IPL Betting Sites Reviewed and Compared

As the 16th season of the Indian Premier League looms on the horizon, we stand as the ultimate hub for comprehensive IPL betting information. With 74 thrilling games in the pipeline, the allure of IPL satta online is set to skyrocket this year.

Experience in-depth insights into the finest betting platforms in India. These platforms not only support payments in rupees but also boast enticing cricket betting promotions, including exclusive free IPL bets. Delve into our comprehensive guide below for a complete lowdown on IPL betting apps in India. Stay ahead in the game!

1xBet – Extensive IPL Betting

Established in 2008, 1xBet stands as an early pioneer in IPL betting in India, known for its deep market coverage.

Pros: Quick Registration, Deep Market Coverage, Accepts INR Payment Methods
Cons: Some Deposits Might Have Fees, Interface and Navigation Issues

Megapari – Diverse Betting

Megapari offers a comprehensive online casino and a robust sportsbook, promising diverse betting experiences as an IPL betting app.

Megapari IPL Betting

Pros: Comprehensive Betting, Casino Integration, Android & iOS Support, VIP Perks
Cons: iOS App Absence, Customer Support Might Need Improvement

Kheloo – Engaging IPL Platform

 Kheloo delivers a user-friendly platform, merging IPL betting app and casino gaming within a streamlined interface. 

Kheloo IPL Betting

Pros: Streamlined Interface, Dual Functionality, Efficient Performance, Multilingual Support
Cons: Limited Scope, Scope for Expansion to Enhance Features

10CRIC – Exclusive IPL Destination

Widely acclaimed as the top IPL betting app in India, 10CRIC offers an exclusive platform for cricket enthusiasts. 

10cric IPL Betting

Pros: Extensive Betting Markets, Competitive Odds, Rich Bonus Offers, Convenient Payment Methods, 24/7 Customer Support, User-Friendly Mobile App
Cons: Outdated Interface, Limited in Some Markets

88Cric App – IPL Betting Convenience

 The 88Cric app offers convenient IPL betting app experiences, emphasizing a user-friendly platform. 

Pros: User-Friendly Interface, Extensive Betting Options, Secure Payment Methods
Cons: Limited Additional Features, Potential Scope for Enhancement

Winbaji App – Seamless IPL Betting

 Winbaji app ensures seamless IPL betting app, prioritizing user ease and comprehensive betting options. 

Winbaji IPL Betting

Pros: Intuitive Interface, Diverse Betting Markets, Secure Transactions
Cons: Potential App Optimization Needed, Scope for Further Features

Parimatch App – Premium Betting Experience

The Parimatch app provides a premium betting experience, featuring early cash-out and live streaming.

Pros: Premium Betting Experience, Live Streaming, Indian Payment Options
Cons: Limited Betting Markets, No iOS App Availability

Dafabet App – Robust Betting Platform

The Dafabet app stands as a robust IPL betting app platform, offering extensive betting options and secure transactions. 

Dafabet IPL Betting

Pros: Extensive Betting Markets, INR Payment Methods, Secure Transactions
Cons: Interface Complexity, Potential Navigation Challenges

1WIN App – Diverse Betting Hub

The 1WIN App serves as a diverse IPL betting app hub, providing a broad spectrum of markets and secure transactional options. 

1win IPL Betting

Pros: Varied Betting Markets, Secure Transaction Methods 
Cons: Interface Complexity, Possible Navigation Issues

Jeeto88 App – User-Friendly Betting Hub

Jeeto88 App offers a user-friendly betting platform with various market options and secure transactions. 

Jeeto88 IPL Betting

Pros: User-Friendly Interface, Secure Transactions  
Cons: Potential Feature Limitations, Interface Simplification Needed

Jeeto7 App – Extensive Betting Arena

Jeeto7 App encompasses an extensive IPL betting app arena, offering diverse markets and secure transaction facilities. 

