What is the Kheloo Bonus Code?

Kheloo, a popular Indian betting platform, lets you rake in cash with exciting bonuses! If you’re on the hunt for kheloo deals, remember: bonus codes and rules are usually hidden at the bottom of their website. Just sign up as a new player and follow kheloo’s guidelines. They offer a variety of bonuses to choose from.

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This page keeps you informed about all kheloo bonuses, so you can pick the perfect one for you. We’ll regularly update all info about kheloo incentives, including how to activate each bonus, register, deposit, and withdraw funds.

Kheloo offers a vast selection of betting options, from sports to casinos and even esports!

Just like all betting sites, kheloo has rules. You need to follow both local laws and Kheloo ‘s specific rules as a player.

Who can get promo code offers?

Wait! You gotta be an adult to play on kheloo, at least 18 years old. No kiddos allowed!

Should I Need a kheloo account to use those bonus codes?

That’s a big YES! You can’t claim those sweet bonuses without signing up first. Imagine a super fun party, but you need a special invitation to get in!

How to sign up with kheloo?

Just head over to the kheloo website, it’s like their online mansion. They even have a fancy app, so you can play anywhere! Find the big, shiny “Join Now” button and fill out all the information they ask for. Easy as pie!

How to get bonus from kheloo?

Look up top on the website, there’s a secret room called “Promotions.” It’s overflowing with bonus goodies! Pick a bonus that makes you jump for joy and read the instructions carefully.

How regularly do kheloo offer promo codes to their customers?

Kheloo is like a magical money machine, always cranking out new promotions! They change them up faster than you can say “bonus,” so there’s always a surprise waiting.

What Kind of promo codes Does kheloo Do?

Welcome to Kheloo! We’re showering you with up to ₹25,000!

Now all you need to do is just deposit at least ₹100, but don’t spend it right away! Then, you gotta use your bonus money on bets 15 times, but only on special bets with odds of 1.9 or higher. Think of it like a tricky puzzle! You have 30 days to solve this puzzle, or the bonus disappears like smoke. But if you win, you can grab a whopping ₹25,000! Now that’s some serious bonus magic!

Kheloo Bonus

New Player? Get Spoiled with a Welcome Bonus!

Kheloo is WELCOMING its brand new players! And new players are eligible for an amazing ₹1,000 in bonus cash just for signing up. Now follow the below steps and that’s all.

  1. Social Media Mania: Follow Kheloo on Instagram and Telegram. Become their BFF!
  2. Support Squad: Contact their awesome support team to claim your free bonus.
  3. Bet Smart: Make sure your bets have odds of at least 1.9 or higher. Don’t be a newbie!

Existing Customer? Don’t Fret, There’s More!

Being a loyal Kheloo player pays off! Check out these epic deposit bonuses to supercharge your account:

The Multi-Level Money Maker!

  • Deposit for the first time and get a 5% bonus! Like a high five, but with cash!
  • Crank it up! Your second deposit scores you a 10% bonus. Feeling generous?
  • Third time’s the charm! Whopping 15% bonus on your third deposit. Boom!

Hold on, there are rules!

  • Minimum deposit is ₹500. Gotta put some skin in the game!
  • Max bonus per day is ₹3000. Don’t get too greedy!
  • No withdrawals before claiming (gotta play to win, remember?).
  • Use the bonus within 7 days or it disappears. Poof!

Cryptocurrency Cool Cats? Bonus Alert!

Feeling like a tech whiz? Just give a minimum of just ₹200 in any cryptocurrency and get a 10% bonus!

  • Max out at ₹3000 in bonus cash per day. Be reasonable!
  • Bets need odds of 1.2 or higher to qualify. Play smart!
  • No withdrawals before claiming (same rule as before). Patience!
  • One week to use the bonus or it’s gone. Don’t miss out!

Ready to win big? Sign up for Bet Kheloo 365 and get your bonus loot!

Level Up Your Game: Unveiling Kheloo Bonuses!

Kheloo Cashback Bonus: It’s Raining Money!

Imagine depositing cash and getting some back – mind-blowing, right? This bonus rewards big deposits! Deposit between ₹2,000 and ₹49,999 and get a cool 10% cashback, like a virtual pat on the back. Feeling extra bold? Then you need to a Whopping deposits between ₹50,000 and ₹89,999 score a massive 15% cashback! But hold on, for the high rollers, deposits exceeding ₹90,000 unlock the ultimate prize – a legendary 20% cashback! Had a rough day? If you’ve lost ₹200 recently, you might even qualify for a special bonus – but that’s a secret for another time!

Kheloo is calling all winners! Not only do they have awesome games, but you can score bonus cash by bringing your friends along!

Here’s the exciting deal:

Get your friends to join kheloo. If they deposit just ₹100 within a week (no rush, they get a whole day!), you both get a reward! You can earn up to a massive ₹3,500!

But that’s not all! Just for signing up and depositing ₹100, kheloo throws free bets your way! Imagine free game chips!

There’s a catch: these free bets only work on games with slightly trickier odds (think of it like aiming a little higher for a bigger win). You also get a daily limit of ₹3,500 in free bets, and they vanish after 7 days. So use them up quickly!

Ready to win? Grab your friends, claim your free bets, and conquer kheloo! Remember, gamble responsibly!

Guide –Keys to Unlock the Mystery of the Free Bets bonus

Kheloo Free Bets – Unveiling a 20% Cashback Enigma!

