IPL’s Super-Speedy Scorers: Who Gets to 5,000 Runs FASTEST?

The IPL! Zoom, zoom cricket! Started in 2008, tons of seasons, and batters hitting records like crazy! But hold on! Today, we spotlight the SUPER hitters who SMASHED a whopping 5,000 runs in NO TIME!

Only a FEW, just seven to be exact, ever did this SUPER tough thing in the IPL. Like climbing Mount Everest, but with a bat! Gotta be SUPER good and NEVER give up in this WILD league. Big names like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, even the legendary MS Dhoni! But who’s the FASTEST scorer of them all?

Aussie David Warner: Runs Like a Rocket!

David Warner, the Aussie who HITS the ball like a ROCKET, takes the crown! He SMASHED a MIND-BLOWING 5,000 runs in only 135 games! Not only the FASTEST, but also the FIRST from another country to do it!

Imagine this! Warner ROCKETED to this record against the Kolkata Knight Riders, way back in 2020. And guess what? He was batting at number 4 that day! See, he can score ANYWHERE! Even though he CRUSHED a super-fast 47 runs in just 33 balls, his team LOST in a CLOSE Super Over! Oh no!

1David Warner135
2Virat Kohli157
3AB de Villiers161
4Shikhar Dhawan168
5Suresh Raina173
6Rohit Sharma187
7MS Dhoni208

Virat Kohli: The Chasing Machine in Second Gear! 

Right behind Warner is the former captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli. This batting MACHINE reached the 5,000-run mark in 157 games. Now that’s CONSISTENT! He’s one of the few players who played in the very first IPL season and is still GOING STRONG today.

Virat Kohli CRUSHED this milestone against his biggest rivals, the Mumbai Indians, at his home stadium in Bangalore way back in 2019. He played a quickfire 46 runs in just 31 balls, but his team fell short by a NOSE, only 6 runs!

What makes Kohli special? LOYALTY! He’s the only player who has played for the same team. He has played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore for all IPL seasons. This proves that he is a sure TRUE TEAM PLAYER!

AB de Villiers: Mr. BOOM BOOM!

Forget regular players, AB de Villiers is a batting ROCKSTAR! He’s like “Mr. 360” because he can SMASH the ball ANYWHERE! He was number two overseas dude to get 5000 IPL runs. In one INSANE game, he WRECKED 75 runs in just 42 hits! His team WON because he hit SO MANY boundaries and SIXES! Everyone is like “HOW?!” His batting makes bowlers CRY, and records just KEEP BREAKING!

Shikhar Dhawan: Fancy Lefty BOOM!

Shikhar Dhawan is a SUPER fancy left-handed starter who can also be SUPER CRUEL. He was number four FASTEST to get 5000 runs. He SMACKED a six to get there! One game, he scored a CRAZY 100 runs ALL BY HIMSELF, but his team STILL LOST. He’s ALWAYS good at scoring runs, so they made him the LEADER of his whole team!

Suresh Raina: Mr. IPL Scores ALL THE TIME!

Suresh Raina, everyone calls him “Mr. IPL”, was the absolute FIRST dude to get 5000 runs! He’s a left-handed batsman who ALWAYS scores runs. He did this SUPER feat in the very FIRST game of 2019. He’s PLAYED in more than 200 games for his team and SCORED more than 5500 runs! That’s a TON!

These guys play in different ways, but they ALL can whack runs REALLY FAST. They make the fans GO WILD and the bowlers RUN and HIDE. More players will get to 5000 runs, but these LEGENDS will NEVER be FORGOTTEN!

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The IPL is a whirlwind of action, but some players leave an unforgettable mark. The true elite are the CRUSHERS, who’ve obliterated the massive 5,000-run milestone in record time. Scaling this mountain in the IPL is like conquering Everest with a bat – demanding supreme skill and grit. Legends like Kohli and Dhoni have achieved it, but only a select seven have done it with UNBELIEVABLE SPEED!

David Warner, the Aussie ROCKET, takes the crown! He blasted through 5,000 runs in a mind-blowing 135 games. Virat Kohli, got the mark in 157 games. These players, along with others, are the IPL’s fastest WHACKERS. They keep fans on the edge of their seats and rewrite the record books. The next time you watch the IPL, keep an eye out for these batting superheroes!


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