Who doesn’t get excited during IPL matches? IPL is a carnival of excitement where cricket meets spectacle. The first six overs leave the enthusiastic crowd cheering joyously, creating a beautiful mayhem of celebration. Powerplay represents the heart of T20 cricket, a captivating fusion of raw power and strategic planning. Today, we celebrate the top scorers in IPL powerplay history, the teams who turned these first six overs into their highlight reels. The powerplay has been the most exciting occasion for batters to record spectacular and game-changing scores since the IPL was first held in 2008. Let’s examine the tactics, remarkable plays, and risk-taking moves that contributed to these popular overs in the  IPL matches.

What is Powerplay in IPL?

The powerplay in the IPL denotes the initial six overs for both innings where the fielding team encounters constraints. Two fielders are the maximum permitted outside the 30-yard circle during this span. The batting team benefits significantly from this provision, which allows them to score freely and construct a robust foundation for their innings. In a cricket match, Powerplay offers the greatest advantage, particularly for the batsmen.

List of Top 10 Powerplay Scores in IPL History

Here are the top 10 powerplay scores in the history of IPL:

TeamPowerplay ScoreOppositionYear
Kolkata Knight Riders105/0Royal Challenger Bangalore2017
Chennai Super Kings100/2Punjab Kings2014
Chennai Super Kings90/0Mumbai Indians2015
Kochi Tuskers Kerala87/2Rajasthan Royals2011
Punjab Kings86/1Sunrisers Hyderabad2014
Rajasthan Royals85/1Sunrisers Hyderabad2023
Mumbai Indians84/0Delhi Capitals2018
Deccan Chargers84/1Delhi Capitals2009
Sunrisers Hyderabad83/1Mumbai Indians2021
Delhi Capitals81/0Punjab Kings2022

#1: KKR’s 105/0 Rampage (vs RCB, IPL 2017)

At the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru in 2014, Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine from Kolkata Knight Riders showcased their exceptional batting skills against Royal Challengers Bangalore. With his explosive bat swing, Lynn, the Universe Boss, proved that he truly deserved his nickname. He launched the ball into orbit with effortless power, treating the bowlers with disdain. The surprise came from Narine, the mystery spinner usually associated with bamboozling deliveries. He surprised everyone with his clean hitting, finding the gaps with precision and punishing anything loose. At the end of the powerplay, the scoreboard showed an overpowering 105 runs, leaving the RCB bowlers stunned. A dominant Powerplay performance propelled KKR to a comfortable victory.

#2: Calculated Aggression – CSK’s Powerplay Powerhouses (100/2 vs KXIP, IPL 2014)

The Chennai Super Kings have a strong reputation for their daring and well-planned play thanks to MS Dhoni’s leadership. This proved obvious during the 2014 Indian Premier League match between CSK and Punjab Kings (formerly known as Kings XI Punjab). Brendon McCullum, the unpredictable Kiwi opener, quickly grabbed control of the match. He effortlessly carved boundaries through the cover region, and fearlessly launched sixes over the long-on boundary, leaving the bowlers feeling helpless. Alongside him was Faf du Plessis, who played the role of the steady anchor with grace, ensuring a steady flow of runs while McCullum wreaked havoc. Suresh Raina carried on the attack even after McCullum left, securing CSK’s supremacy. This early assault set the stage for an enormous total of 206 runs, marking a watershed in the history of IPL.

#3: 90/0 Blitz! CSK Reloaded (vs MI, IPL 2015)

CSK’s dominance in the Powerplay extends beyond just one instance. During the 2015 season, they faced off against their long-standing adversaries, the Mumbai Indians. This time around, an unconventional coalition of Dwayne Bravo and Brendon McCullum took the limelight and surprised the crowd. While Malcolm boasted his batting prowess, Bravo, known more for his all-rounding skills, stunned everyone with his clean hitting. He played some audacious shots, dispatching anything even remotely resembling a loose delivery to the boundary. McCullum, back for another round of mayhem, continued his power-hitting masterclass. The pair stitched together a quickfire 90-run partnership before the strategic timeout, putting immense pressure on the usually disciplined Mumbai bowling attack. Though CSK’s innings eventually faltered a bit, they still managed to post a competitive 161 runs, which their bowling attack successfully defended.

