Football is super cool and loved by lots and lots of people around the world. It’s also super-duper rich, with clubs making billions of dollars! But who’s the richest of them all? Let’s go on a journey and find out about these mega-rich football clubs and how they make so much money, even with the pandemic. Get ready for a fun ride through cash, power, and football!


Manchester City: The Super Rich Club

At the very tippy-top is Manchester City. They’re like the super-duper richest football club in the world, and they have a whopping net worth of £16.8 billion! They have famous players who get lots and lots of money from big sponsors, making them super rich in the football world.

The Big Bosses of the Premier League

Another super rich club is Manchester United. They’re like the bosses of the Premier League. They make loads of money from different things, like selling tickets and getting lots of big companies to put their names on everything.

Barcelona Dreams Big

Barcelona wants to be the richest club in the world too! They have really famous players, like Lionel Messi, and they’re trying really, really hard to be super rich in football.

Where All the Money Comes From

These clubs get their money from lots of places. They sell tickets to fans who come to watch games, and they also get heaps of cash from sponsors who want to be seen with the club. These things make them super rich and famous.

The Super Cool Clubs

There are some other clubs that are also super rich and cool. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, and Liverpool are like the super cool kids in the football world. They don’t just play well; they’re super rich too. They’re in a special group called the Deloitte Football Money League, where they show off how rich they are.

More Clubs in the Rich Club List

But wait, there are more! Chelsea, Juventus, Tottenham Hotspur, and Atletico Madrid are also super rich. They’re not just good at playing football; they’re good at making lots of money too.

The Battle for the Crown

To know who’s the absolute richest club in the world, we need to see who has more money compared to others in a certain time. It’s like a big competition, and it’s super exciting! Manchester City and Manchester United are like the superheroes in this competition. They’re both trying really, really hard to be the number one richest club.

Manchester City’s Money Magic

Manchester City has a secret weapon. It’s owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group, which is like a company for super rich people from Abu Dhabi. They’re led by a person named Sheikh Mansour. He’s super, super rich, and because of him, Manchester City has so much money, like £16.8 billion! This money helps them hire really good players, build fancy stadiums, and play in the biggest football competitions. 

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Real Madrid – The Super Rich Football Team

Real Madrid is like the second richest football team in the whole wide world. They have a lot of money, around $6.07 billion! This team from Spain is super good at playing football, especially in important leagues like the Champions League.

Why They’re So Rich

Real Madrid is super successful on the football field, and that brings them lots and lots of money. They have sponsors like Audi, Emirates Airlines, and Cisco, which means big companies want to be friends with them. With all this money, they can have really talented players like Vinicius Junior and Eder Militao. That’s why everyone thinks they’re awesome, not just for playing football but for having lots of money too!

Their Rival: Barcelona

Barcelona is like Real Madrid’s big rival. They also have tons of money, around $5.51 billion! People all around the world know Barcelona, and they’re really good at playing football. Big companies like Rakuten, Beko, Oppo, and Scotia Bank want to be their friends and give them money.

Barcelona’s Cool Arena

Barcelona’s arena is called Spotify Camp Nou now, and it’s super cool. They also have superstars like Lionel Messi playing for them. All of this makes Barcelona a really rich and famous football club, trying to be the richest in the whole world!

Manchester United – Big Money in the Premier League

Manchester United is a super important football team in England, and they have about $3.56 billion! Lots of companies like TeamViewer, Tezos, Kohler, Apollo Tyres, and Cadbury want to give them money because they’re so good at football.

The Stars of Manchester United

Manchester United has really famous players like Bruno Fernandes and Jadon Sancho. They also make lots of money every year, about $663 million! That’s more money than most other clubs in Europe or anywhere else in the world!

Liverpool – Boosted by Nike and Owners

Liverpool Football Club is super rich too, with around $4.45 billion! They got a big boost from Nike, a famous sports brand. The people who own Liverpool, John Henry and Tom Werner, also helped them make lots of money.

Liverpool’s Big Partnerships

Liverpool has friends like Standard Chartered, AXA, and Expedia who give them money. So, these football clubs are not just about playing the game; they’re also about making big money and being super famous!

