The BCCI, in its unmatched wisdom, has stratified its players into an intricate hierarchy, with the A+ tier at the pinnacle and the aspiring C group striving for ascension. The A+ level? That’s where the superhumans like Virat Kohli reside, their bats filled with the power of Thor, their bowling arms channelling the fury of Poseidon! These titans, mind you, are practically bathing in rupees, each pocketing a king’s ransom of 7 crore annually – a gift from the BCCI’s overflowing coffers!

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But plot twist! There’s another layer to this intricate tapestry! On top of this Olympian stipend, these blessed cricketers are further rewarded with bonuses for gracing each match with their presence. Test matches, the strategic chess game; pulsating one-day internationals, a whirlwind of cricketing fury; and the frenetic T20s, a whirlwind of willow meeting leather – each format a golden goose laying eggs of even more riches! The more they play, the more they collect, a self-fulfilling prophecy of cricketing glory and financial windfalls.

This ingenious system, you see, keeps the A+ celestial beings perpetually motivated, forever striving for cricketing nirvana. But fret not, young grasshopper! It also incentivizes the aspiring players in the lower tiers, dangling the promise of ever-increasing riches as they climb the ranks. A win-win scenario, wouldn’t you say? The BCCI, with its overflowing treasury, and the talented players who weave magic on the pitch – a symbiotic relationship that keeps the juggernaut of Indian cricket rolling on!

Let’s delve into the specifics of these lucrative earnings for the centrally contracted Indian players in the eventful year of 2024.

For those in Grade A+, it’s a handsome INR 7 Crore.

Grade A players are not far behind, securing a commendable INR 5 Crore.

Meanwhile, Grade B players are content with a respectable INR 3 Crore.

And those in Grade C, though the least financially endowed, still enjoy a notable INR 1 Crore.

Now, let’s zoom into the match-day earnings, shall we?

In the realm of Test matches, a player reels in INR 15 Lakh, with a reduced sum of 7.5 Lakhs if they merely warm the bench without making it to the playing XI.

For the adrenaline-fueled One Day Internationals (ODIs), the payout stands at INR 6 Lakh, dwindling to 3 Lakhs for those on the squad but not part of the starting lineup.

Lastly, for the fast-paced thrill of Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), players snag INR 3 Lakh per match, or 1.5 Lakhs if they cheer from the sidelines.

Let us see the salaries of all 26 centrally contracted Indian cricketers for 2024:

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The Grade C Conundrum: A staggering sextet of cricketers finds themselves ensconced within the enigmatic Grade C. Each year, the BCCI bestows upon them a cool one crore (a staggering ten million rupees!), a figure both impressive and opaque. But fret not, for this is merely the opening salvo in this operatic orchestration of financial recompense! Each match they grace with their presence becomes a lucrative bonus round, a veritable showering of lakhs (hundreds of thousands) – a figure that pirouettes based on the format of the celestial clash. Test matches, the grandest spectacle of them all, yield the most opulent rewards, followed by the swift-paced ODIs, and then the frenetic T20Is.

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KS Bharat: A Budding Bonanza! This custodian of the wickets, a neophyte on the Test stage, finds his bank account singing a joyous symphony. His base salary is but a prelude to the magnificent 15 lac bonus that materializes with every Test he dons the gloves for. But wait, there’s more! The Gujarat Titans, entice him with a further 1.2 crore. It is evidence to his intricate prowess!

Arshdeep Singh: A Meteoric Rise, a Monetary Marvel! This left-armed bowling prodigy catapulted from the IPL’s crucible to the national team’s hallowed halls. Now, he stands as a cornerstone, particularly in the abbreviated formats of the game. Though his contract aligns with the enigmatic Grade C, his match fees paint a different picture – a handsome 6 lacs per ODI and a respectable 3 lacs per T20I. And let us not forget the Punjab Kings, who shower him with a princely 4 crore in the IPL – a fitting tribute to his meteoric rise!