Jeeto7 IPL Betting

Pros: Diverse Betting Options, Secure Transactions 
Cons: Complex Interface, Navigation Challenges

Fun88 App – Interactive Betting Realm

Fun88 App provides an interactive IPL betting app realm with diverse markets and secure transactional services. 

Fun88 IPL Betting

Pros: Interactive Interface, Diverse Betting Markets 
Cons: Potential Feature Limitations, Interface Enhancement Required

BC.GAME App – Versatile Betting and Gaming Platform

BC.GAME App is a versatile platform offering a mix of IPL betting app and gaming options with varied market choices.

BC Game IPL Betting

Pros: Diverse Betting and Gaming Options, Multifaceted Market
Cons: Potential Interface Complexity, Navigation Challenges

PureWin App – Gaming-Centric Betting Platform

PureWin App focuses on gaming-centric IPL betting app, providing diverse gaming options alongside standard betting markets.

Purewin IPL Betting

Pros: Diverse Gaming Choices, Secure Transactions
Cons: Possible Interface Complexity, Feature Navigation Issues

Betwinner App – Extensive Betting Marketplace

Betwinner App hosts an extensive IPL betting app marketplace with a wide range of markets and secure transaction facilities.

Betwinniner IPL Betting

Pros: Varied Betting Options, Secure Transactions
Cons: Interface Complexity, Potential Navigation Issues

Rajabets App – Multi-Functional Betting Platform

Rajabets App offers multifunctional IPL betting app with diverse market options and secure transaction methods.

Rajabets IPL Betting

Pros: Multifunctional Interface, Varied Betting Markets
Cons: Possible Interface Complexity, Navigation Challenges

Fairplay App – Holistic Betting and Gaming Hub

Fairplay App stands as a holistic hub offering a mix of IPL betting app and gaming options with varied market choices.

Fairplay IPL Betting

Pros: Diverse Betting and Gaming Options, Multifaceted Market
Cons: Potential Interface Complexity, Navigation Challenges

4rabet App – Gaming-Integrated Betting Platform

4rabet App integrates gaming into the IPL betting app platform, providing diverse gaming options alongside standard markets.

4rabet IPL Betting

Pros: Varied Gaming Choices, Secure Transactions
Cons: Potential Interface Complexity, Navigation Challenges

BetIndi App – Comprehensive Betting Marketplace

BetIndi App offers a comprehensive betting marketplace with various markets and secure transaction facilities.

Betindi IPL Betting

Pros: Varied Betting Options, Secure Transactions
Cons: Interface Complexity, Potential Navigation Issues


While pre-match IPL betting app attracts many, the surge in IPL live betting deserves attention. Cricket, with its natural breaks, lends itself beautifully to live betting. Those intervals between overs? Ideal moments to dive into an IPL betting app platform. And don’t overlook the gaps between deliveries – perfect for checking odds and placing live, thrilling bets.

We meticulously evaluate leading IPL live betting platforms to pinpoint the ones excelling in this crucial realm. With more Indian cricket aficionados exploring live in-play betting, it’s set to be a pivotal industry component.


Kheloo – Your go-to for IPL betting app excitement – Kheloo takes the crown as our top choice for the ultimate IPL live betting platform in India. Offering stellar odds and an impressive range of IPL live betting options, having a Kheloo account is essential for Indian cricket enthusiasts. Plus, their stellar customer support ensures users get the assistance they need with any account hiccups or queries.


The upcoming IPL 2023 season is gearing up with a total of 74 games scheduled until the end of May! We’ve put the top 5 IPL Betting Apps to the test once again:

  1. 1XBET APP

 Leading the pack, the 1XBET app stands tall with its comprehensive sports betting and casino offerings, not just in India but globally. However, it caters more to Android users, lacking an iOS app—a notable drawback for an otherwise stellar platform. Similar to many betting apps targeting Indian users, 1XBET prioritizes cricket betting, offering a diverse range of pre-match and live markets. Exclusive cricket-centric bonuses and promotions sweeten the deal. Despite its non-Indian origin, the app supports familiar payment methods in rupees and boasts Indian-friendly customer support, making it a top contender for best IPL betting app in india.