#4. Vintage McCullum & Jayawardene: A Nostalgic Powerplay (87/2 vs RR, IPL 2011)

The list doesn’t cease there. The IPL has witnessed several other explosive batting displays in the powerplay. In IPL Match Number 2011, Brendon McCullum and Mahela Jayawardene of Kochi Tuskers Kerala gutted Rajasthan Royals’ confidence right at the start by amassing an impressive 87 runs during the powerplay.

#5. KXIP Rockets Their Way Up (86/1 vs SRH, IPL 2014)

Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings), who have yet to be as consistent as some teams, have had their share of brilliant moments, and their electrifying start against Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL NUM0 was a clear demonstration of their potential. Remember the invigorating mood at the stadium intensified as Shaun Marsh of Australia began his aggressive onslaught against the SRH bowlers from the opening ball? He launched back-to-back sixes over long-on with a nonchalant flick of the wrist, dispatching anything short to the boundary with a booming drive. 

#6. Royalty Score of Rajasthan Royals (85/1 vs SRH, IPL 2023)

Rajasthan Royals captured the eager hearts of the audience by initiating the fire of powerplay by racking up a ginormous 85 runs against Sunrisers Hyderabad. This was possible due to Jos Buttler’s phenomenal opening partnership with Yashsavi Jaiswal. Their combative batting with boundaries galore kickstarted an awesome match, leading the team to win with 205 runs during IPL 2023.

#7. Mumbai Muscle: Rohit & Dhawan Light Up the Wankhede (84/0 vs DD, IPL 2018)

The Mumbai Indians’ openers, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, made full use of the stadium’s fervent supporters and its picture-perfect pitch for batsmen in the 2018 Indian Premier League as they outplayed the Delhi Daredevils (now the Delhi Capitals) in the Powerplay. Together, they presented a masterclass in the opening partnership of batting, building a strong foundation for their team’s total. There were no boundaries out of reach for Rohit, while Dhawan played the role of the perfect foil, rotating the strike and ensuring a steady flow of runs. They navigated the Powerplay unscathed, reaching a commendable 84 runs – a total that put immense pressure on the Delhi bowlers from the get-go. 

#8. Deccan Chargers Unleash the Orange Army (84/1 vs DD, IPL 2008)

Remember Deccan Charges? Yes, we’re talking about them! The now-defunct Deccan Chargers team showed off their power against the Delhi Daredevils during the 2008 IPL season. They racked up 84 runs in the Powerplay, spearheaded by Adam Gilchrist and Herschelle Gibbs, providing a solid foundation for their victory. Unfortunately, they lost but their aggressive batting style set the mood and tone during the whole IPL match.

#9. Sunrisers Hyderabad Roar Back: Warner & Dhawan at it Again (83/1 vs MI, IPL 2014)

The Sunrisers Hyderabad has always boasted a powerful batting streak under the guidance and training of David Awarner. In the first Powerplay of the 2014 Indian Premier League, David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan—a frequent opening combination for Sunrisers Hyderabad and Team India—showed off their robust batting mastery. Alongside him was Shikhar Dhawan, who played some sublime strokes through the covers and midwicket. The duo combined power and finesse, punishing anything loose and building a strong foundation for their team. Though they lost one wicket within the Powerplay, they still managed to reach a commendable 83 runs. This quickfire start set the tone for a competitive chase, which SRH eventually pulled off in a nail-biting finish.

#10. Delhi Capitals Fight Back: Dhawan & Shaw Light Up the Feroz Shah Kotla (81/0 vs KKR, IPL 2021)

IPL 2021 recorded a massive dominance by Delhi Capitals against KKR at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. The affiliation between Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw landed a whopping 81 runs in the powerplay. The duo shared experience and aggression, setting the stage on fire with a convincing victory, celebrating and highlighting DC’s batting prowess.


Indian Premier League has witnessed so many powerplay matches in its not-so-old history, each enriching its tapestry of cricketing excellence. As the Indian supporters of IPL matches grow in size and power, powerplay remains one of the main awaited moments of the matches. If you’re wondering where to watch IPL 2024 matches, we suggest Kheloo.com. Kheloo is an online sports betting platform where you can watch live IPL matches as well as place bets on your favorite team. Click here to know more.


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