Sanju Samson: A Mystery Wrapped in a Puzzling Contract! This fan favorite, though not a permanent fixture on the field, sees his bank account flourish nonetheless. He resides comfortably within Grade C, his 1 crore salary a steady stream. Yet, match fees (6 lacs for ODIs and 3 lacs for T20Is) ensure a constant flow of cash. But the real coup lies with the Rajasthan Royals, who, in a display of unwavering loyalty, shell out a staggering 14 crore to secure his services in the IPL. Now that’s what you call brand loyalty with a hefty bonus!

Washington Sundar & Kuldeep Yadav: These two multifaceted marvels, though warriors often sidelined by injuries, find themselves within the perplexing Grade C. Their base salaries and match fees follow the same enigmatic pattern as their fellow Grade C compatriots. However, the IPL stage offers a venue for individual brilliance. Washington emerges victorious, securing a staggering 8.75 crore from the SRH, while Kuldeep walks away with a cool 2 crore courtesy of the Delhi Capitals.

Yuzi Chahal: This white-ball wizard spins magic, but forget Test whites! He’s a limited-overs king, earning a cool 1 crore annually, with bonus bucks per match. Rajasthan Royals throws in a whopping 6.5 crore per season! But is this dominance sustainable? The future, like a googly, is anyone’s guess.

Deepak Hooda: From Almost-Hero to White-Ball Stalwart?

Remember the hype? Hooda, the prophesied batting prodigy? Well, he’s still a white-ball force, amassing ODIs and T20Is. He nabs his BCCI share and a staggering 5.75 crore per season from Lucknow Super Giants. Not bad for a guy who almost became the next big thing!

Ishan Kishan: Record-Breaker

This double-century machine capitalized on Rishabh Pant’s absence, even bagging a Test debut! Now, he juggles Tests, ODIs, and T20Is, while pocketing his 1 crore contract and a monstrous 15.25 crore from Mumbai Indians. Living the dream, much?

Shardul Thakur: The All-Rounder

Shardul bowls, bats (decently, ish), and is a mainstay in Tests and ODIs. He earns his 1 crore BCCI contract with a wink, plus match fees. Don’t forget his hefty 10.75 crore from Kolkata Knight Riders! But plot twist – he got demoted from Grade B this year. Talk about a reality check!

Shikhar Dhawan:

Dhawan might be the biggest name in Grade C, but his future is as murky as a doosra. The BCCI benched him from ODIs, and with Shubman Gill shining, Dhawan’s days seem numbered. He still has his contract, but next year is a question mark. Plus, his 8.25 crore from Punjab Kings might not be a permanent fixture.

Umesh Yadav – The Mystery Man (Grade C):

This bowling veteran hasn’t played a limited-overs match in ages, yet he nabs a Grade C contract!  Mohammed Siraj is on fire, Shardul can whack sixes, but Umesh sits on the bench.  He gets paid for chilling, though, plus a sweet IPL deal with KKR!

Shubman Gill – The Breakout Star (Grade B):

This young gun has rocketed to all-format glory, replacing Dhawan and KL Rahul like a boss!  The BCCI throws money at him (3 crores a year!), and every match adds more cash to his pockets!  On top of that, Gujarat Titans shower him with IPL riches!

Suryakumar Yadav – The T20 Terror (Grade B):

This dude dominates T20Is, earning a spot in ODIs and Tests (even if he struggles a bit).  The shorter formats are his kingdom, and Grade B reflects his T20 mastery!  He just debuted in Tests, but his experience includes 48 T20Is!   Mumbai Indians pay him big in the IPL too!

Mohammed Siraj – The Unexpected Hero (Grade B):

Siraj’s rise has been meteoric!  Bumrah’s absence opened the door, and now he leads the Indian bowling attack!  This could be a Grade A jump next year!  Watch out!  Currently, he enjoys a Grade B contract with hefty match fees, plus a cool 7 crore IPL deal with RCB!

Shreyas Iyer – The Comeback King (Grade B):

Injuries sidelined Iyer for months, but he’s back as India’s new No. 4 batter in ODIs!  This all-format player has impressed recently.  He’s in Grade B with a hefty IPL captaincy role for KKR (and a fat paycheck of 12.25 crore)!

KL Rahul:

Remember KL Rahul, the batting beast? Well, things got bumpy!  BCCI dropped him a grade (ouch!) due to some so-so performances. BUT, he’s still a superstar in the IPL, raking in a crazy ₹17 crore with Lucknow Super Giants!