If a vast array of markets is your priority, Megapari should rank high on your list. Notably, Megapari’s IPL betting app is available for both iOS and Android devices, providing a significant advantage over some competitors. Its live betting experience impresses with extensive market depth and a well-crafted live match tracker. Megapari’s appeal extends beyond IPL betting app, offering an array of popular sports and competitions. Additionally, the platform provides a top-tier casino experience with diverse games like Andar Bahar, live cricket roulette, Hindi Lightning Roulette, teen patti, blackjack, Lucky 7, and more.


Kheloo, a standout IPL betting app, focuses precisely on this arena. However, its offerings go beyond IPL, featuring a wide market selection, an intuitive app interface, competitive odds, and an array of Indian-friendly payment options like UPI, NetBanking, IMPS, among others. Beyond IPL betting app, Kheloo’s app boasts an exceptional casino experience with a plethora of slots and live dealer games, including Andar Bahar, teen patti, and popular Evolution Gaming options.

  1. 10CRIC APP 

Renowned for its IPL-centric approach, the 10CRIC app shines with an extensive market selection, a sleek app interface, competitive odds, and a diverse range of Indian-friendly payment options such as UPI, NetBanking, IMPS, and more. Apart from IPL betting app, the 10CRIC app offers an immersive casino experience with an impressive library of slots and live dealer games like Andar Bahar and teen patti, alongside popular Evolution Gaming titles.

  1. 88CRIC APP

 Finally, the 88CRIC app carves its space among the top IPL betting platforms. It boasts an extensive array of markets, a user-friendly app interface, competitive odds, and a host of Indian-friendly payment options akin to UPI, NetBanking, IMPS, and others. Like its counterparts, the 88CRIC app provides not just IPL betting but also a diverse casino experience, including slots, live dealer games, and more.


Getting into pre-match betting on the IPL betting app attracts many, but the surge in IPL betting app live betting is gaining momentum. Cricket seems tailor-made for in-play betting because of its frequent natural pauses. These intervals between overs offer golden opportunities to wager on an IPL live betting platform. Even within the short gaps between ball deliveries, you can delve into betting odds and place thrilling bets on the live action.

We meticulously examine the top IPL betting app live betting sites, aiming to pinpoint the absolute best performers in this critical realm. As more and more cricket enthusiasts in India delve into live in-play betting, this facet is poised to become a pivotal component of the industry.


Kheloo – The go-to IPL Live betting site – Right now, Kheloo takes the crown as our pick for the ultimate IPL live betting site in India. Featuring top-notch betting odds and an extensive range of IPL live betting markets, having a Kheloo App account is a necessity for Indian cricket devotees. Not to forget, their stellar customer support ensures users get the assistance they need for any account-related concerns or queries.


For many ardent Indian cricket enthusiasts engrossed in the IPL, selecting the right bookmaker boils down to one thing: promotions, offers, and bonuses. Leveraging IPL-centric offers for cricket free bets remains a prime tactic to enhance potential profits while betting on prestigious tournaments like the IPL.

We delve deep into the realm of IPL bonuses, meticulously curating a list of the foremost offers available. Given the continuous rollout of new IPL bonuses, frequent visits to our site remain your prime avenue to stay abreast of the latest offerings.


Kheloo – The IPL Promotions Maestro – When it comes to IPL bonuses and exclusive cricket betting promotions, Kheloo reigns supreme as the pinnacle Indian online bookmaker. Daily IPL win betting app matches witness an influx of new promos from this betting platform. Among the perks available to Kheloo users are free bets, enticing deposit bonuses, cashback offers, and even opportunities to win free spins in their casino segment. Accessing Kheloo’s special promotional calendar unveils the entire spectrum of IPL win betting app bonuses on offer.

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Regardless of your favorites for the IPL jackpot, our expert insights serve as your guiding beacon while wagering real money on cricket matches within this globally renowned tournament. Amidst six weeks of enthralling IPL 2021 betting action, placing a bet on the marquee match amplifies the thrill to another level.

