Fast bowling has always been one of the most exhilarating sights in cricket, and nothing gets the fans and spectators in the stadium more excited than watching a fast bowler dismantle the stumps with sheer pace. It is a moment that can leave the crowd in awe and the batsman feeling demoralized.

The introduction of LED stumps has only added to the spectacle, as the bright flashing lights create a dramatic effect when the stumps are broken. It’s a sight that is not only pleasing to the fans but also to the bowlers themselves who relish in the opportunity to showcase their skills.

While the destruction of the stumps is a common occurrence, there is something extra special about watching a fast bowler break the middle stump in consecutive deliveries. It’s a feat that requires immense skill, precision, and speed.

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During a recent match between Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, left-arm pacer Arshdeep Singh delivered a masterclass in fast bowling. He dug in those searing Yorkers, relentlessly targeting the middle stump and broke it twice in two consecutive deliveries. The crowd erupted in excitement as they watched the middle stump shatter into two pieces.

It was a moment that showcased the true power and skill of fast bowling. Arshdeep Singh’s ability to consistently hit the same spot at high speed was a testament to his talent and hard work. His performance not only helped his team secure a 13-run victory but also left a lasting impression on the fans and cricketing world.

The destruction of the stumps is one of the most exciting moments in cricket, and watching a fast bowler break the middle stump twice in two consecutive deliveries is a moment that will be remembered for a long time. It’s a testament to the skill and talent of the bowler and a reminder of the power of fast bowling in the game of cricket.

IPL Stumps Price 2023 

During a cricket match, the stumps are an essential component that marks the end of the pitch and separates the two halves. In traditional cricket, the stumps were made of wood and painted white. However, with the advent of technology, LED stumps have replaced the traditional wooden ones. These LED stumps are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve a functional purpose.

The LED stumps consist of three stumps that are fitted with LED lights and sensors, which detect when the ball hits the stumps or when a player has been stumped or run out. The sensors communicate with a computer system that activates the LED lights to light up, thus indicating to the umpire whether the bails have been dislodged or not.

The cost of these LED stumps is quite high, with each set of stumps costing approximately INR 25 lakhs. Additionally, the Zing bails, which are placed on top of the stumps, flash instantaneously when they come in contact with the ball or a player, and they cost around INR 50,000. Hence, the total cost of the two sets of stumps used during a match is not less than INR 50 lakhs.

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Despite their high cost, the LED stumps have several advantages over traditional wooden stumps. First and foremost, they facilitate accurate decision-making by the umpires, especially in cases where a close run-out or stumping call has to be made. Since the sensors in the stumps can detect the slightest of touches, they provide more accurate information to the umpires, thus reducing the chances of wrong decisions.

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Furthermore, the LED stumps are also advantageous in low light conditions, where it becomes difficult to spot the traditional wooden stumps. The LED lights on the stumps make it easier for the players, umpires, and spectators to see the stumps and make accurate judgments.


In conclusion, the LED stumps are an expensive investment for cricket authorities, but they offer many advantages over traditional wooden stumps. They facilitate accurate decision-making, particularly in cases where a close call has to be made. Moreover, they are also useful in low light conditions and enhance the overall viewing experience for the players and spectators alike.


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