What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online system dependent game where you are required to make a virtual team of actual cricketers playing in real matches all across the globe. The point is to select your most ideal 11 from the teams playing on a given day and get more points than your competitor. 

Over time, a ton of fantasy platforms have made an appearance on the web which include Kheloo, Jeeto88, 88cric, Dream11 and a ton more. On these sites, you can select to play the usual formats of cricket in ODI, Tests and T20 across different domestic leagues, ICC matches and international tournaments. On such fantasy applications, you will also come in contact with different attributes that are not accessible on other similar applications, like the second innings contest, or how about all four innings of a test match. 

Cricket fantasy isn’t solely a matter of luck, it’s an expertise which needs brilliant scientific and expert capacities. A great comprehension of the sport of cricket and a bit of examination will aid you assemble the crucial data to defeat the chances and lead the match. 

Kheloo Fantasy Cricket Tips

Every person now knows the purpose of fantasy cricket and how it has come to be one of the most spoken about things in not just India but internationally as well. Fantasy cricket is fundamentally an online game where you put together a virtual team from a group of cricketers and attain points based on their performances in a match. Being aware of a couple of tips and tricks is the solution to winning the league or the game. The online fantasy cricket tips we share here will aid you comprehend how to approach the team selection in the finest way possible. 

Fantasy Cricket Winning Tips

Winning at fantasy games needs patience, persistence and skill. A fantasy gamer attains some points depending on his choice of players and their individual performance in the actual matches. This is applicable across all gaming types; be it money leagues or practice contests. 

Furthermore, there are a particular number of payable positions in a league. Kindly keep in mind that you will be eligible to win a prize solely if you fall in that group. It is therefore that we suggest you plan your practice contests on an everyday basis so that you can learn and evolve through the game like a professional. 

  • Don’t play all the games present – play only those games that you have well investigated and have a somewhat decent amount of knowledge on. 
  • Invest skillfully – don’t place all your cash into just one game. Divide your finances into portions. 
  • Never participate in any league close to 30-40 minutes of the deadline. Attempt to participate about 13-15 hours before the deadline. This procedure will permit you to plan contingencies, such as sudden squad changes or injuries. 
  • In the majority of the games, attempt to make an all-rounder as your captain and a premium bowler or batsman as vice-captain. 
  • Before playing any game, do conduct an in-depth investigation on the probable playing 11, pitch report, ground conditions, player’s statistics for that ground and opposition and former match performances of a player. 
  • Numerous times it can happen that if a player plays well in one match it is quite likely that he doesn’t perform in the following match. If a player didn’t play well in one match, he’s more than likely to end up with runs. 
  • Do indulge in domestic leagues from other nations and learn more about those players. 

Fantasy Cricket Tips to Make a Fantasy Team Today

  • Be on the Lookout for Unheard of Players

Undetected players making their debut can aid you in balancing your fantasy team. They are accessible for a lower rate and are not selected by the majority of fantasy players. However, such players can make an impact by scoring major with the bat or taking quite a few wickets in the match. 

An undetected player scoring a half century frequently places you in a greater rank than a star batsman scoring a 50 in the exact same match. Although fame does indeed have a say, skill can’t be ignored. Keep in mind to not be scared of selecting such players to win fantasy matches. 

  • Trust Your Intuition 

Aside from skill, knowledge and analysis of the game, you have to trust your instincts while choosing players for your team is one of the crucial fantasy cricket tips that you have to follow. It is similar to being in a captain’s shoes while making a choice on who to give the ball to or who to send in to bat in a  particular match situation. It might work at times and might not work at other times. 

  • Participate in the Correct Contest 

Participating in the correct contest also plays a dominating role in winning. While most fantasy players are fascinated by the major prize pools in leading leagues, one mustn’t leap into such contests without confidence. 

If you are a new player, you can begin with a low-fee contest and test out your skills and elevate them. Once you have attained enough confidence in forecasting and choosing a succeeding team, you can go ahead and enter higher-fee contests and leading leagues as well. 

  • Bonus Points 

It is common knowledge that you attain more points if your chosen player takes a catch or scores a boundary in the match. Although the bonus is not very large, it can make a major distinction in the outcome of the contest. 