The ability to bet with rupees holds paramount significance for numerous cricket devotees in India. Hence, our comprehensive online betting site reviews ensure clarity on whether rupee betting features on their platforms. Our IPL cricket betting site reviews delve extensively into every facet, empowering you with comprehensive insights for an informed decision when initiating an account.


Wondering how we assess IPL betting apps? In the realm of online betting, where mobile devices reign supreme, the quest for the finest and most reliable apps for IPL betting app download is a pressing concern. Fear not! Thetopbookies.com has your back. Join us as we delve into a detailed review of the Betting Apps tailored for the 2022 Indian Premier League.

Apps emerge as the premier avenue for IPL betting, both now and in the foreseeable future. Our mission is clear: to meticulously review the top-tier IPL win betting app. Our goal? To ensure seamless wager placements for our users while optimizing value through the most competitive odds. Curious about our evaluation criteria, the go-to hub for trusted online betting reviews in India?

  • Simplicity Reigns: Betting apps thrive on simplicity. They must strike a balance between being user-friendly and encompassing essential features. Our focus? To ensure IPL online betting app take center stage, enabling swift and effortless wagering.
  • Beyond the Basics: IPL live streaming and additional betting options, like casino games, capture our attention. We seek apps that go the extra mile.
  • Mobile Excellence: The emphasis on mobile-first betting platforms prompts us to scrutinize whether the app surpasses the bookmaker’s website in performance and accessibility.
  • Seamless Accessibility: Cricket betting apps should be easily accessible and free to download, offering a hassle-free experience in acquiring and utilizing them.
  • Speed Matters: In the fast-paced world of betting, speed is key. A high-performing app enables live IPL betting without missing a beat during intense match moments.
  • Bonuses Galore: Around the IPL, special bonuses abound. We diligently compare IPL bonuses across various apps, ensuring you’re privy to the best offers.
  • Safety First: Security is paramount, especially in India’s betting landscape. We prioritize apps that safeguard customers’ financial information with utmost diligence.


Step into the realm of IPL betting sites tailored to your preferences. If bonuses make your heart race, there’s an IPL betting site waiting to amplify your thrill.

Behold our top picks:

  • IPL Betting Site with the Best Bonus: Kheloo

Seeking the pinnacle of IPL win betting app bonuses? Kheloo stands tall, showering users with unmatched offers.

  •  IPL Betting Site with High Odds: Jeeto88

For the odds enthusiasts, Jeeto88 emerges as a haven, promising a world of lucrative possibilities.

  • IPL Betting Site with the Best Live Betting: 4rabet

Live betting aficionados, rejoice! 4rabet awaits, offering an unparalleled live betting experience.

  • IPL Betting Site with the Best Live Streaming: Jeeto7

For those craving live action, Jeeto7 is your gateway to seamless live streaming during IPL matches.

  • IPL Betting Site with the Best App: Winbaji

Embrace the epitome of app excellence with Winbaji, where betting convenience meets technological prowess.

  • IPL Betting Site for Beginners: CricBaba

New to IPL betting app download? CricBaba welcomes beginners with open arms, simplifying the journey into the thrilling world of cricket betting.

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Unlocking the IPL Betting App: A Simple Guide

Acquiring an online IPL betting app in India has never been simpler! Our recommended betting sites cater to IPL enthusiasts with their dedicated sports betting apps. Follow these five straightforward steps to secure any IPL betting app:

  1. Sign up at one of our trusted IPL betting sites.
  2. Head to their main Menu and find the “App Section.”
  3. Click on the option to download the app.
  4. You might be asked to “Allow Installs from Unknown Sources.”
  5. Witness the betting APK file landing on your phone.

Voila! You’ve successfully downloaded an IPL win betting app onto your Android or iOS device! Easy, right?


Embarking on IPL win betting app can be overwhelming, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. This section is dedicated to guiding you through the intricate world of IPL win betting app, ensuring a seamless betting experience from site selection to placing your first bet.

