Guess who’s the new big cheese in cricket? Yep, Amul, India’s famed dairy giant, just snagged the lead sponsor spot for both the USA and South African teams in the upcoming T20 World Cup this June! Cricket fans, brace yourselves for a milky good time!

USA Swings for the Fences, Amul Cheers Them On!

This year’s T20 World Cup is a history-maker! Not only is it happening in June, but the USA is actually playing for the first time, and guess what? They’re even co-hosting some matches! That’s right, the US of A is getting in on the cricketing action, and Amul is there to celebrate with them. While the big showdowns (semis and finals) will be in the Caribbean islands, the party starts right here in the States!

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Amul Milk: Fueling Dreams 

This sponsorship is a win-win situation. Amul’s already a superstar brand around the world, and their tasty milk is now a hit in the USA too. By backing the home team, they’re sure to score some new fans and maybe even inspire some future cricket legends (who knows, maybe Amul milk builds strong bones for killer bowling!).

Amul’s boss, Mr. Mehta, is very happy! He said Amul Milk will help the American team win. He said Amul is a big fan and wants the USA to win a lot!

More Than Just Curd:

Amul, the big cheese from India, isn’t just about yummy dairy anymore. They just scored a super cool sponsorship deal with the awesome South African cricket team! This is a big win for Amul, adding another trophy to their collection. This sweet partnership makes their friendship with the Proteas even stronger, after working together during the 2019 ODI matches and the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

A Perfect Match: We’ve been friends with South African cricket since way back in 2019,” said a super happy Amul person. “We’re so excited to keep being friends with the Proteas and help them win the T20 World Cup! We know they’re superstars and we totally believe in them!”

Proteas Take Off with Amul: The T20 World Cup, the big cricket party, starts on June 3rd! First up, South Africa plays Sri Lanka. Cricket fans everywhere will see the famous Amul logo on the Proteas’ jerseys, showing off this awesome teamwork! Wins All Around: The South African Cricket people are super stoked about the partnership too. “Amul is like a champion in India,” they said. “Having them as a sponsor is a huge confidence booster for our team. We know that together, we can win big on the cricket field!


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