The International Cricket Council is going to conduct the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 beginning from 5th October till the 19th November 2023 in different stadiums across India. So, if you’re also among the cricket enthusiasts then you are on the absolutely right page since we have detailed data right here in regards to the ICC World Cup Schedule 2023. As per the schedule, all the fans will be able to indulge in the gameplay from 5th October 2023 onwards and the finals will be played on 19th of November 2023. 

Leading Cricket World Cup Betting Sites in 2023


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Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule 

The ICC is going to organize the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in India and multiple cricket lovers are thrilled for this tournament. According to the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule, matches are going to begin from 5 October 2023 and the finals will be played on 19th November 2023. There are different teams such as Pakistan, Australia, India and others which will be playing the World Cup to succeed the title. Qualifiers have already finished and the above-mentioned teams have certified to play the tournament. It is to notify you that all the matches will be hosted by India and will be played across different stadiums in India. All the International Stadiums in India will host the World Cup 2023 as per the schedule. The extremely crucial match of Pakistan and India will be played on the 15th of October 2023 in the Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat. 

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About The Cricket World Cup

Currently India may be the home of cricket, but England is where it has taken birth.

The English desire to show the globe that they still are a superpower. If nothing else at the very least in the world of cricket. 

Stars such as Rashid Khan, Glenn Maxwell, Virat Kohli and numerous others. All set to represent their nations and showcase their talents on the international stage. 

To offer you a little bit of perspective just on just how major it is, you should know that it ranks 3rd among all sporting events (right behind the Summer Olympics and Soccer World Cup). 

It is televised to more than 2 billion viewers in upwards of 200 countries. Individuals attending the stadiums have slowly elevated over the years, sponsorship cash is getting bigger and in turn the betting chances are piling up for those interested in that. 

History Of The Cricket World Cup

The very first official Cricket World Cup was hosted in England back in 1975. Even though there were games played globally that were touted as the matches to determine the world champion, this was the very first time that the tournament as we are familiar with today was organized and held in one spot. Numerous of the same teams that were invited back then are still in the lead contending as well. 

The initial 3 editions saw England hosting the event as this was the only place at the time that had the assets to host such a major event. This was the time that West Indies were leading the World Cup after winning the initial 2 official ones and then losing the 3rd final in an upset against India. 

As the game grew more famous around the globe the pressure to host it elsewhere elevated. In the 1987 edition we saw it move for the very first time when Pakistan and India jointly hosted the World Cup. Individual components of the game switched to remain up to date and more friendly to the latest scenery. This proceeded onwards to the 1992 and 1996 edition as well where an increasing number of changes came to the game. 

In 1999 we saw the beginning of a leading streak from a team from down under. Australia went on to not just win the event that was hosted in England, but also the following 2 tournaments against Sri Lanka and India. These final 2 events not only had them winning, but also cleaned the competing teams. Much of this triumph was attributed to the extremely aggressive team that Australia had fostered up at this time led to their team captain Shane Warne. 

India wanted to put an end to this unlikely stream (as probably other teams were searching to do as well0 and did just that in 2011. Not only did they triumph, but they did so at their home ground when they hosted it with Sri Lanka. Australia only made ist to the quarter finals and were swift to fall out of contention. Tons would argue that cricket came home this tournament, and it is tough to argue given the cricket madness going on in India. Yet, there are tons of aggressive teams searching to make it to the finals this year and their team is going to have to battle hard in order to repeat their former victory. 

In the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup we saw the games being hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Possibly the home crowds were brilliant since none other than these 2 teams made it to the finals.  

Cricket World Cup Odds

Naturally, there’s viewing the ICC T20 World Cup tournament and then there’s making cash through online betting from it. 

As per usual, our aim is to keep an eye out for the T20 World Cup betting odds that provide actual value to our readers. We’ll provide toy free cricket betting tips and tricks and where you can bet but more crucially, we’ll also clarify where players and teams are a great value in terms of their sporting capabilities and the thoughts behind placing your cash on them. 

This is all part of our promise to you to do all the hard work, so you don’t have to! It’s also another great chance to carry on attempting to defeat the bookmakers together! 

Currently, there aren’t a lot of team odds on the ICC T20 World Cup accessible but we’re consistently monitoring the situation and when great sports betting chances occur, you’ll be the very first to know. 

Cricket World Cup 2019 Teams

Following mentioned are the teams that will battle in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup: 

  • Indian
  • Afghanistan, 
  • Bangladesh,
  • Pakistan,
  • South Africa,
  • England, 
  • Australia, 
  • New Zealand. 

Other Cricket World Cup Betting Options

One of the considerable benefits of the largest cricket tournaments coming around is the never-ending selection of various betting markets! The ones below are all quite similar to the ones you can select from IPL online betting, so you might already be familiar with a majority of them. 

The traditional rule with any sports event is that the more interest there is in it from enthusiasts, the sponsors and media, the more diverse things there are to bet on. All the more better for us. 

That’s because the more options of ICC T20 World Cup betting alternatives, the better the opportunities of finding actual sports betting value. Just as an instance: if the winner market doesn’t provide especially attractive rates, then perhaps the tournament leading bowler or leading batsman market offer better alternatives. 

