Virat Kohli did something super amazing! He whacked a whopping eight IPL centuries, against the Royals no less! This epic feat wasn’t just a fluke – it launched his team to a super high score and totally sealed his deal as an IPL legend. On top of that, he became the absolute first player to ever crush a mind-blowing 7,500 runs – that’s insane! But hold on a sec, there’s a tiny snag – his batting speed isn’t exactly lightning fast.

A Century Steeped in Patience

Sure, Virat Kohli scored a ton of runs, but questions linger about how quickly they came. While the century itself was a testament to his class, the knock, particularly against spinners, was a slow burner. It was his slowest in the IPL, taking a full 67 balls, tying Manish Pandey’s record from way back in 2009.

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Decoding Kohli’s Innings

Kohli’s knock was a masterclass in controlled aggression. He peppered the boundary with 12 fours and 4 sixes, but it was a cautious start, especially against the wily spin of Chahal and Ashwin. Finding boundaries against them proved difficult, which put a damper on his overall scoring rate.

Playing the Conditions, Not Just the Scoreboard

Kohli defended his strike rate by pointing to the tricky pitch. He explained that while it looked good at first glance, the ball wasn’t coming onto the bat as expected. Both he and teammate Faf du Plessis had to adjust their sights mid-innings, revising their initial target of 190+ runs due to the slow surface.

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Adaptability: A Cricketer’s Superpower

Virat Kohli highlighted the importance of experience and adaptability on tricky pitches. He acknowledged the challenges of playing spin on a dry surface, where getting under the ball for big shots becomes a struggle. The key, he says, is to adjust your game plan and find scoring opportunities, even if it means hitting more down the ground.

The Final Word: A Legend’s Legacy

Virat Kohli’s century was a defining moment, solidifying his legendary status in the IPL. While questions remain about his strike rate against spin in certain situations, his ability to adapt and lead his team is undeniable. This will be key as he continues his IPL journey and strives for even greater cricketing glory.


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