Gambling is an excellent activity that includes a person taking risk and betting their money in hopes that they will win. Majority of gambling activities include luck, however, some of them do call for an ability to quantify the stakes against you and mathematical skills. 

In the majority of nations, gambling is restricted to licensed casinos where individuals can play their preferred gambling games against other beginners and skilled players or against the house to win cash. Some types of gambling also includes betting on sporting tournaments and animal races but when speaking about the top gamblers in the world or the best gamblers around the globe, they normally make their cash at casinos. 

The plan is to select an event, may it be a card game such as blackjack or spin games such as roulette or even slot games for that matter and bet a certain amount of money on the probability of the result. If the stakes are in your benefit, then you will end up winning. Although, viewing these are games of possibilities, you might also end up losing your bet. 

It takes strategy and time to begin earning from gambling and you can learn distinctive tricks from some of the best gamblers in the world that we are going to discuss below. 

1. Kerry Packer – 5 Billion 

To numerous, Kerry Packer will preferably be remembered as the richest gambler in the world than any country’s richest man. He has gained the title of a giant bet player because of his major stakings. But in gambling he has lost a significant amount of money as well as gained even more.  

One of his most memorable losses was when he lost close to $40 million playing in the Bellagio in Las Vegas and the Crockford’s casino in London. In May of 1995, his winning streak was recorded wherein he won $20 million in just 40 minutes by playing multiple games of $250,000 stake blackjack all at once. 

2. Tony Bloom – 1.5 Billion

Tagged as the Lizard, Tony Bloom gained popularity as a Brighton sports gambler, football club chairman, owner of Starlizard poker player. As of 2008, Bloom’s poker career yielded a sum of $1.5 million, but his real fortune comes from his other ventures including his company Starlizard that provides its clients correct betting guidances. Through his company alone Bloom is making more than $12 million alone. 

3. Bill Benter – 1 Billion 

Coinciding with Alan Woods, Bill Benter has his professional gambling stores since they both became racing buddies in 1984 when they moved to Hong Kong. Benter’s mathematical skills and analytical mind permit him to construct robust analysis software for the horse racing market, earning him $1 billion. His software permits any bettor to spot factors that substantially impact a horse racing outcome. 

4. Edward O. Thorp – 800 Million 

Perhaps you will not be familiar with this name, but you should definitely be familiar with the notion of “card counting” for blackjack. Edward Thorp is a mathematics academician with a physics master’s degree and a doctorate in mathematics. His skill and talent aided him construct a system of counting the possibilities of a card to emerge depending on the ones that are dealt. 

Players trying to duplicate his strategy can read it from the book that he has published. Thorp moved on from the universe of blackjack tables to the exposed world of the stock market where he utilizes his wits to mint more cash. 

5. Andrew Black – 670 Million 

While the popular sports bettors in this list made their wealth by beating the house, Andrew Black is the misfit who created the house by establishing the first and the largest of its kind exchange platform called Betfair. Black’s gambling career was not as fruitful as many others who found wealth from making successful bets. 

Instead, he undertook a larger gamble by investing all his reserved funds and looked for other shareholders to develop a sports exchange that utilizes money making betting software. Betfair went live in the year 2000 and pulled in millions of bettors from around the globe. Thanks to the risk he undertook his network is at $670 million. 

6. Alan Woods – 500 Million

Beginning as a casual player of poker and slots and also horse betting during his years in college, Woods only dedicated to a full-time gambling profession in 1979 when his wife left him. From then on, he became a skilled player in blackjack by utilizing a car counting system he learned from his bridge player associate. 

Wood’s chief wealth came from horse races where he used his skills in mathematics and constructed a pioneered mensurable gambling system. With a sum net worth of $500 million, Woods became one of Australia’s most successful horse bettors. 

7. Zeljko Ranogajec – 439 Million 

A successful businessman by day and a better gambler by night. Zelijko Ranogajec nicknamed the joker has the skills in mathematics to gain a benefit over the world of finances and banking as well as the casinos. Ranogajec controlled $1 billion yearly turnover from playing at various casinos while at the same time killing it at the table of blackjack. 

Aside from casinos, Ranogajec also found his wealth through sports betting and horse racing. He used his complicated betting system to know which smaller margins to bet bigger in.

8.  Billy Walters – 250 Million 

At the tender age of nine, Billy Walters lost his savings on the World Series of 1955 and continued to lose cash well into his younger adult years. But Walter’s luck looked up when he also with a gambling buddy visited Atlantic City where they took advantage of a roulette table with a wheel bias. That night both of them won $3.8 million, but as for Walter this was just the beginner in his long winning streak. 

By partaking in the Computer Group that utilizes computer hardware to make sports results analysis in the 1980s, a 30-year winning streak ensured for Walter. In a successful year, Walter claimed that he got about $50 – $60 million. 

9. Dan Bilzerian – 200 Million 

Dan Bilzerian is renowned for his private poker betting more than taking part in public games. He has a restricted number of tracked poker outcomes, one of which in the 2009 World Series of poker tournament was placed 180th. 

