Craps got you overwhelmed? Forget the buffets and shows for a sec! This guide tackles the confusing world of craps, transforming you from clueless newbie to (maybe) dice-dominating dude. Learn the basics, from classic bets to fancy combos, and discover the secret weapon that lurks behind the dealer counter. With this, you’ll be ready to swagger up to the craps table and potentially emerge victorious!

Craps: From Clueless Newbie to Dice

Ever navigate the casino and get bombarded by enthusiastic yells and celebratory high fives emanating from a giant, oval-shaped table? Want to join the party? Then you got to learn the intricacies of craps. Here’s the surprising kicker: craps is one of the few casino games where you, the player, control the dice! You get to be the star, the dice-wielding champion of chance!

Now, on each glorious dice toss, there are bunches of different ways to place your bets. There’s the classic “Pass Line” and its opponent, the “Don’t Pass” line, but you can also get super fancy with crazy number combinations. This nifty video will equip you with the essential knowledge to swagger up to the craps table with confidence, unleash your inner dice-throwing maestro, and potentially emerge victorious (fingers crossed!). Don’t forget, the dealers are there to answer your questions, so don’t be shy! They’re basically your craps gurus in disguise. Now go forth and conquer that craps table!

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How to play craps in Las Vegas:

The first throw can be tricky! In craps, a seven on the initial “Come Out Roll” is actually a victory for the “Pass Line” bet (the most common one). But here’s a gambler’s superstition: don’t tempt fate by calling out seven at the table!

Feeling left out of the action? Don’t sweat it! The “Come Line” bet lets you create your own mini-craps game, mirroring the Pass Line’s rules. It’s like having a personal dice duel alongside the main event!

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And if Lady Luck graces you with the dice, unleash your inner pitcher! A strong throw that hits the back wall ensures a valid roll. After all, you wouldn’t want any wobbly dice messing with your craps destiny!


Now that you have learned you can strut up to that table like a seasoned pro (almost!). Remember, honing your skills is key. Craps apps exist, after all! Don’t be afraid to tap the dealer’s wisdom – they’re your secret craps weapon. So, go forth and conquer! Feel the rush of the dice and the thrill of the game. But hey, gamble smart, set limits, and have a blast! Good luck!


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