CSK! The best ever in IPL! Did you know they are the champions who won the IPL for a whopping five times? But even the best can fail. Sometimes CSK doesn’t score many runs. Let’s see the 10 times CSK scored the least runs ever!

Super Low Score in Mumbai (79 vs. MI, 2013):

Imagine this: Big test, no study! That was how the CSK batting first against Mumbai Indians (MI) in 2013 at Wankhede Stadium. They only scored 79 runs! Mitchell Johnson bowled really well (3 wickets, 27 runs). Rohit Sharma from MI scored easily (39 runs) and MI won by a lot (60 runs). CSK batting went oops big time!

Deja Vu Mumbai (97/10 vs. MI, 2022):

Ever had a nightmare replay in real life? Well, that’s exactly what happened to CSK in 2022! Same opponent (MI), same venue (Wankhede Stadium), and another sub-100 score (this time 97). The architect of their downfall this time? Talk about stingy! Chasing a score that even a local cricket club could manage, Mumbai Indians strolled to victory like royalty on a cakewalk. They won by a whopping 5 wickets with overs to spare! Yikes! Looks like Chennai is in for a rough patch!

Sohail Tanvir’s Massacre (109/10 vs. RR, 2008):

Back in the IPL’s early days (2008), bowlers were still figuring things out. Enter Sohail Tanvir of Rajasthan Royals. He wasn’t there to play guessing games. At the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Tanvir unleashed bowling fury, taking an incredible 6 wickets for just 14 runs – a record at that time! A paltry 109 runs on the board for CSK was a mere formality for RR, who chased it down in just 14.2 overs, losing only 2 wickets. Talk about a bowling masterclass!

This is just a glimpse into the times CSK’s batting forgot its mojo. Stay tuned for more cricketing drama as we explore the rest of their lowest scores!

109 All Out? Yikes! (vs Mumbai Indians, 2019)

Imagine Chepauk, their fortress, their den. Now imagine a measly 109. That’s what happened in 2019 against Mumbai! Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai captain, blazed a fiery trail with 67 runs. Chasing a mere 156 felt like a cakewalk, but CSK crumbled like stale cookies. Lasith Malinga, the Sri Lankan slinga, wreaked havoc, taking a whopping 4 wickets for a song – just 37 runs! Woof!

A Modest 110? Not Enough! (vs Delhi Daredevils [Now Capitals], 2012)

Delhi, another battleground. 2012, a different year, a different story (but still a low score!). CSK could only muster a meager 110 runs, like a plate with barely enough for a sparrow. None of their batsmen could find their rhythm, leaving a target so low it felt like a dare. Guess what? Delhi strolled home, losing just 2 wickets! Kevin Pietersen, the English maestro played and got 43 unbeaten runs. 

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Hope Ruined! (vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2008)

Let us go Back to Chepauk during the year of 2008. This time their challenge came from none other than the Royal Challengers Bangalore. They set a target that wasn’t Mount Everest – a decent 126 runs. CSK bowlers, with Albie Morkel leading the charge with 4 wickets, kept things tight. The chase started well – Parthiv Patel and Stephen Fleming, the opening duo, built a dream partnership of 60 runs. But then, disaster! The middle order went MIA, wickets tumbled like dominoes, and CSK ended 14 runs short, scoring only 112. The architect of their downfall? The legendary Anil Kumble happened to take 3 wickets for a small 14 runs. 

Top 10 Lowest in the IPL

ScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch Date
7915.25.152MIWankhede5 May 2013
9716.06.061MIWankhede12 May 2022
10919.05.731RRJaipur4 May 2008
10917.46.162MIChennai26 Apr 2019
110/820.05.51DaredevilsDelhi10 Apr 2012
112/820.05.62RCBChennai21 May 2008
112/920.05.61DaredevilsChennai15 Apr 2010
11219.55.641MIChennai4 Apr 2012
114/420.05.71KKREden Gardens7 May 2011
114/920.05.71MISharjah23 Oct 2020

CSK Batting Blues: When the Yellow Solders Forget How to Whack!

Wowzers! Imagine the Chennai Super Kings, the IPL’s batting champs, suddenly forgetting how to even whack a ball! Believe it or not, even these superstars have had some real stinkers, scoring peanuts. Let’s peek at some IPL matches where CSK’s batsmen just couldn’t whack a single out of the park!

2010 vs Delhi Daredevils (Chennai): Chennai, their home ground, turned into a real bummer for CSK! They won the coin and batting first seemed like a sure win. But guess what? Their batsmen fell faster than flies on rotten mangoes, leaving them with a measly 112 after 20 overs. Ashish Nehra from Delhi bowled like a man possessed, taking 3 wickets and leaving CSK’s batsmen looking silly. CSK’s bowlers fought real hard, but Gautam Gambhir, the leader of the Delhi team, wouldn’t be stopped. He scored a cool 57 runs, and Delhi chased down the score in a flash, with wickets and overs to spare!

Same Same But Different! 2012 vs Mumbai Indians (Chennai): Two years later, same place, same story! This time, it was the opening match of the season. It seemed like CSK’s batsmen forgot how to even hold a bat! They were all out for a teeny tiny 112 again, this time in even less than 20 overs. The only batsman who wasn’t completely lost was Suresh Raina, who scored a decent 36 runs. Mumbai Indians, in reply, chased down the target like it was child’s play, thanks to a blazing 50 from Richard Levi.

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CSK Stumbles: Rain, Thrashing, and Comeback on the Horizon?

Rain Plays Spoilsport for Chennai’s Chase!

Bad luck struck Chennai Super Kings (CSK) like lightning in their first match! They scored a so-so 114 runs, alright but not brilliant. Then, bam! Rain poured down like crazy, stopping Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in their tracks. KKR were going strong at 61 runs with only 2 wickets down after 10 overs, imagine that! But a confusing math thingy called Duckworth-Lewis said KKR won by 10 runs! Talk about wacky!

Mumbai Maulls Chennai in Faraway Land!

Wait a minute, cricket fans! This next match wasn’t even in Chennai! It happened in a faraway place called Sharjah. But guess what? CSK’s batting forgot to travel well! They only managed a measly 114 runs again, this time losing a whopping 9 wickets! Ouch!

Mumbai Indians’ bowler, Trent Boult, was a superstar! He grabbed 4 wickets and only gave up a teeny tiny 18 runs. How cool is that? Chasing Chennai’s score was a walk in the park for Mumbai. Their openers, Ishan Kishan and Quinton de Kock, hammered CSK’s bowling like hungry kids at a candy store. They won super easily by 10 wickets with lots of time left!

Even Champions Lose Sometimes!

Hey, even the best teams mess up sometimes! That’s what makes sports fun, right? These losses are like lessons to help them win later. CSK is known for coming back strong in the IPL. Will they do it again? We don’t know yet, but one thing’s for sure – their fans are super excited to see them win again!


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