Calling all rookies! kheloo is brewing a potion of pure profit, and you’re the lucky potion-master’s apprentice! They’re conjuring a mystifying 20% bonus on EVERY deposit you brew up. That’s right, there’s NO CAP on this magical elixir!

But hold your cauldrons, there’s a twist! This bonus is like a self-refilling chalice – you can use it repeatedly, all throughout the day! Simply toss in a minimum of ₹100, and kheloo will enchant your deposit with a bonus worth up to a staggering ₹3,000!

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However, to keep this magical money flowing, your bets must be cast upon events with odds of at least 2.1. Think of it like an ancient incantation – you need the right spells to activate the bonus power!

And there’s a time limit on this mystical offer, brave adventurer! You only have 7 days to claim it, so don’t dawdle! This enchantment is only for cricket enthusiasts!

Withdrawal & Deposit Methods – Your Financial Gateway

Kheloo makes managing your coin purse a breeze! They offer a plethora of methods to deposit and withdraw your hard-earned loot, with NO FEES! Every penny you win is yours to keep! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Visa: Your trusty companion is always welcome at the castle gates!
  • MasterCard: Another familiar face for effortless deposits.
  • Paytm & UPI: Popular payment options for Indian wizards.
  • Neteller & Skrill: Secure online vaults for your treasures.
  • Cryptocurrencies!: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether are all accepted!
  • RuPay & Google Pay: More Indian payment options at your fingertips.

Can I Claim what’s mine?

Absolutely! But before you sail away on a yacht laden with gold, there’s one small hurdle. You need to “wager” your bonus once before you can claim it. Think of it like a final test to ensure everything functions as intended.

Mobile Welcome Bonus

Kheloo Mobile Apps and Betting: A Tale of Two Platforms

Calling all mobile mavericks with a penchant for punting! kheloo boasts a mobile app, but here’s the rub: it’s strictly an Android affair. That’s right, iPhone and Windows phone enthusiasts are left out in the digital wilderness on this one.

Unearthing the Elusive App

Fear not, Android aficionados! Downloading the app is a cakewalk. Simply sashay down to the nether regions of the Kheloo website and locate the cryptic “Mobile App” section. With a clickety-clack, you’ll be whisked away to the download page faster than you can say “mobile wager.”

Mobile Promotions:

As per this moment, there’s no special bonus for using the mobile app. You won’t find any exclusive mobile welcome offers or any other such enticement.

Mobile Betting Options:

But hey, chin up, buttercup! Here’s a silver lining. The mobile app that you downloaded grants you access to the full kheloo experience. Everything that you love doing on the website, you can do on the app. So, fire up those mobile wagers and get your gamble on!

Downloading the App:

Now we announce a good tip for our tech-savvy friends. We tell you that there are two amazing ways to get the kheloo mobile app. Method number one: Type ” Kheloo mobile app” into your browser. Voila! A legion of helpful services will materialize, ready to guide you to the download. Method number two: Remember that aforementioned “Mobile App” section? Click on that, and you’re good to go.

Bet Builder and Accumulator Bets: Missing in Action

Oh, and one more caveat. kheloo still does not give you a Bet Builder option or any special accumulator bet bonuses. And so even if you search you might not find that option yet in the app.

Kheloo: Let us see the pros and cons of this app

The Alluring Allure (Pros):

  • Cashback galore! kheloo throws around cashback bonuses like confetti at a rock concert.
  • Spread the love! Refer a friend and reap the rewards.
  • Crypto craze? kheloo embraces your cryptocurrency wagers with open arms.

The Not-So-Alluring Allure (Cons):

  • No stacking your bets! Accumulator bonuses are a thing of the past here.
  • All or nothing? kheloo only offers full cash-out options.
  • Sign-up bonus blues? The welcome bonus might leave you feeling a tad underwhelmed.
  • Loyalty love lost? Don’t expect any special loyalty promotions.

Is Kheloo Legal in India?

It is operating with an amazing Curacao Government instead of a local Indian license. And some might find bit concerning but we want you to know that it is not technically against the law.

The mobile lowdown on kheloo, complete with its limitations and, dare we say, a few surprises. Now you can decide if this app is your mobile betting soulmate or if you should keep searching for a more enticing option.

Kheloo India Promo Code – FAQ in Simple English

Winning Payouts

  • How long to get my winnings?
    • Winnings go to your account first. Then you can withdraw them using kheloo’s methods. Wait time depends on the method (30 minutes to 48 hours).
  • How long to settle my bet?
    • Bets usually settle right away on kheloo. If you have an issue, contact customer support.


  • Does kheloo offer bonuses for existing customers?
    • Yes, kheloo adds new bonuses often, so check monthly for new offers.
  • What are the wagering requirements for bonuses and free spins?
    • Each kheloo bonus has its own wagering requirements, typically 7 days. See more about bonuses above.

Registration and Deposits

  • How to register on kheloo?
    • Click the yellow “Join Now” button in the top right corner. Fill out the required information and verify your account.
  • How to deposit money?
    • Go to the kheloo website, log in (or register). Go to the account menu, pick your bet event, click “deposit,” and choose a deposit method.

Loyalty and Promo Codes

  • How often does kheloo give loyalty bonuses?
    • As of now, kheloo doesn’t offer loyalty bonuses.
  • What if I have problems using the promo code?
    • Contact kheloo customer service through their website, telegram, email, phone, or Facebook if you have trouble using the promo code.
  • Is there a limit on how much I can win with the promo code?
    • Each bonus has its own requirements. You can check the maximum winning amount for each bonus above.

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