Pujara the Rock… of Steady Paychecks!

Cheteshwar Pujara, our Test batting wall, keeps things chill in Grade B.  He’s a regular (except for that West Indies thing…), earning ₹3 crore a year and some bonus cash per match. Not flashy, but steady!

Axar Patel: Surprise Spin King! 

Who knew Axar Patel would be a triple-threat?  Bowling magic across formats landed him in the big leagues (Grade A, baby!). Even when he sits out, that BCCI money keeps rolling in. Plus, Delhi Capitals throws him another ₹9 crore in the IPL!

Pant: Injured But Irreplaceable! 

Remember Pant’s accident? Yikes!  But the BCCI knows his worth – Grade A all the way, even on the sidelines.  Why? Because he’s a game-changer, and nobody else quite fills his wicket-keeping shoes. He’s also the captain of the Delhi Capitals, bringing home a cool ₹16 crore in the IPL!

Shami: The Pace Ace with a Bonus!

Shami’s the only fast bowler in Grade A, a rock in Test cricket.  But guess what? Bumrah’s injury opened doors, and Shami’s shining in white-ball too!   Between the BCCI contract, match fees, and his ₹6.25 crore IPL deal with Gujarat Titans, this dude’s ballin’ (literally and financially)!


Enthroned at the apex, we find the enigmatic Ravi Ashwin, India’s spin sorcerer. This Grade A luminary basks in a golden shower of 5 crore rupees, a princely sum that supplements his match fees. But wait, the plot thickens! Every time Ashwin weaves his web of deception on the test stage, another 15 lakh rupees finds its way into his coffers. Talk about a lucrative vocation!

Pandya’s Puzzling Placement

A furrowed brow might greet the inclusion of Hardik Pandya, the newly minted T20I captain, in the same category as Ashwin. Detractors might champion his elevation, citing his leadership prowess. However, the serpentine path of cricketing logic dictates that Pandya’s absence from the test arena relegates him a notch. Yet, despair not, for his pockets are far from empty – a cool 6 lakh rupees for every ODI and a respectable 3 lakh per T20I ensure a comfortable existence. Oh, and lest we forget, his reign as Gujarat Titans’ IPL captain translates to a kingly 15 crore per season! Now that’s a captain’s bounty fit for a coliseum!

Jadeja: The Multifaceted Maharaja

But the pièce de résistance of this financial tapestry is none other than Ravindra Jadeja! This multifaceted marvel has secured his place in the coveted A+ bracket, a distinction that guarantees a staggering 7 crore rupees on top of his match fees. Why such veneration? Because Jadeja is a cricketing chameleon, a master of all formats – Tests, ODIs, T20Is, you name it, he conquers it! The Indian team would be a mere shadow without his presence. And to further embellish this narrative of opulence, his IPL contract with the Chennai Super Kings boasts a staggering 16 crore per season! Now that, my friends, is the epitome of living large!


First, we have the enigmatic Jasprit Bumrah. Though shrouded in the mist of injury (missing most of 2022 and all of 2023 so far!), the BCCI recognizes his stellar worth. This pace-bowling prodigy, a global leader in his craft, commands a hefty sum from both the board and international matches.  And his IPL coffers overflow with a cool 12 crore courtesy of the Mumbai Indians!


Next, we find the indomitable Rohit Sharma, the Indian captain (at least in Tests and ODIs – T20Is are another story!).  His reign as the team’s leader translates to a hefty bonus (25-50% of his match fee!), propelling him to the top earner spot (at least for now) within the Indian squad.  On top of that, his annual BCCI contract mints him a cool 7 crore, and his IPL franchise, the Mumbai Indians, sweetens the deal with a whopping 16 crore per season!


Finally, we have the ultimate hero, Virat Kohli. As you all know he surrendered the captain’s position. But still his status as the face of Indian cricket remains unchallenged.  Reports suggest his brand endorsements, promotions, and event appearances make him the wealthiest cricketer (all things considered). While his BCCI contract fetches him 7 crore annually, his true riches flow from his IPL contract – a staggering 15 crore per season courtesy of Royal Challengers Bangalore!


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