Craps is an exciting casino game with lots of different bets you can make. One special bet that many people don’t know about is called a “hop bet.” It’s like a hidden treasure in the game, not shown clearly on the table.

Let’s dive into the world of hop bets, unravelling their intricacies and potential wins.

What Sets Hop Bets Apart?

Hop bets are like the secret specials of craps. Unlike the common bets on pass, don’t pass, and others, hop bets involve predicting the next roll’s outcome with precision. But how do you order this special dish?

Understanding Hop Bets

When you’re eyeing two specific numbers on the upcoming dice roll, a hop bet is your game. Picture this: you’re craving a 6 on one die and a 4 on the other. Just ask the dealer for a “6-4 on the hop” or “6-4 hopping.”

There are two flavors of hop bets – easy hops and hard hops. Easy hops cover distinct numbers like 4-3 or 5-2, while hard hops involve identical numbers like 6-6 or 3-3. The key difference? Easy hops offer two winning combinations, making them more favorable.

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The Odds and Payoffs

Winning on a hard hop is a one-shot deal, whereas easy hops provide two chances for victory. This distinction is mirrored in the payoffs – 30-1 for hard hops and 15-1 for easy hops.

For instance, betting on 6-4 hopping means you win if the first die is 6 and the second is 4, or vice versa. On the flip side, a 4-4 hop requires both dice to land on 4, making it a riskier move with higher potential rewards.

Hop Totals: A Dicey Adventure

Feeling adventurous? Try betting on the total of the two dice as a one-roll bet. Simply tell the dealer your desired total, and if it lands, you win. Betting on 10 hopping means victory with combinations like 6-4, 4-6, and 5-5.

However, more possibilities mean adjusted payoffs. Betting on 10 hopping is like splitting your wager between 6-4 hopping and 5-5 hopping. The house takes its cut, but with strategic choices, you can navigate these hop totals for maximum returns.

Initiating a Hop Bet

Unlike traditional bets, making a hop bet requires interaction with the dealer. Learn the ropes on how and when to place your chips for this intriguing craps option.

Placing Your Hop Bet

To enter the world of hop bets, strategically place your chips on the layout and communicate your preference to the dealer. Whether it’s 5-3 hopping or 4-2 on the hop, your instructions guide the game.

Timing Matters

While you can engage in hop bets before any roll, making them during the comeout roll is a rare occurrence. Seize the opportunity during the betting period before the shooter takes control of the dice.

Understanding Odds and Percentages

Unravel the intricacies of hop bet odds and percentages, essential knowledge for maximizing your craps experience.

Examining the Odds

With 36 possible rolls of two dice, delve into the odds associated with easy and hard hops. Explore the combinations and grasp the chances of emerging victorious.

  • Easy Hops Odds: 34 ways to lose, 2 ways to win, expressed as 17-1 odds.
  • Hard Hops Odds: 35 ways to lose, 1 way to win, reflected in 35-1 odds.

Evaluating House Edge

Calculate the house edge by considering both the likelihood of winning and the corresponding payoffs.

  • Easy Hops House Edge: Paying 15-1 on true odds of 17-1 results in an 11.11% house edge.

Example: Bet $1 on 36 rolls, winning twice, yields $32 at the end of the trial.

  • Hard Hops House Edge: Offering a 30-1 payoff on true odds of 35-1 leads to a 13.89% house edge.

Example: Bet $1 on 36 rolls, winning once, results in a total of $31 at the end of the trial.

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Strategic Insights

Arm yourself with the knowledge of hop bet dynamics to enhance your craps strategy. Balancing risk and reward, navigate the odds and seize the moments at the craps table.

Assessing House Edges: A Critical Comparison

Discover the intricacies of house edges to unravel the allure of hop bets against more conventional options on the craps table.

Optimal Choices

Check out the craps bets that give you better chances to win. Look into options like pass, come, don’t pass, and don’t come bets. Also, learn how using free odds smartly can help you reduce the chances of losing.

  • Pass and Come Bets: House edges at 1.41%, offering a reliable choice for prudent players.
  • Place Bets on 6 and 8: Checking in at 1.52%, providing a better alternative than the double-digit edges on hop bets.

Understanding Hop Bets

Delve into the specifics of hop bets, drawing parallels to center table propositions and one-roll propositions.

  • Easy Hops Edge: 11.11%, lower than the 16.67% on any 7, making it a tempting yet risky proposition.
  • Hard Hops Edge: 13.89%, akin to the edge on the one-roll any craps proposition.

Identifying the Hop Bettor

Uncover the player profiles that find appeal in hop bets, understanding the motivations behind choosing this high-risk, high-reward strategy.

High-Stakes Thrill-Seekers

Explore the mindset of players seeking a sizable win in a single roll, eschewing the steady gains offered by traditional bets.

Strategic Gamblers

Discover how strategic players occasionally incorporate hop bets to spice up their game during winning sessions, balancing low probability with potential high yields.

Strategic Insights: When to Hop, When to Skip

Glean insights into the strategic use of hop bets within the broader context of craps gameplay.

Quick Wins vs. Long-Term Profit

Navigate the fine line between chasing quick wins and aiming for sustained profitability. Understand that while hop bets offer thrilling moments, sustained success often lies in more conservative strategies.

Bankroll Management

Emphasize the importance of keeping hop bet exposure in check to safeguard your bankroll. Learn how balancing low bets with wagers featuring lower house edges contributes to a more sustainable approach.

Conclusion: Balancing Risk and Reward

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of craps, consider hop bets as a spice rather than the main course. With a keen understanding of house edges and player psychology, you can strategically incorporate hop bets into your gameplay, ensuring a thrilling yet calculated craps experience.


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