Selecting big-hitting all-rounders who are also very handy in the field is a perfect strategy. They frequently add in all 3 facets of the game, which adds more points to your fantasy team. Furthermore, wicket keepers are also a helpful addition in test matches where batsmen normally get out caught behind the stumps. The collected bonus points could have a say in the concluding result of the match and may be the distinction among losing and winning a contest. 

  • Be on the Lookout for Promo Codes 

While a few users are more than capable of investing significant sums, others might depend on small sums to participate in contests. Promo codes are a brilliant gift for such fantasy players. Kheloo has numerous offers such as cashback and bonuses for every single match. You can discover them on the app/website and get yourself those offers while adding money to your gaming wallet or participating in a new contest. This should aid in playing more and win more. Keep this fantasy cricket tip in mind the next time you are low on cash but still wish to bet on the sport. 

Fantasy Cricket Tips And Tricks For Advanced And Pro Users

As discussed above, succeeding a fantasy cricket league or game is not as easy as a few might imagine. Yes, you can earn small prizes by choosing a couple in-form players and then leaving it to circumstances. However, if you wish to win major then you are required to put in the effort and investigate the smaller details to select the team accordingly. It is all about selecting the finest 11 players for that certain match who have the best opportunity of performing well and in turn elevating your points tally. Below are a couple of the winning fantasy cricket tips that you should use for certain while developing your team. 

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Analyze the player performance

The very first thing you need to check is whether a player has been in form in the latest games or not. You shouldn’t select a player just due to the fact that he had been a decent player a few months back. Latest performances and form matter here more than a player’s career record, because your earnings will be based on the performance in a one-off match. Although, if it is a league that you are choosing the team for, then go for class players as they are probable to perform better in the longer term. 

Check the Pitch and Weather Report 

Another major fantasy cricket tip is checking the pitch and weather report is something that most fantasy cricket players don’t really pay much attention to and therefore end up not selecting the correct fantasy team. If it’s a dry and slow pitch and a mid-afternoon game, you should select more spinners in your team rather than a swing bowler. In the same way, if it’s a pitch such as the one in Wankhede, swing bowlers and power hitters should find a spot in your team. 

Selecting the Captain & Vice-Captain 

One of the most crucial fantasy cricket tips is to select the correct vice-captain and captain. These 2 decisions can truly be the distinction among losing and winning the league or the game.  The captain of every fantasy XI gets 2x points and the vice captain attains 1.5x points, so if you manage to choose the 2 finest performers of the game as your vice-captain and captain, it will be extremely tough for anyone to defeat you from that position. 

How To Get Started On Fantasy Cricket?

To play fantasy cricket you are required to download a fantasy sports application. Head over to the app’s official website and you have to enter in your mobile number and tap on get app link. This will send a link of the application right to your hand gadget. You are required to install the application by tapping on install from unknown sources and you have the application all set to operate on your gadget. 

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How To Start Playing Fantasy Cricket?

Follow the steps mentioned below to begin your very first fantasy cricket game:

  • Select a match you would like to give a try. 
  • Put together your team of 11 players
  • Select your vice-captain and captain
  • Enter any contest of your choice by selecting and financial value
  • Follow the match and keep a track of your progress on the leadership board. 

Benefits Of Playing Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket provides you a chance to place your cricket skills to brilliant use and work your brain cells. 

  • Attempt to learn more about the sport
  • Elevate your cricketing skills 
  • Take part in groups of like-minded individuals. 
  • Make matches more thrilling 
  • Opportunity to win thrilling money prizes. 


  1. Which fantasy cricket application is the absolute best? 
    There are an abundance of fantasy platforms that have the top position ever since the entrance of the game. Every one of them has its own distinctive attributes and in such a case, none can be declared the finest. 
    Although, there is a mountain of platforms that you can look forward to including Jeeto7, Kheloo, Jeeto88 and a ton more. 
  1. How do you play fantasy cricket for free? 
    A majority of the fantasy sites have an attribute of playing absolutely free fantasy sports and you can participate in those leagues without having to pay any sort of charge. 
  1. What is fantasy league cricket? 
    Fantasy league cricket is nothing separate from fantasy cricket. Thus, the definition of fantasy is related to fantasy leagues cricket as well. 

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