IPL or Indian Premier League has been India’s premier sporting event since its initiation back in 2008. The event is valued at a whopping $15.4 billion and has multiple star performers playing its matches. IPL is the globe’s largest cricket league and has witnessed numerous extraordinary performances. The competition has hosted tons of superstars internationally, but some have shined quite brightly in IPL’s history. And they are regarded as the Baap of IPL cricket. 

This article will be shedding light on the achievements of players who have performed exceptionally in the IPL matches. 

Virat Kohli – Baap of Cricket Batting 

Who is actually the baap of IPL? The actual answer is Virat Kohli. The run machine of IPL, Virat Kohli is the baap of IPL betting because of his prowess on the field. He has an undefeatable record as a batter in the IPL tournament. He has made a whopping 7,263 runs with a standard of 37.25 in 237 matches. Kohli has also been a participant of 3 IPL finals and has been a consistent presence in the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). He has the finest runs in the tournament, with a 478 runs lead. 

Achievements of Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli has been in the IPL since its initiation and has achieved numerous records. Following are some of Kohli’s finest records highlighting his career this far. 

  • With 7,263 runs Virat Kohli has the most IPL runs.
  • The title of the most centuries scored by an Indian in the IPL is also held by him. 
  • During the 2016 IPL season, Kohli scored 963 runs, the most runs scored in a single season. 
  • He has the third most 4’s in the tournament at 646. 
  • He also played the majority of matches as captain of the RCB’s team.
  • He has also made the most runs against the Delhi Capitals team
  • He has also delivered the most runs against Rising Pune Supergiant

Shikhar Dhawan – Baap of Consistency & Father of IPL 

Shikar Dhawan began playing in the IPL right from the very first game as a part of the Delhi Daredevils. He played besides the well-renowned players such as Sehwag, Gambhir and AB de Villiers. Dhawan had a persistent performance for all the seasons he played in the IPL. It achieved him the title of the Baap of the IPL teams in regards to consistency. Dhawan is also the second-highest run-getter in the history of IPL. He has surpassed the finest of cricket superstars and is second only to Virat Kohli. 

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Shikhar Dhawan surpassed his reputation when he was the sole player who delivered straight centuries in IPL 2020. This cricketer has never failed to amaze by having 6,617 runs to his name while scoring 50 half centuries as well as 2 centuries. He also got a max of 106 runs in the IPL. Dhawan has also managed to smash 148 sixes and 750 fours during the duration of his IPL career. 

Achievements of Shikhar Dhawan 

Shikhar Dhawan has managed to achieve multiple impressive records during his time at the IPL. The following are some of the finest records made so far. 

  • Dhawan is the second leading run-scorer in the history of IPL. 
  • He has the most number of 4s made in the history of IPL.
  • He is also among the 6 players scoring numerous hundreds in IPL’s individual season. 
  • He is the first batsman to score back-to-back hundreds. 

MS Dhoni – Baap of the IPL 

What can we truly say about another baap of IPL MS Dhoni. He made his initial IPL appearance back in 2008 and specialises as a wicketkeeper-batter. Dhoni plays for the Chennai Super Kings franchise and has successfully covered 250 matches in his IPL career. He has managed to score 5082 runs with an average of 39.09. His greatest IPL score has been 84 runs while striking 24 half-centuries. He has also hit 349 fours and 239 sixes in his career. 

Dhoni is a crucial part of Indian cricket since he has played in ten finals as CSK’s captain and has successfully won 5. Captain Cool has gotten to this point in his IPL career through his lightning fast reflexes behind the stumps, ability to conclude matches with a flourish as well as shrewd decision-making. 

MS Dhoni is renowned for some of his brilliant performances. And his expertise in cricket is quite apparent through his fielding and batting statistics. Since he mainly played as a wicketkeeper, more focus is placed on his batting rather than bowling. 

Achievements of MS Dhoni 

MS Dhoni has numerous achievements during his IPL career. These are: 

  • MS Dhoni is the sole captain in the IPL T20 tournament to lead his team successfully in the finals ten times. 
  • He has made the most number of 6s for CSK in the IPL. 
  • He also who the most times CSK’s captain title in the Indian Premier League 
  • Dhoni has played the most number of matches for CSK in the IPL. 
  • He has also made the most appearances as captain in the IPL playoffs. 
  • Dhoni has the majority of 6s as captain in the IPL. 

Baap of IPL Team Captain – Rohit Sharma 

Rohit Sharma is also renowned as the Baap of IPL captains because of his feats and winning the trophy 5 times. He broke the code of triumphing the IPL tournament, making Mumbai Indian one of the most consistent as well as successful teams to play the tournament. Sharma is a batter who also debuted in 2008 and has so far played 243 matches ever since. He has excellent striking abilities, particularly in the shorter format. 

He is another person who can be well recognized as a baap of IPL teams as he has quite successfully led his team to triumph so many times. He was among one of the most consistent batters for the Deccan Charges in IPL’s initial 3 seasons. He was also incredibly instrumental in his former franchise, where the team won the 2009 IPL title. But SHarma has been a substantial part of the Mumbai Indians team since 2011. 

Rohit is among one of the most successful batters in the history of IPL and he has created extraordinary statistical records during his time. 

Achievements of Rohit Sharma 

Below are some of Sharma’s greatest achievements in the IPL tournament. 

  • Rohit is one of the 4 players who has successfully made over 5,000 runs in IPL
  • One of the most victorious skippers, taking home 5 IPL trophies.
  • He is also MI’s finest fielders in the IPL. 

