Pretty damn cool right? Women are just so upfront about change. Be it taking on the corporate world or dominating the cricket field wearing the national colours, they always lead from the front.

In terms of cricket, however, Indian women’s cricket has seen massive change from what it once was during the previous decades. A sport that was but an afterthought in the shadow of its male counterpart, the best it has ever been and maybe ever will be. The fierce and fabulous Indian women cricketers, also known as the “Women in Blue”, not only win our respect but they also succeed in paving their path to our hearts by their magnificent achievements. These celebrities have not just influenced generations but have also benchmarked a few benchmarks.

Well, why don’t we take a look at the fantastic careers of some of the greatest Women in Indian Cricket… Today, we are highlighting their groundbreaking achievements and incredible journeys.

Let’s take a look…

Mithali Raj

The Ice Queen with Golden Touch Women Cricket has a superstar and guess, what she is as cool as cucumber when she is under pressure: Mithali Raj!!! Featuring in the Indian jersey at only 16, this batting wizard was born on December 3rd, 1982 in Jodhpur. She quick rise to prominence has made her one of the most reliable run-scorers of the world, ever! Mithali’s contribution to Indian cricket is huge — no doubt about that. Even against the marvellous Ellyse Perry from Australia (who has over 6,000 ODI runs!), still. 

Mithali, on the other hand, goes on easy and scores hundreds, motivating young girls till date. The way guest can build the innings and plays moves, he never get nervous at all which we can learn from her, she is role model for future cricketers. Mithali captained the Indian team which ended runners-up in the 2005 World Cup and made the semifinals in 2017. This immense passion combined with here awesome skills carved the way for a whole new generation of women cricketers in India. 

Shubhangi Kulkarni

Shubhangi Kulkarni is a legendary cricketer, not only on the field but also off the field Shubhangi Kulkarni, popularly known as “Dayamba” to her close friends is the second Nepali cricketer to have played in the special invitational tournament after Jyoti Pandey who was part of the event in 2004. Shubhangi Dates of birth/Pune 1 February, 1962 Actress (Superstar of 80s and 90s)

A southpaw, Romell added value with the bat and was a good wicketkeeper too. She was the captain when India reached the semifinals of the first ever Women’s World Cup in 1978. Those important runs she scored there and then, it came in handy for India in that quite memorable tournament.

 Shubhangi turned a big-time official in women’s cricket after he retired. In fact, she was also secretary of the Women’s Cricket Association of India (WCAI) and that speaks volume for what she has done for the game in the country.

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Purnima Basu: The Left-Handed Heroine

Purnima Basu, a champion whose name rings loud in cricket history, was the batting queen who steered Indian women’s cricket through its growing pains. Born in Hyderabad in 1971, this southpaw was a batting genius – a lefty swashbuckler who could pile on runs and confuse batters with her tricky off-spin bowling. Throughout the 1990s, she was the anchor, the steady hand in the middle of the Indian batting order.

Remember the 1997 World Cup on home turf? Purnima became India’s top run-scorer, her bat a scoring frenzy that powered the team all the way to the finals against Australia! That was a match that had everyone on the edge of their seats, a true nail-biter!

But Purnima’s influence wasn’t just on the field. After retiring as a player, she became a coach and a selector. Her cricketing brain was a treasure chest of knowledge, and she used it to train young talents and guide them to victory. Under her watchful eye, Indian women’s cricket blossomed, taking massive leaps forward.

Neetu David: 

Neetu David, a name that sends shivers down spines, was a left-arm spin sorceress born in Varanasi in 1975. Debuting in 1995, she spun her way into legend status. Her superpower? Making the ball talk on any pitch, leaving batters befuddled, especially in the long game – Test matches.

And guess what? She’s the undisputed queen of spin bowling in Tests! An incredible 8 wickets for a measly 53 runs against England – that’s a record that still holds strong! Now that’s some serious magic with the ball!

Neetu’s influence wasn’t confined to the field. As the head of the women’s selection committee, her hawk eyes spotted hidden gems who would later become the shining stars of Indian cricket. Her dedication to the game and her role in shaping the future of women’s cricket are truly awe-inspiring.

Anjum Chopra: 

Wow! Anjum Chopra is a veteran name in women’s international cricket in India. This legendary batsman, hailing from Pune in 1977, made his debut in 1995 and went on to rule the cricketing field of India. A lefty who danced his way to the crease, Anjum was among India’s wins during the early part of the 2000s. Did you know? Anjum is the history-maker – the first Indian female to get a hundred in Test match cricket! Furthermore, she was in the 2005 World Cup finals, even cooler. And today, she lies crusade for the game, in the commentary box enlightening the world with her cricket knowledge, helping the game to transcend new limits in the women’s version of the game.

