Let’s face it, cricket ain’t all delicate flicks and afternoon tea (though those have their charm). The real thrill comes when a batsman connects with the ball and sends it on a one-way trip to oblivion! We’re talking monstrous sixes that leave bowlers weeping and crowds gasping. Remember MS Dhoni’s World Cup win sealed with a booming six? Pure magic!

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Whoa! Forget everything else! Yuvraj Singh went nuts at the T20 World Cup, blasting six HUGE sixes in a single over! That’s right, six in a row! Talk about raining sixes!

Even in the crazy world of IPL, massive sixes happen all the time. Remember Albie Morkel from South Africa? He hit a ball so hard it flew forever – like, 125 meters! Crazy, right?!

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Okay, enough with the warm-up! Let’s meet the legendary batsmen who redefined “going big” with their earth-shattering sixes:

  • Shahid Afridi (Pakistan): This king holds the undisputed record – a colossal 153-meter six against South Africa that left everyone speechless.
  • Brett Lee (Australia): We all know him as a bowling terror, but Lee could smash the ball too! His 130-meter six against the West Indies proves his power-hitting skills.
  • Martin Guptill (New Zealand): This New Zealand giant loves sending the ball on an adventure. His 127-meter six against South Africa literally landed on the stadium roof – that’s aiming for the stars!

This is just a taste of the incredible six-hitting talent cricket boasts. Remember, these are just the documented monsters. Who knows how many other mammoth sixes have soared over fences and into legend without a measuring tape in sight? So, the next time you see a batsman coil up and swing, hold your breath – you might just witness history in the making!

No.Player NameDistance (in meters)TeamAgainstYear
1Shahid Afridi153 mPakistanSouth Africa2013
2Brett Lee143 mAustraliaWest Indies2005
3Martin Guptill127 mNew ZealandSouth Africa2012
4Liam Livingstone122 mEnglandPakistan2021
5Corey Anderson122 mNew ZealandIndia2014
6Mark Waugh120 mAustraliaNew Zealand1997
7Yuvraj Singh119 mIndiaAustralia2007
8MS Dhoni118 mIndiaNew Zealand2009
9Shahid Afridi118 mPakistanAustralia2005
10Chris Gayle116 mWest IndiesIndia2010

Xplosive! Cricket’s Most Bonkers Sixes That Defy Logic

Cricket, a game known for its gentlemanly tactics, can explode into moments of pure, mind-blowing power. Enter the six – a glorious display that leaves crowds gasping and bowlers whimpering. We’re about to blast off on a journey through history to unearth the most outrageous sixes ever hit!

Afridi whacked the ball HUGE! Like, way, way out of the park! We’re talking about a monster hit that sailed an unbelievable 153 meters! This wasn’t just a six, this was a outta-here blast! And it all happened back in 2013 against some unlucky South African bowler. This incredible smash might just go down in cricket history as one of the greatest hits ever!

Brett Lee: From SPEED FREAK to SIX-HITTING ALIEN (130 meters, 2005)

We all know Lee for his bowling SPEED, right? But in 2005, he went super!  Lee transformed into a SIX-HITTING MACHINE and launched a ball against the West Indies that defied PHYSICS. The ball FLEW a WHOPPING 130 meters and landed, wait for it… IN THE PRACTICE NETS OUTSIDE THE STADIUM!  Did he hit the ball into ANOTHER DIMENSION?

Martin Guptill: The ROOF-EXPLODING KIWI (127 meters, 2012)

This fearless New Zealander, Martin Guptill, isn’t scared of ANYTHING. During a T20 match, he unleashed a MONSTER SIX that ROCKETED 127 meters. But hold on, this gets WEIRD!  ‍ The ball SAILED over the boundary, SMASHED the ROOF of the stadium, and then BOUNCED BACK DOWN!   Did the roof owe Guptill money? Who even hits the ball THAT hard?

Liam Livingstone (England): Forget sixes, this dude launched a 122-meter MOONSHOT against Pakistan in 2021! Imagine a cricket ball soaring almost the length of a football field! Poor Haris Rauf never saw it coming. Livingstone rocketed the ball into oblivion, etching his name in cricketing history with this monstrous blast.

Corey Anderson (New Zealand): This Kiwi powerhouse, back in 2014, unleashed a 122-meter BEAST against India’s Mohd Shami. Now that’s raw power personified! Anderson cemented his reputation as a six-hitting colossus with this monstrous strike. Talk about sending shivers down the bowler’s spine!

Mark Waugh (Australia): Wow! Imagine this – Mark Waugh, the cricket dude famous for his gentle batting, WHAM! Crushes a 120-meter monster six against New Zealand back in 1997. Total shocker! You can practically hear the crowd go silent, jaws on the floor, then erupting like a volcano with gasps! A super-powerful shot from a guy known for his delicate touch – mind blown!

Yuvraj Singh (India): Even Yuvi, the beloved stroke-maker, has a place in the long-sixes hall of fame. During the epic 2007 T20 World Cup semi-final, he launched a majestic 119-meter cruise missile off Brett Lee. A true display of his hidden power!

Dhoni: The Cool Captain with a LAZER BEAM?!

We know Dhoni finishes matches ice-cold, but did you know Captain Cool has a SECRET LAZER in his bat? In 2009, against New Zealand, Dhoni ROCKETED a six – a mind-blowing 118 METERS! Everyone’s brains scrambled!    Who knew Dhoni had this SUPERPOWER?!

 Gayle: The “Universe Boss” Who Eats Cricket Balls!

This legend, Chris Gayle, is a SIX-HITTING MACHINE! He’s the undisputed king of LAUNCHING balls into OUTER SPACE. He holds the record for the MOST SIXES EVER! Remember the 2010 T20 World Cup? Gayle SMASHED a 116-meter MONSTER off Yusaf Pathan. The ball VANISHED – like Gayle literally ATE IT!

Buckle Up, Cricket Fans! These are just a mere taste of the bone-jarring sixes that have left the entire cricketing world speechless. These monstrous swats are a brutal display of the raw power and incredible skill these batsmen possess. Cricket fanatics, stay tuned! The next record-breaking six might be just around the corner, waiting to leave us all awestruck!


Whats the longst six in cricket by an Indian player?

Yuvraj Singh smashed a super long six, 119 meters, against Brett Lee from Australia.

Who’s the Sixer King in cricket?

Dat’s Rohit Sharma! He’s da champ of hitting da most sixes in all types of international cricket, a grand total of 597 sixes!

Who bashed the longest six in da IPL?

It’s Albie Morkel from South Africa! He whacked a massive 125-meter six durin’ da first season of da IPL in 2008.

Who’s the big hitter in T20 international cricket?

Martin Guptill got 127-meter six against South Africa. It is the longest in T20 international cricket.

Who bashed the longest six ever, like a super-duper long one, 173 meters?

Aiden Blizzard’s got a rumored 173-meter one, but officially, he hit a 130-meter long six playin’ for Victoria in da Australia T20 League.


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