Bilzerian declares to only take part in greater stakes underground poker games, where he swears to have won close to $50 million on a single night. However, this cannot really be confirmed, but some skilled gamblers believe it’s probable as Bilzerian’s habit to only play against affluent people he thinks that he can win against. 

10. David Walsh – 200 Million 

During David Walsh’s college years at the University of Tasmania he became interested in gambling. He then developed a software to predict the outcomes of horse races which became an important tool for betting communities. Due to his brilliant analyticals skills, Walsh managed all the syndicate’s mathematical calculations. 

He also showcased a great deal of bravery by investing $11 million in lottery tickets and ended up winning a $60 million jackpot. These days, he mainly concentrates on Tasmania’s underground art museum.  

11. Phil Ivey – 100 Million 

Renowned as the Tiger Woods of poker, Philip Dennis Ivey Jr. is considered as one of the best all-round poker player with a WPT title, 10 WSOP bracelets and nine appearances on the WPT finals table. 

One noteworthy technique Ivey utilized to win $9.6 million from the baccarat table in the Borgata Casino is edge sorting. Ivey made a mental track of small variations on the back of each card to recognize them when dealt with. 

12. Chris Ferguson – 80 Million 

One of the most famous personalities of WSOP is Christopher Philip Ferguson, who is reputed for his signature hats. During his time at college, he refined his poker skills through an IRC poker room and took part in live matches that were held in California. 

While playing, he talks and reacts very limited so as to avoid giving out any psychological tells. By utilizing a mathematical way with a backing of game theory knowledge through evolving computer simulations, he was able to take home 6 WSOP bracelets. By the year 2017, he won a sum of $8.9 million from live matches alone. 

13. Doyle Brunson – 75 Million 

Born Doyle Frank Brunson was an American poker player who played the game professionally for more than 50 years. Twice he won the WSOP Main Event champion, a Poker Hall of Fame enlistee and also the author of numerous books on poker. 

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Brnson was one of the first players to win $1 million in poker events. He is also one of the only 4 players to have ever won the Main Event at the World Series of Poker numerous times, which he successfully did in the years 1976 and 1977. In 2006, in the January edition of the Bluff magazine, Brunson was voted as the most influential force in the universe of poker. 

14. Bryn Kenney – 55 Million 

After the gathering TGS career: competitive magic, Bryn Kenny got his headstart in the career of poker by participating in the 2007 east coast poker championships. He managed to earn a coveted WSOP in the 10-game mix six-handed tournament in 2014 and took home a sum of $153,220. 

A reason why Kenney has been added to this list is his brilliant settlement of $20 million prizes from the Triton Million Charity Event. With a sum of live matches winning more than $55 million, Kenney stood 1st among the U.S. all time money position. 

15. Chris Moneymaker – 50 Million

Making his debut in 2003, at the World Series of Poker Christopher Bryan Moneymaker took home $86 satellite match prize through PokerStars. A sports handicapper, called Lou Diamond, came to know about Moneymaker’s ability and considered him ‘Dark Horse to win the entire event’. 

Moneymaker was able to make it to the finals table and ended up winning the event’s primary prize of $2.5 million. With his professional poker career taking off he turned his back on his job as an accountant and has never looked back since. In 2019, he was given the honors to be included in the prestigious Poker Hall of Fame. 

16. Phil Hellmuth – 24 Million 

Phil Hellmuth or known as Poker Brat in the gambling world, Hellmuth is a heavyweight with 15 WSOP tournament bracelets to this name. He earned his nickname from his fiery reactions to bad bets and behavior. 

Even with his attitude, he has managed to earn a total life savings of $24 million. Hellmuth is also ranked first for Wisconsin’s skilled gamblers in terms of life-time money earned.

17. Bill Kaplan – 23 Million 

Originator of the MIT Blackjack group, Bill Kaplan and his team are considered some of the top gamblers in the U.S. who had their story successfully adopted in a movie called 21 by Kevin Spacey. In 1979, this crew utilized a merger of conventional card counting methods along with their ace and shuffle tracking techniques. Kaplan was able to get up to a 4% limit against the house, allowing them to accumulate a fortune. 

Down the line the crew members of MIT Blackjack split and persuaded different interests. But an interesting fact to note is that some of the team members along with Bill Kaplan had an appearance in the 21 movie. 

18. Daniel Negreanu – 20 Million 

If you ask any fan of gambling who is one of the most popular gamblers of the decade or 2020 for that matter, you are more than likely to hear the name Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu managed to earn a name for himself by winning 6 WSOP bracelets of WSOP as well as 2 WPT championships awards. Possibilities are also quite high that he will be at the finals table of the majority of events that he attends. 

Even if you are yet to watcha  single WSOP match, you will surely know negreanu from his appearance in various poker related TV shows. He also played a part in the Hearthstone World championship in 2015 during BlizzCon; besides this he also plays Hearthstone from his Twitch channel. 

19. Vivek Rajkumar – 8 Million 

In 2008 Vivek Rajkumar was thought to be an underdog when he entered into the World Tour Borgata Poker Event and managed to take home a whopping $1.4 million. His success was a significant achievement at that time given that he had 2 years prior turned into a full-time poker player. 