From the initial steps of choosing an IPL win betting app platform to the thrill of making informed bets, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s dive into this educational journey – by the end, you’ll be a confident IPL betting enthusiast!


If IPL 2023 marks your debut in the realm of IPL betting, you might ponder where to start. With a multitude of betting sites, odds, promos, and features, the options can seem overwhelming. But fear not! Here’s what you’ll need to kickstart your IPL match betting app best IPL betting app in india experience:

In-depth Cricket and IPL Knowledge: Essential. You can’t simply toss wagers blindly. Arm yourself with insights into IPL teams, player performance, and team dynamics. Knowledge is the bedrock of successful IPL win betting app.

A Top-Notch IPL betting app download Site or App: Choose wisely from the array of highlighted IPL betting sites. Tailor your choice based on preferred features – superior odds, live betting, streaming, or exclusive promos. Find your perfect match or take cues from our recommendations for an enriched betting experience.

Reliable Payment Methods: A vital aspect. Secure a trustworthy online payment method like UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, or Indian Netbanking for seamless deposits and withdrawals.

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With our comprehensive breakdown of top IPL betting app download, your decision-making process is simplified. Explore and select based on your preferences from our curated list:

1️⃣    Step 1: Choose an IPL betting site.

2️⃣    Step 2: Create your betting account.

3️⃣    Step 3: Deposit funds for IPL betting.

4️⃣    Step 4: Redeem your IPL betting bonus.

5️⃣   Step 5: Begin IPL betting with your wager.


The legality of online betting in India? It’s a maze of laws, a mix of yes and no. Right now, there’s no blanket ban stopping punters from hitting up those betting sites or apps. Cricket, football, tennis – fair game! But hold on, state laws play a hand here. Keep an eye on that!

Legal IPL betting apps? They’re like gold from trusted developers. Prime picks give you a hassle-free, trustworthy ride. Skip the chaos, dodge those fraudsters! IPL match betting app? They’re your safe haven.

Kheloo? Oh, it’s the cream of the crop in India’s IPL betting app download scene. Stellar customer service, markets galore, and odds that pack a punch. Download our legit IPL betting app! Bet wherever, whenever! Cricket betting on-the-go? Dive in, win real money! Simple, sharp, and yours for the taking!


Still pondering why our user-friendly IPL match betting app is the one for you? Take a look at these points below; they might just lay your doubts to rest!

  1. Effortless Setup, Lightning-Fast: Installing and launching our online IPL betting app is a breeze. Just follow the simple instructions below. With Parimatch, you can download the app swiftly on any smartphone.
  2. Tailored to You: Personalize your IPL betting app in a snap! Pick cricket or your favorite sports—football, baseball, and more. Your profile stores all your preferences, ensuring you swiftly dive into cricket games without the clutter of unwanted sports.
  3. One-stop Destination: Casino thrills, sports bets, and virtual sports—all bundled within one handy app! A perfect escape for some relaxation after a taxing day.
  4. Seamless Support: Queries? Concerns? Reach out to our support team directly through the app! Whether it’s cash-outs, deposits, or any nagging questions, our friendly support desk is always at your service, ready to lend a hand.


Exploring the details of the Kheloo IPL match betting app. Dive into the main characteristics outlined in the table below. Get a snapshot of our IPL online betting app real money betting app’s key features!

Main Information for Parimatch IPL Betting App
📱 Mobile platformAndroid
🌏 RegionIndia
🗣️ App languageEnglish, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil
💸 Sports Bonus+150% up to ₹20,000
🏏 Sports30+ Sports
🃏 Casino Games10,000+ Real Money Games
💵 Withdrawal timeInstant


Dive into the list of supported smartphones and system requirements for a seamless IPL online betting app experience.

Supported Android Smartphones:

  • Huawei 58 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung A51, A52
  • Huawei P30
  • Redmi Note 7, 8, 9, etc.
  • Lyf Water 8
  • YU Yureka Note
  • YU Yureka S
  • Micromax Canvas 6, Micromax Canvas 6 Pro
  • Lyf Earth 1, 2
  • Nubia Z11 Max
  • And many more!