Jhulan Goswami: The Usain Bolt Of Fast Bowling

 Jhulan Goswami- The nightmare of the batters. She had burst onto the scene in sensational fashion in 2002 as a 17-year-old, and fast bowling in Indian women’s cricket was heard of before all that yard work over hours and hours she bowls up an absolute storm, fast and furious, batters standing to attention like popcorn! That is why she stays one of the busiest of the Indian bowlers in ODIs and T20Is 1st and 2nd respectively.

She has been honoured with various awards for all these service, including the Padma Shri, you remember the world cup finals 2007 don’t you? Once again, Jhulan led India’s bowling attack like a boss! To this day, this speeding demon motivates young Indian bowlers to the dreams of their own.

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Shikha Pandey: 

Who’s hot in Indian women’s cricket? Shikha Pandey, that’s who! This all-rounder is having a phenomenal season, and guess what? This is only her third international match! Captain Mithali Raj is super pumped for Shikha to shine even brighter in the next match at the fancy new stadium in Eckeless, near Ashburton. Shikha’s a whiz with the ball, bowling fast-medium and making batters look silly. She’s like a secret weapon for India, born in 1989 (May 12th) in Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh. Back in 2014, she first rocked the international scene for India. But Shikha’s not a one-trick pony! This bowling wonder can swing the ball both ways, leaving batters confused and wickets tumbling. Remember the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup? Shikha totally crushed it, becoming India’s top wicket-taker – what a champion! Cricket isn’t just a game for Shikha, though. She’s a superhero for young girls in India, fighting for women’s cricket to grow bigger and stronger!

Veda Krishnamurthy: 

Move over bowlers, here comes Veda Krishnamurthy! This middle-order batter hits the ball like a rocket! Born in Chikmagalur, Karnataka (October 16th, 1992), Veda joined the Indian team in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Fearless batting is her middle name! When Veda’s at the crease, runs fly off the bat, keeping India’s scoreboard ticking in the middle overs. Remember the intense 2017 Women’s World Cup semifinal against Australia? Veda’s incredible 45 runs were like a magic spell, helping India reach the finals! But Veda’s a super-athlete too! In the field, she takes mind-blowing catches that defy gravity, and her lightning-fast run-outs leave batters speechless. Veda’s a complete package – a power hitter, a fielding champ, and a valuable asset for Team India!

Smriti Mandhana: Queen of the Big Runs

Your everyday cricket player is not Smriti Mandhana. No flashy footwork here, this lefty stuns bowling attacks with brute force – She almost looks like a superhero with a cricket bat! She is known as “Smriti the Smasher” as she literally hits the balls out of the park. But wait, there’s more! And she is incredibly graceful on the field, a dancer.

Joining the Indian team in 2013, she’s become a superstar in both one-day and short games. In 2018, she did something amazing – she was the first Indian woman to score a whopping hundred runs in a super-short game! Her skills travel the world – she shines in other countries’ leagues too, proving she’s the best batter anywhere.

Harmanpreet Kaur: Fearless Fireball

Harmanpreet Kaur isn’t just a cricket player, she’s a whole explosion! This all-rounder hits boundaries like a rocket with her right hand, and then spins a tricky ball that confuses batters. Imagine bowling to a dragon that throws fireballs! Debuting in 2009, she’s become a giant of Indian women’s cricket. Everyone remembers her legendary 171 runs against Australia in the World Cup – a knock so good it changed the game forever! Fearless and super-aggressive, Harmanpreet loves pressure – it makes her play even better! As the captain of the Indian short-game team, she’s not just a boss, she’s an inspiration. She tells young players to be brave and play with all their heart!


Women’s cricket in India is a story of sheer sacrifice and discipline, all credit to these legendary players. They’ve more or less carved their own niche in the game, and believe me, that’s no mean feat.

Oh, and the captains — you know they are the true orchestrators of this powerhouse team. Nothing can be said about their endless analysis of sculpting this team a great contender. These contributing men and women finally need to be shown the respect they deserve.

The thing about their success, though, is that it goes beyond them and their trophies and their fame on the international stage. In doing so, they have ignited hope in the hearts of many young girls to pursue their crickety ambitions. Now that is cementing a legacy isn’t it!


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