It’s also always a great idea to not place all your eggs in just one basket. Just placing a major bet on Australia to win outright and nothing else could be less than wise than distributing your stakes across 4 or 5 different markets as a way of hedging your bets. It’s also a ton more fun to have various bets that include a number of teams rather than simply concentrating on one, it makes every match even more thrilling. 

Tournament Format

As cited the tournament format has somewhat switched over time. And once again there will be substantially major changes, there will solely be 10 teams battling in India. 

All teams will pay among themselves in a round-robin format where the 4 finest will move forward to the semi-finals. 

We will definitely miss a few of the smaller cricket regions, but this modern format makes certain of higher quality games and takes out some of the luck component of getting a simpler group. 

Which teams qualify for the World Cup is decided in another style than the majority of other competitions. Here the Test-playing regions are directly qualified for the tournament, which is currently a sum of 10 teams. The final 2 places were decided by a series of qualifying tournaments played among the teams that are right behind these leading teams in the rankings.  

Cricket World Cup Betting

The leading method to make cash with betting is by taking advantage of all the bonuses and promotions provided by bookmakers. 

And we can pressure you that an event of this size is definitely going to garner the interest of betting websites and they will definitely post up tons of betting odds and distinctive promotions. 

Just make certain that you don’t end up utilizing some bogus betting sites. You can check out how we judge the sincerity of most bookies in our cricket betting sites section. 

Now it is getting significantly closer to the real event and there are numerous more bets coming up. You have the traditional outright bets on who will triumph the complete tournament at most any sportsbook that hosts cricket betting odds. 

You can also bet on which teams will succeed in the group stage and also who will be the leading scorer during the tournament. There are more than 80 players that you can bet on based on where you will be placing your bets. 

As the tournament progresses you can bet that the choices of markets and odds that are accessible will skyrock. Best opening partnerships, match winners, under/over on runs and wickets, who will bet first, as well as numerous other bets are bound to make an appearance. 

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Cricket World Cup Betting Tips

Crucial components to remember while betting: 

  • Solely bet cash you know you can afford to lose.
  • Attempt to not bet too much of your bankroll on a singular bet. 
  • Claim prizes and bonuses
  • Never bet under influence or while drunk
  • Don’t think that you have to win back your losses immediately. 

Cricket World Cup 2023 Preview

Before we go ahead and present the cricket betting lines for the 2023 World Cup, we need to have at least some background of the tournament. The 2023 Cricket World Cup will be the 13th edition of the competition and it will be played in India. The tournament was initially due to be played in the months of February and March but has been pushed back to the months of October and November. 10 teams will play the 2023 World Cup and there will be a sum of 48 matches. 

The teams that will be taking part in the event include Australia, India, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South Africa. The teams will play against each other once in the group stage and the leading 4 teams will head to the semi-final. 

2023 Men’s World Cup Tips

We start our ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 forecasts with a glance at the host region and betting favorites, India. Previously the competition was played on the subcontinent back in 2011, India were triumphant and this time, the complete event will be played on the Indian soil. It is exceedingly tough for visiting regions to defeat India when playing in their own nation and the conditions can prove demanding for the visiting teams. The Indian teams will be known with the conditions and pitches and it is not frequent they lose when playing ODI cricket, or any other type of sport, at home. The previous 3 winners of the ICC Cricket World Cup have all lifted the cup on home soil and it will take a daring individual to bet against them in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 betting odds. 

Cricket World Cup 2023 Free Bet

Before we take into consideration where to bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, you have to claim a free bet for the tournament. For instance, we have a free bet offer for Kheloo depending on your initial bet and you can utilize our bonus code when creating a new account but it doesn’t switch the offer sum. You can utilize your free bet when making Cricket World Cup 2023 match forecasts or for the successor of the complete competition. 

How to Bet on the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

Using Kheloo as an instance, you can copy our Kheloo India cricket betting bonus code and tap on our links, which will take you to the Kheloo website. Tap on the red join button and fulfill the short registration form. It will take only a couple of minutes to add your personal data, address and bonus code. Tap on the yellow Join Kheloo button and sign into your new account. Make your initial deposit and click on the cricket link in the sports menu on the left hand side of the website. Tap on the outright and search for world cup 2023. This is where you will discover the ICC cricket world cup 2023 betting odds and you can tap on the team of your liking. The odds will be loaded in your betting slip and you can go ahead and place the bets. 

Cricket World Cup 2023 Live Streaming

There will be tons of live betting chances throughout the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup and the finest method to bet in-play is by viewing live streaming. The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup live streaming will be accessible at our suggested online bookmakers but the schedule will vary based on the country from which you are availing the bookie. 

Cricket World Cup FAQs

  1. Where can a bettor wager on ICC Cricket World Cup 2023? 
    A bettor can wager on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 at Kheloo, Jeeto7, and 88cric. 
  1. Which teams will be playing in the Cricket World Cup 2023? 
    We know for certain that Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand and India will be among the teams battling in the tournament. 
  1. Which of the favorite is anticipated to win the Cricket World Cup 2023? 
    India are the favorites that are anticipated to win the Cricket World Cup 2023. 
  1. What are the odds on India and England to win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023? 
    The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 betting odds for England and India to win are 3/1 and 12/5 with William Hill respectively. 

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