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Teen Patti sequence is one of the important parts of Teen Patti a Card game played mostly in South Asian regions of India and Pakistan, this sequence is also called the Teen Patti order or Teen Patti Hand ranking.

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The game that comes to our mind is the British game called Three Card Brag. This also said to hold resemblance with the American game of Poker. The game is played using a regular 52 deck of cards. This is enjoyed by 3 to 6 players simultaneously.

It has a simple objective- to produce the best-ranking hand amongst all the gamers sitting at the table. Game applies Teen Patti ranking to declare winner. It is this Ranking System used to compare the strength of different hands.

In it have different types of sequence and each is subject to respective rules and circumstances. In order to actually win the game, players have to grasp the ranking system that they must learn and memorize.

Remember, the ranking of cards in Teen Patti is quite different than other similar card games like Poker and Three Card Brag. They will never understand the system, and all they will do is die of a thousand cuts trying to figure out what works.

Here is more about the 3 Patti sequence and its types of hands in order of their rankings. You can also know some of the tricks and techniques so that you can win at card games and with the help of which you can understand too.

If you are new to Teen Patti, you should always know the order of 3 Patti when you are going to play this card game.

What Is Teen Patti Sequence And Where Does It Stand?

Teen Patti sequence: Three cards that are played together and which forms a hand which ultimately decides whether the player holding these cards will win the round or lose it.

Types of Sequences in Teen Patti

There are basically two types of sequences in the card game of Teen Patti i. e. pure and impure.

A pure sequence includes three consecutive cards. In the same suit (say for example 3-4-5 of Diamonds). An impure sequence includes three cards of consecutive values. But different suits (for example 3H-4D-5S)

Impure line – inferior in strength to a pure sequence, yet ranked higher of other 3 Patti sequence list possess the same significance as impure line.

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Ideally, having a pure sequence is an advantage in Teen Patti as this increases the possibility of having a higher-rated hand. If possible then you have a hand in which you are thinking about the hold to be pure sequence, go for that in the first place.

While saying it, you should also keep in mind that pure sequences are not the only way to win at Teen Patti. In case you must be ignorant about the strengths and weaknesses of impure hand – the key to becoming a teen patti master is to understand the teen patti hands and how they relate to how the game evolves.

The Significance of Sequences in Teen Patti Game

The purpose of Teen Patti is to have the best three-card hand. This can be done only through sequences (both pure and impure). The importance of sequences in the Teen Patti card game cannot be denied.

Sequences in Teen Patti have two possibilities — pure and impure. A pure sequence is defined as three cards of consecutive values of the same suit, whereas an impure sequence is a group of three consecutive cards from different suits.

Impure sequence is least strong than pure sequence. But a non-pure sequence of high-value cards is superior to a non-pure sequence including low-value cards.

Therefore, both clean and dirty sequences are good hands in the game of this type. This way, you know the weakest to the strongest hand and sequence that you can make the best hand.

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How 3 Patti Sequence varies from one format to another

To understand the rules of 3 Patti sequence better, you should know the different hands that are there in the game. Here they are –

Set, also known as Trail or Trio

Straight Flush

Sequence / Straight



High Card

If you have tried your hand in Poker, you would recognise a few rules pertaining to hands in Poker which are also used in Teen Patti. But one significant change you will observe with this version is that the game uses only three cards and not five like in Poker.

In the never ending chain of rankings of cards, in which you will everlastingly be wrong, the highest of the cards will be A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

While hand rankings are seen highlighted below –

Three matching cards – for example three 9s;-

Straight flush (all three cards being in the sequence and of the same suit)

Straight (three cards are in sequence but not the same suit)

If not in a series, then they are counted if the cards belong to the same set (this is a flush).

Two out of three same rank cards

High Card (high card is when the cards are in none of the above categories)

The three cards are dealt face down to each player. Game continues with the betting, where players can bet or fold. Continuing clockwise should they decide to bet, the three players will either call the bet or raise it.

The game goes on until every member of the play has folded or else set an exactly same about of highest stake. After the betting is over, each player is forced to open their four cards and the player with the best hand wins the pot.

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Types of Teen Patti Sequence

It is important to know the different sequence of hands in Teen Patti while playing the game. It is an essential part of the card game because it dictates how good a player’s hand is.

Continue reading to know all types of sequences

Trail, Set or Trio:

Trail: Three of a kind is the highest sequence in 3 patti. It consists of three cards that have the same rank. For instance, a triplet is composed of three Aces or three Kings. In the case where two or more players have the same trio, the player with the highest-value trio wins.

Straight Flush:

A straight flush consists of three cards of the exact same suit in consecutive order. In other words, the hands 7S, 8S, 9S together is an example a Straight Flush. If players tie, whoever has the best Straight Flush is the winner.