This list covers some of the most popular smartphones compatible with the Kheloo app. Numerous other models facilitate IPL online betting app too. To confirm compatibility, ensure your device meets the Android version requirement.

System Requirements:

Operating SystemAndroid 5.1 and higher
Processor1.2 GHz
Memory Space100 MB


For all you iOS enthusiasts out there, rejoice! Kheloo isn’t just for Android users. The mobile version is as seamless and efficient as its IPL online betting app counterpart. If you’re scrolling through your iPhone, Kheloo is right at your fingertips.

No need to envy the Android squad; our mobile version ensures iOS users don’t miss out on the IPL online betting app action. So, whether you’re team Android or team iOS, Kheloo has got your back for a fantastic betting experience on the go!


Why should you download the Kheloo IPL online betting app? Well, for starters, it offers you the flexibility to bet anytime, anywhere! Whether you’re on Android or Apple devices, this app has you covered.

Let’s explore the core attributes of the IPL Kheloo betting app:

  1. Streamlined Interface: The interface is clear and uncluttered, focusing solely on essential sports betting features.
  2. Dual Functionality: Enjoy a 2-in-1 experience! Bet on IPL online betting app or immerse yourself in favorite casino games—all within the same app.
  3. Efficient and Compact: It takes up minimal space while operating seamlessly without burdening your device’s resources.
  4. Free of Cost: The Kheloo Android app is free to download! There are no subscription fees involved.
  5. Multilingual Support: Accessible in five languages—English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi—for user convenience.
  6. Quick Support Access: Directly contact the support team via the app for prompt assistance.
  7. Customizable Odds Format: Tailor your experience with preferred odds formats—choose from decimal, American, Hong Kong, or fractional.

The Kheloo IPL match betting app showcases remarkable advantages, catering to the diverse needs of every bettor. Immerse yourself hassle-free in the captivating world of Indian Premier League betting with the Kheloo app!


  1. Which is the best IPL betting app?
    The Kheloo cricket betting app stands out as the top choice! It boasts a user-friendly interface, a vast array of betting markets, live match tracking, and competitive odds.
  2. What’s the best cricket IPL prediction app?
    Currently, the Kheloo IPL online betting app excels in cricket IPL predictions. It offers comprehensive stats, betting tips, and a wide range of betting markets.
  3. Where’s the best app to watch IPL live?
    For an immersive IPL online betting app experience with lucrative opportunities, the official sports betting app by Kheloo is your go-to. It offers profitable options and a plethora of betting markets!
  4. Where can we watch IPL 2023 through an app?
    Several media platforms, including Disney+ Hotstar, Tata Sky, Airtel, and JioTV, provide IPL streaming through their official apps.
  5. How can we watch IPL via Disney+ Hotstar?
    Disney+ Hotstar VIP offers IPL 2023 Live Streaming at INR 399 per year. You can purchase subscriptions through various digital payment options.
  6. How to access IPL on Airtel Prepaid?
    Airtel bundles its plans with Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscriptions, granting access to IPL 2023 matches on mobile.
  7. How can we watch IPL using JioTV?
    Reliance Jio collaborates with Hotstar to offer a 12-month subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP for INR 399 per year through the JioTV app.
  8. What about IPL viewing through Vi plans with offers?
    Vodafone Idea users enjoy free IPL streaming benefits with their recharge plans.
  9. Can IPL be watched via Tata Sky DTH?
    Tata Sky’s sports pack allows IPL 2023 viewing without Hotstar Subscription. Simply download the Tata Sky app on mobile or smart TV for free IPL streaming.
  10. Watching IPL through YuppTV?
    Install the YuppTV mobile app, get a subscription, and enjoy live cricket streaming on your phone.
  11. How to access IPL via Willow TV?
    Willow TV offers streaming via its app for laptops, mobiles, and smart TVs. It’s also accessible through satellite, cable, and IPTV.

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