Meet Sushant Mishra, the cool 22-year-old lefty who’s now rocking it with the Gujarat Titans in the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL). Guess what? He scored big at the auction, bagging a sweet 2.20 crore rupees deal. And, hold your excitement, this auction was not in India but in Dubai – a first-time twist!

Auction Fun: Starting with a base price of 20 lakh rupees, Sushant became the star of the show during a mega bidding war. The Gujarat Titans finally grabbed him for a whopping 2.20 crore rupees! This just proves how the IPL is not just a local sensation but a global cricket carnival.

Impressive Track Record: Sushant has been hitting sixes in first-class matches – 20 wickets in just seven games! Talk about a left-arm pacer with some serious skills. No wonder everyone’s buzzing about his upcoming IPL debut.

Global Significance of IPL: Sushant’s journey is a big deal because it shows how the IPL is not just famous in India – it’s a worldwide cricket party. The fact that the auction went international tells you how massive the IPL has become. It’s the perfect stage for talents like Sushant to shine!

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Sushant Mishra’s Super Cool Cricket Wins

Sushant Mishra has been very successful the local cricket scene. He has proved himself to be a top-notch fast bowler. He has taken a cool 20 wickets in seven games in the first-class arena. One game even saw him grabbing five wickets, and his economy rate (that’s how well he controls runs) is a super cool 4.20.

In List A cricket, a shorter format, Sushant rocked it too – 15 wickets in ten games. And hey, he played for India’s U-19 World Cup squad in 2020. That’s like the Olympics for young cricket champs!

Sushant Mishra’s IPL Adventure

Sushant kicked off as a net bowler for RCB in 2020. After two years of serious grind, SRH noticed his talent in IPL 2022. He jumped on board, making a huge move in his cricket journey. But wait, no actual IPL action for him just yet! Keep those cricket bats on standby!


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