or play blind. The betting rounds proceed until all players have either folded or bet the same sum. The winner is the player with the greatest standing hand. 


In some form of 3 Patti, players have the choice to discard and draw cards in an attempt to improve their hand. This includes a component of skill and strategy to the game.  

High-Low Split 

Particular forms permit for a split pot, where the lowest and highest-ranking hands share the winnings. 

Kiss, Miss & Bliss 

In this form, particular card mergers are given certain names: 

Kiss – when a player’s hand comprises 2 cards of the same rank. 

Miss – when a player’s hand has 2 successive cards of the same suit. 

Bliss – when a player’s hand holds 3 successive cards of the same suit. 


This form includes the usage of particular wild cards, normally the King of Hearts and Ace of Spades, which act as the greatest ranking wild cards. 

Blind (Kana) King & Jack 

In a few variations, the King and Jack of any suit are managed as semi-wild cards, which means they can be used to fulfil a set or sequence. 

3 Patti Gameplay Strategy 

It is crucial to have a well-planned strategy to win in teen patti online card games. Following are a couple of strategies you have to follow to improve your possibilities of winning the game. 

Practise Tight GamePlay 

Tight gameplay is the most successful strategy in winning a 3 patti game. This signifies you select only strong hands to play and stay away from betting on weak hands. 

Start the Game with Small Bets 

If you are new to the Teen Patti card game, you should select to bet small so that you learn more without worrying about the cash. Not to mention, it also elevates your odds of making more surplus. 

Know the Game before Your Start Playing 

You have to learn the game, strategies and rules, its common terms, completely to play a confident game and stay away from any issues. 

Handle Bankroll Accordingly 

Players must set a spending limit on their total finances in a session. It stops you from going bankrupt in an instance you undergo a major loss. 

Remain Patience at all Costs 

One of the finest practices to win in 3 patti card games is to keep your emotions in order at all times. Do not get influenced by emotions and make troublesome bets. Stay away from chasing losses at all costs. 

Practise as Much as You Can 

Practice makes a person perfect and it is true for a majority of card games. Do keep in mind that your expertise in the game is based on the experience you have. 

3 Patti vs Poker 

Bothe 3 patti and poker are brilliant card games with obvious similarities. Although, the game differs in terms of strategy and gameplay. 


3 Patti and Poker, particularly Hold’em, are similar in numerous ways: 

  • They are played with a normal classic deck of 52 cards. 
  • The start with a beginning bet and the stakes to be bet in the game are decided before the game starts. 
  • They end with a face-off, where the player succeeds by making the finest hand. 
  • All players make similar cards – Raise, Call and Fold in both games. 
  • They are both contrasting card games where the successor is decided by the strongest hand. 


The major distinction among Teen Patti and Poker are: 

  • The biggest distinction of all, Teen Patti card game online is a luck dependent game, while poker is a game dependent on strategy and skills. 
  • The outcomes of the game are dependent on luck and players have no space to strategize in 3 Patti. Contrastingly, poker goes through a series of rounds where multiple cards are exposed besides one’s hole cards. This develops a ton of space for planning and strategy on how to play your cards to the best of your capabilities. 
  • 3 Patti, as the name suggests, the successor has to make the finest 3 card hand. On the contrary, the successor of Poker depends on making the finest 5-card hand. 
  • In the teen patti game online, bets become multiple if the bettors sees their cards. On the other hand, seeing one’s cards doesn’t make a distinction in betting. 

To summarise, the 3 Patti game is a card game whose outcomes are decided by pure possibilities and as such, makes for a fascinating alternative for festival sessions and get togethers. It’s uncomplicated gameplay makes it an easy alternative for any person who is interested in catching a break after a stressful day. Playing with family and friends and enjoying the excitement while making some quick cash is what this game is all about. Have a blast! 

Teen Patti – FAQs 

  1. Are teen patti and poker the same? 
    No, poker and 3 patti are not the same games. There are massive differences among them. 
    – 3 Patti is a luck dependent game, while poker is skill dependent on skill. As such, to succeed in Poker, you can’t depend on luck solely. 
    – In patti, your hand consists of 3 cards. On the contrary, the hand consists of 5 cards in Poker. Thus, you are required to make the finest 3 card hand in 3 Patti and finest 5 card hand in Poker. 
    – The hand standings are distinctive for both card games. Teen patti consists of 6 hand standings whereas Poker consists of ten hand standings. 
    – The betting rounds for both Poker and Teen Patti vary from one another. 
  1. How to play Teen Patti 
    The dealer gives out 3 cards to each player and the game is played in a clockwise direction with the bettor sitting next to the dealer. The player plays chaal if they have viewed the deal cards and blind if they haven’t seen their cards. 
    The game proceeds until only 2 players stay at the table or the pot limit is attained. Then the hands of the last active bettors are contrasted and the player with the greatest ranking hand succeeds the pot. 
  1. What is the greatest sequence in teen patti? 
    Trail is the greatest sequence in teen patti. A trail in teen patti takes place when you’ve all 3 same ranking cards in your hand. Also familiar as Trio, a trail of Aces is the greatest ranking card in the hand. 
  1. How can a player show in teen patti? 
    A player can show in a game of teen patti when only 2 players remain on the table. During the show, both the bettors contrast their cards and the hand with the greater ranking merger wins the game. 

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