Bayern Munich – Kings of German Football

Bayern Munich is like a big boss in German football. They have a lot of money, about $4.86 billion! They’ve won so many titles and cups in Germany, like 29 national titles and 18 cups. Because of this, they have friends who give them money, like Allianz, T-Mobile, Siemens, Audi, and Tipico.

Their Superstar Players

Bayern Munich also has really cool players like Robert Lewandowski, Leroy Sane, Alphonso Davies, Joshua Kimmich, and Kingsley Coman. These players help Bayern Munich stay at the top of the game, both in playing football and having lots of money.

Paris Saint-Germain – Ligue 1 Champs with Growing Money Power

Paris Saint-Germain is super good at football in France. They have about $4 billion! They make money from things like showing their games on TV, fans coming to watch them play, and doing business stuff.

Paris Saint-Germain gets a lot of support from Qatar Sports Investments, which gives them lots of money. They’re winning a lot of titles in their league, like seven out of eight times! That’s super impressive!

Chelsea – Second Richest Team in England

Chelsea is like the second richest team in England, with around $3.10 billion. They have friends like Trivago, Go Markets, Zapp, and Yokohama Tires who give them money and help them be super successful.

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Their Amazing Players

Chelsea also has really good players like Mason Mount and Antonio Rudiger. Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup are also won by them. That’s why they’re one of the richest football clubs in the whole wide world!

Juventus – Italy’s Wealthiest Football Club

Juventus is the richest team in Italy, with about $2.45 billion. The Agnelli family takes care of them and helps them make lots of money, like €515 million every year!

Their Super Strength

Juventus has really good players, and they also make money from things like player transfers. With all this, they’re super strong financially and play awesome football.

How Football Clubs Make Money

Football clubs get their money from lots of places. They sell tickets to fans who come to watch games, and they also get money from friends who want to put their names on everything. Showing games on TV makes them rich too. All these things make football clubs some of the richest sports teams in the world!

So, these football clubs aren’t just good at playing football; they’re also really, really rich because they have lots of friends and make smart business deals!

How the Pandemic Affected Football Clubs’ Money

The top 10 richest football clubs are super strong with money. Even when the bad sickness (pandemic) made them stop games and close the places where people watch games, they still did well. Actually, the money from the top 20 football clubs in the world went up by 13%. The Premier League, where the top clubs play, made the most money and was top-ranked.

The bad sickness did hurt football clubs’ money, but because these clubs are really good with money, they still did well even after the bad sickness made things hard at first. 

Why Fans and Money from Friends Matter for Football Clubs

Fans and money from friends are super important for how much a football club is worth. When fans are really excited and love their team, it makes the players play better, and the club makes more money from things like selling tickets, selling stuff with the team’s name on it, and getting friends who want to put their names on the club.

When more people get excited and support the club, it makes friends want to give them money. This brings in even more money and makes the club worth a lot. It also helps the club get really good players and become famous not just in football but in other businesses too.

Summing It All Up

They get money from lots of places, like selling tickets, having friends who give them money, selling the rights to show their games on TV, and getting paid to be in ads. These clubs are super rich.

The bad sickness did affect them a bit, but it didn’t stop them. The top 10 richest football clubs made it through and are even stronger now, thanks to the love and support from their fans, which is like fuel for their growth. 

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  • Is PSG the Richest Club?
    According to Forbes, Paris Saint Germain Football Club is not the richest club in the world. They are valued at 7th place among all clubs worldwide.
  • Which Club Is the Richest in 2023?
    In 2023, Manchester City is the richest club in the world. They have a total revenue of a huge 696.21 million EURO (which is E598.62 million).
  • How Do Football Clubs Make Money?
    Football clubs make money in different ways. They get money from selling tickets for games, from sponsors who want to be their friends, from selling the rights to show their games on TV, and from people who want the players to be in ads. They also get money when they sell their players to other teams.
  • What Was the Impact of the Pandemic on Football Clubs?
    When the pandemic started, the richest football clubs lost some of their money. But the top 10 richest clubs managed to make up for it and are still getting richer.
  • How Do Fans and Money Help Football Clubs?
    Football clubs need fans and money to be worth a lot. When fans love their team and come to watch games, buy team stuff, and sponsors want to give the team money, it makes the club worth more. When more people get excited about the club, it makes investors want to give them money too. This brings in even more money and makes the club worth even more. Fans are really important in making the club valuable.

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