In Poker, a Straight consists of three cards in sequence, but not necessarily in order – three 4s, 5s, and 6s are still a Straight even if they don’t go in order from left to right. A Straight, for example, 4H, 5C, 6D Tie breaker: When in case of Straight, it is the player with highest Card in Straight that wins


Flush – formed from three cards of the same suit, no matter their rank. E.g., a 2D 7D and 10D is a Flush. If there is a tie, the highest card in the Flush wins


An example of a Pair is two 7s and the third card of any rank. A Pair: Like two Jacks and a 5. If tied, the player with the highest Pair wins

High Card:

If you have none of the above sequences, then the strength of your hand is the highest Card in your hand. For example, if a player has a Queen, 8 and 2, their hand would be determined by the Queen.

Teen Patti 2-3-5 and 7 Sequence – Can You Win the Game with 2-3-5?

The hand with 2 3 5 in 3 Patti makes none of 6 combinations mentioned above. Therefore it will amount to High Card hand, in which the hand strength is determined by the highest Card in the hand. It is, in this scenario, a 5 – the highest Card in the hand.

Note- remember in Teen Patti, hand strength is decided by 1st sequence followed by probability to get better hand than others.

Thus even though a 2, 3, and 5 appears less of a long shot against six than against 11, winning after playing cards may be possible because even worse hands may have been played by the other participants. But in a game like Teen Patti, it will rarely win you the round.

Teen Patti Highest Sequence

The biggest sequence in 3 patti is recognised as Trail or Trio An example of this is 3 of a kind which is 3 cards of the same rank. A Trio, for example, can include three Aces or three Jacks.

Its classic card game: it chances to Trio is in fact less than other sequences. Do note that even if you have a Trio, you can still lose and win sometimes, as a bigger Trio can beat smaller-ranked Trio E.g. Three jacks will always lose to a trio of kings.

Pro tips to make the Highest Sequence in Teen Patti

Understanding the Sequence rules and hierarchies

A Pre-requisite to start playing Teen Patti, you must know the game rules and the sequence of hierarchy of the game. If you learn about the various sequences and how strong they are, you can make good decisions whilst doing well in the game.

Patience is key:

Teen Patti:- For playing one of the best strategies game. Therefore it is better that you wait for a decent hand to play. Avoid playing nearly every weak and strong hand Just fold and wait for another much better hand

Keep emotions in check:

Do not let yourself get caught up in a winning streak. Likewise, however, despair during downswings is unnecessary. Any emotion you demonstrate to your opponents will let them know what you are up to and encourage them to manipulate you

Play smaller bets:

When you are new to the game, you should use this strategy. Playing Mobile Slots:

 Advantages of Small Bets You make a great variety of bets and you can always manage your bankroll properly. Once you get the hang of the game you can slowly raise the stakes on bets

Practice Regularly:

In the end, the more you practice, the better skill you will have in Teen Patti. Having at least a basic knowledge of each hero will help; you will also pick up on things that the game’s many heroes can do by playing enough games, so play as often as you can with friends or online to get a feel for the regular strategies your opponents will try to follow.

If Two Players Have a Similar Sequence, How is a Game Decided?

If two players, in 3 Patti online, have the same set, the player with the highest sequence wins the hand. Being obvious, it is very important that you recognise the playing cards that rank the following, in descending order.

Trio (three-of-a-kind)

Flush (three consecutive cards of the same suit)

Run/Normal (three in sequence, not of the same kind)

Three of a Kind (same colour)

Two (pair or triplet)

High Card – the highest single Card

Accordingly, if two players have matching patterns, the player with the highest-ranking cards in their hand will take the game. The pot is then split in half between the two players. 9.

Chances of getting Teen Patti Hands

The probability of getting a certain hand in Teen Patti is determined by several factors. This includes the number of players. Also the number of cards dealt. Also the variant of Teen Patti game being played (e.g. whether or not there are jokers in the deck).

A typical game of Teen Patti played with a 52-card deck. There are no jokers employs the following probabilities of hands:

Trio/Trail/Set: 0.24%

Straight Flush: 0.22%

Sequence/Straight: 3.26%

Colour: 4.96%

Pair: 16.94%

High Card: 74.39%

Note: that the more valuable the hand, the lower the probability of obtaining the hand. It is easier to get a Hand like High Card or Pair, and lest likely to get a Hand like Straight Flush or Trio.

Those percentages are based on the cards being dealt randomly and without replacements. The above only references theoretical odds in one possible format and the real chances of a certain hand in 3 Patti may vary due to different reasons such as players’ level of competence and exact 3 Patti rules followed.

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