Cricket is not just a game; it’s a global phenomenon that unites millions of fans worldwide. In 2023, let’s take a deep dive into the financial standings and intriguing stories of the world’s top 10 cricket boards. These boards play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cricket, and their financial success is a key ingredient in this cricketing recipe.


Sri Lanka Cricket: The Underdog’s Battle – $14 Million

  • A Modest Beginning: The Sri Lanka Cricket Board, established in 1975, had modest beginnings. Its headquarters in Colombo serve as a testament to its journey.
  • Interim Committees and Challenges: Sri Lanka’s cricket board has faced its share of challenges, often managed by government-appointed interim committees. These challenges have contributed to their current financial situation.
  • Sri Lanka’s Financial Fortunes: With a net worth of $14 million, equivalent to ₹115 Crore Rupees, Sri Lanka Cricket might be modest in wealth, but it’s rich in cricketing spirit.
  • BCCI’s Supporting Hand: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has extended its support, helping Sri Lanka Cricket during tough financial times. A heartwarming example of cricketing camaraderie.

Zimbabwe Cricket: Resilience in the Face of Challenges – $16.4 Million

  • Emerging in the ’90s: Zimbabwe Cricket, established in 1992 with its headquarters in Harare, emerged as a cricketing force in the ’90s.
  • Dark Days Post-2004: However, a dark cloud loomed over their cricket when many senior players retired in 2004, leaving an inexperienced side to navigate the cricketing waters.
  • Zimbabwe’s Financial Resilience: Despite these challenges, the board has persevered, achieving a net worth of $16.4 million, equivalent to ₹135 Crore Rupees. Their story is a testament to the spirit of resilience.

West Indies Cricket Board: The Caribbean Comeback – $16.8 Million

  • A Glorious Cricketing Past: The West Indies Cricket Board, born in 1902 with its headquarters in St. John’s, Antigua, has a glorious cricketing past.
  • Soccer’s Shadow and Cricket’s Resurgence: However, the emergence of soccer cast a shadow on cricket in the Caribbean. But the emergence of new stars like Andre Russell has reignited the cricketing spirit.
  • Caribbean Premier League: A Game-Changer – The introduction of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) in 2013 sparked a financial resurgence. Their current net worth stands at $16.8 million, equivalent to ₹140 Crore Rupees.
  • Diverse Sponsorship: The Backbone – Major sponsors like the Bank of Nova Scotia, BLK, Sandals Resorts, JetBlue Airways Corporation, Blue Waters T&T, and the Beltway Group have contributed to their financial stability.

New Zealand Cricket: Equality and Innovation – $30 Million

  • A Pioneer in Gender Pay Equality: New Zealand Cricket, established in 1894 with its headquarters in Christchurch, is a pioneer in gender pay equality.
  • Innovative Revenue Generation: Their revenue generation strategy revolves around selling broadcast rights for home games and international competitions, including the World Cup.
  • A Wealth of $30 Million: With a wealth of $30 million, equivalent to ₹200 Crore Rupees, New Zealand Cricket stands strong, both in terms of finance and values.

Cricket South Africa: The Power of Television – $79 Million

  • Established in 1991: Cricket South Africa, established in 1991 with its headquarters in Johannesburg, is a powerhouse in cricket.
  • Television Rights: The Key to Success – Television rights have been their main source of revenue, keeping them financially robust.
  • An Impressive Net Worth: Their impressive net worth of $79 million, equivalent to ₹653 Crore Rupees, speaks to their financial strength.
  • Diverse Sponsorship: Major sponsors, including Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, Momentum, and others, have been vital in supporting South African cricket.

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Bangladesh Cricket Board: An Emerging Giant – $116 Million

  • Established in 1972: The Bangladesh Cricket Board, founded in 1972 with its headquarters in Dhaka, is an emerging giant in cricket.
  • Remarkable Growth: In recent years, they’ve witnessed remarkable growth, allowing their net worth to reach $116 million, equivalent to ₹959 Crores Rupee.
  • A Multifaceted Revenue Stream: Their board’s revenue streams are diverse, including the Bangladesh Premier League, TV rights, and sponsorships.

Pakistan Cricket Board: Challenges and Steady Growth – $117 Million

  • Established in 1949: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), established in 1949 with its headquarters in Lahore, has faced its share of challenges.
  • Financial Stability Amidst Challenges: Despite challenges related to security and moving home games to Dubai, PCB remains financially stable.
  • A Net Worth of $117 Million: With a net worth of $117 million US Dollars, which is around ₹969 Crore Rupees, PCB continues to thrive.
  • Major Sponsors: Pepsi, United Bank Limited, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, and Cool & Cool are among their major sponsors.

England and Wales Cricket Board: Historic Triumph – $309 Million

  • Established in 1897: The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), established in 1897 with its headquarters in London, secured a historic triumph in 2019.
  • A Net Worth of $309 Million: Their net worth stands at $309 million, equivalent to ₹2554 Crore Rupees, making them the third richest cricket board globally.
  • An Array of Sponsors: Sponsors like National Westminster Bank (NatWest), Kia Motors Corporation, and others have played a crucial role in their financial success.

Cricket Australia: A Cricketing Nation’s Pride – $412 Million

  • Established in 1905: Cricket Australia, founded in 1905 and headquartered in Melbourne, holds the second spot with a net worth of $412 million.
  • A Game-Changing Broadcast Deal: They scored a massive broadcast deal with Fox Sports, boosting their wealth significantly.
  • Net Worth of $412 Million: Cricket Australia boasts a net worth of $412 million, equivalent to ₹3400 Crore Rupees, and their success is a source of national pride.

Board of Control for Cricket in India: The Unrivaled Champion – $2.25 Billion

  • Established in 1928: The Board of Control for Cricket In India (BCCI), established in 1928, finds its headquarters at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.
  • IPL: A Game-Changer: The Indian Premier League (IPL), launched in 2008, was a game-changer. In 2022, BCCI sold IPL rights for ₹48,390 Crore Rupees, setting records.
  • BCCI: The Undisputed Leader: With a net worth of $2.25 billion, equivalent to ₹18,600 crore Rupees, BCCI continues to lead as the undisputed leader among the richest cricket boards worldwide.

Is BCCI Richer than FIFA?

A Comparison of Financial Might While BCCI generated over $80.67 million in 2022, FIFA managed an astonishing $7.5 billion during its most recent World Cup. FIFA operates on a much larger scale, benefiting from a broader fan base and diverse revenue sources.

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Cricketing Wealth and Success

In 2023, the Board of Control for Cricket In India (BCCI) stands as the richest cricket board with a staggering net worth of $2.25 billion. Their unique revenue generation methods, including stadium advertising and the immense popularity of cricket in India, set them apart in the cricketing world.

But financial success is not limited to BCCI alone. Other cricket boards, such as Cricket Australia and England and Wales Cricket Board, have found their own paths to prosperity through innovative approaches and significant sponsorship deals. These boards are more than just financial entities; they are the lifeblood of a sport that unites and captivates people worldwide.

Cricket’s power to bring people together is unparalleled, and as these cricket boards navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern era, their financial success ensures that the game of cricket thrives and continues to capture the hearts and minds of people across the globe.


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