When one considers the standing of India’s biggest gambling earners, Rajkumar’s name is at the very top with a sum earning $8 million. 

20. Joseph Jagger – 5.15 Million 

In 1881, there was a textile merchant named Joseph Jagger, who is noted to be one of the first individuals to find and exploit the table of roulette. Jagger managed to figure out that the roulette wheel was not balanced well and that there are numericals that the ball consistently lands on due to the uneven condition. 

Because of his such attention to detail, Jagger managed to take home more than $100,000 that day and became one of the most popular gamblers in the United Kingdom who has managed to beat the house. 

List of Top 20 Richest Gamblers

S. No.GamblerMoney
1Kerry Packer5 Billion
2 Tony Bloom1.5 Billion
3Bill Benter1Billion 
4Edward O. Thorp 800 Million
5Andrew Black 670 Million 
6Alan Woods500 Million
7Zeljko Ranogajec 439 Million 
8Billy Walters 250 Million 
9Dan Bilzerian 200 Million 
10David Walsh  200 Million 
11Phil Ivey 100 Million 
12Chris Ferguson80 Million 
13Doyle Brunson 75 Million
14Bryn Kenney55 Million 
15Chris Moneymaker50 Million
16Phil Hellmuth 24 Million
17Bill Kaplan  23 Million 
18Daniel Negreanu20 Million
19Vivek Rajkumar 8 Million 
20Joseph Jagger 5.15 Million 

What Strategies do Successful Gamblers in the World Follow? 

It is not an easy task becoming some of the most successful gamblers in the world with the wealth to accompany that title. Majority of new players enter the arena with no strategies and no means of revival. The thing is, while gambling, you absolutely need a defined blueprint. The game is dependent on possibility but you need to have a solid plan for your wagers, participation, winnings as well as maintaining a great bankroll. 

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We have the strategies that skilled gamblers, what are also the best gamblers around the world utilize: 

  • To begin with, keep a cap on how you utilize your bankroll. It is optimal to keep your savings and everyday expenses separated in another different bank account, and use a different one for just gambling. In this separate account as well, check the balance and only utilize 2-5% of the sum amount to gamble with on any day of your choice. When you win cash from this allocated money, you will solely utilize that to gamble in more games on that day. If you don’t succeed, leave it. Some days you can have better luck than others. So try on another day. 
  • Master the skill of card counting and utilize it to play Blackjack on tables that offer a higher return. If you get 100% returns on a table, it means that you break even so you can go ahead and play odds for greater than 100% returns to make surpluses. The greatest gamblers in the world utilize a blackjack chart for practicing so that they are better able to identify the best hand mergers at a quick glance. 
  • Play poker with a great strategy. If you are not in a blind situation, take a look at your cards before you bet money in the pot. If the cards are lower or average, just fold. But if your cards are good but not very promising, call only the low raises. If you have a succeeding poker hand, elevate the bets steadily and continuously till the final round where you can bet big. 
  • Slot devices are absolutely luck dependent games that very rarely payout. Skilled gamblers never waste their time and energy on keno, lotteries, or even slots, because here you cannot plan ahead. 
  • Discover online and offline channels of gambling. At times the offline websites provide great payoffs and advantages to the bettors and they have a greater variety of games. On the other hand, online gambling provides numerous bonuses that are distributed with zero bias towards the players’ degree of expertise. The biggest gamblers around the world balance their time equally among physical casinos and online gambling. 
  • The most crucial strategy that the best gamblers in the world utilize, is developing uniformity in their gameplay and a poker face, irrespective of which game they are playing. These strategies utilized by the popular gamblers are developed to limit your losses and increase your profits. However, you need to come up with your own set of strategies that are best matched to your skills. 

How to Become the Richest and Most Successful Gambler in the World? 

In order to become the most successful gambler in the world, you need to take the mandates of gambling games and distinctive skills into consideration. It all commences with a great strategy. 

  • Come up with a healthy gambler’s attitude. You will win some and you will lose some games but it is not the end of the world. If you get annoyed and try to pursue your losses, chances are you might end up losing even more, so be calm at all times. 
  • Although categorized as a game of skill rather than luck, Poker is still a high payout gambling game. The benefit of poker is you can strategize and modify your moves whenever needed. The best gamblers in the world are spectacularly invested in poker games. 
  • Learn the much required mathematical skills to rapidly calculate the possibilities and count cards, select the roulette bets and decide the odds of your success. 
  • Practice uniformity and develop a poker exterior. Majority of skill-based games are played against competitors or the house. You need to be clever to win. Take the instance of the biggest gamblers in the world. You can either keep talking or sit like the world is going to come crashing down. Either way, select a style and be consistent about how you maintain yourself at the tables. 
  • Know the inside and outside of the game. You need to be familiar with the mandates, strategies and accessible tools utilized by popular gamblers. 
  • Finally, only bet what you have. Take some time to practice gambling games on free websites for a while, without cheating. Once your strategies are in place, only then begin playing live gambling, may it be online or offline. 
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If you are willing to put in time to learn and develop your skills, there will be absolutely nothing holding you back from joining in the ranks among the best gamblers in the world. 

Can Kheloo help people to earn money online from playing games? 

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