Baap of Bowling – Jasprit Bumrah 

No. 1 Indian bowler across all formats is Jasprit Bumrah. He is the baap of bowling who has made brilliant progress via unconventional action. Bumrah transitioned from white-ball to red-ball cricket, with 5 wicket hauls in South Africa, Australia and England. He has played with MI even since his initiation into the tournament. 

Bumrah is also the 11th player with the most number of wickets in the IPL. Boom Boom Bumrah was a part of Mumbai Indians when they won their 5 IPL trophies and he showcased a lethal upfront with his seam, swing and zip. With a strike rate of 18.78 he has 145 wickets and 119 IPL innings. The boop of bowling plays an excellent role in limiting the batters with this pace and control, which is exactly why he is ranked among the world’s quickest bowlers. He is also one of the most preferred players for online IPL betting.

Achievements of Jasprit Bumrah 

Bumrah had an illustrious career as a bowler but has also achieved numerous records during this period. Following are some of his finest achievements and records. 

  • Jasprit Bumrah has received the most titles as a player. 
  • He also has the 2nd most wickets for Mumbai Indians. 
  • He also has the 2nd finest bowling figures for MI.
  • He also has the 5th finest bowling figures in the IPL tournament 

Baap of Consistent Openers – Shubman Gill 

Shubman Gill is a young cricketer backed by legends such as Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. He is considered to be the next major thing in Indian cricket, and Gill has swiftly risen the ranks at the tender age of 24. He was Vice-captain and brought home the U-19 World Cup 2018. It was then he caught the selectors’ attention and offered the opening spot for India’s leading choice. 

He is considered the Baap of consistent openers and launched his IPL in 2018. He has so far played 91 matches and has become a batter by playing for the KKR team. KKR’s team management has seen significant betting potential in him, but during the 2022 TATA IPL Auction, he was bought by the Gujarat Titans. There, he displayed his capabilities and flair as a premier batter. 

Achievements of Shubman Gill

Gill is a new player in the IPL who has newly begun achieving records. He won the IPL 2023 Orange Cap after playing 17 matches and getting 890 runs this season. Shubman Gill had a brilliant form at the tournament’s conclusion when he smashed 3 centuries in the season’s earlier 5 games. Gill also set a record for being the 2 highest run tally in an individual edition by a better of the tournament. 

Baap of Innovative Strokeplay – Surya Kumar Yadav 

Surya Yadav is a better who made his debut in 2012 and has so far played 139 matches. He is the no.1 ranked player with a whopping 910 points in the T20 International. He is also renowned as SKY and is the 2nd MI player with a score which is above 600. The baap of innovative strokeplay achieved the feat with an average of 43.21 runs and an excellent strike rate of over 180. He is also thought of as the Bapp of IPL cricket. 

Achievements of Surya Kumar Yadav 

  • SKY has made excellent strides after joining Mumbai Indian from KKR. and with this new role in the team, he flared and became a much better player in every way. 

Team List of the IPL 2024 

A sum of 10 teams will take part in this IPL season. Following is the IPL 2024 Team List that will take part in the IPL match in 2024. 

Team List of the IPL 2024Captains 
Gujrat TitansShubman Gill
Royal Challengers BangaloreFaf du Plessis
Lucknow Super GiantsKL Rahul
Sunrisers HyderabadKane Williamson
Rajasthan RoyalsSanju Samson
Delhi CapitalsRishabh Pant / David Warner
Punjab KingsMayank Agarwal
Chennai Super Kings (CSK)Mahendra Singh dhoni
Kolkata Knights RidersShreyas Iyer 
Mumbai IndiansRohit Sharma


The list mentioned above is open to some debate. A few supporters will have separate views, but this is what the most have determined. MS Dhoni is one of the most famous cricketers in the game and it’s quite easy to see why he’s considered as the overall Baap. 

MSD could have also had a claim to the captaincy Baap title. He’s led some victorious Chennai Super Kings sides, but he cannot quite parallel the achievements of Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma. 

It’s also tough to argue with the theory that Virat Kohli is the Baap in the Indian Premier League betting. He is the top run scorer and he had that brilliant 973-run season during the 2016 edition. 

The other names are maybe slightly more debatable but Shikhar Dhawan has without a doubt been consistent, and I’m quite sure that Jasprit Bumrah will be the all-time IPL dominating wicket taker by the time he concludes his career. 

Furthermore, the IPL tournament has continued for the last 17 years and numerous players have become household names during its reign. All the baaps of the IPL cricket mentioned above are cricketers with sensational figures and success. But a couple are still making their market in the sport, especially in tournaments. Taking part in Kheloo’s IPL betting online and bet on the finest players who have consistently performed splendidly and offered their competitors a tough time. 

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  1. Who is the Godfather of the IPL? 
    Mr. Lalit Kumar Modi has been IPL’s godfather since he established the tournament back in 2008. But others such as Anil Kumble, Sourav Ganguly and later on Shane Warne also very much deserve the spot for the father of IPL. 
  2. Who is considered the father of the IPL team?
    MS Dhoni is considered the father of the IPL teams since he has taken part in nearly all of the IPL finals. 
  3. Who is the finest baap of the IPL? 
    Virat Kohli is the finest baap of IPL because of his statistics, and he has worked extremely hard over the years to become the leading man in the tournament. Kohli’s leadership skills are applauded by seasoned players internationally, and he can definitely take IPL to greater heights. 
  4. Who is the father of cricket? 
    Rohit Sharma is the father of Indian cricket as he has quite successfully led his team in the tournament’s history. 
  5. Which is the IPL’s finest team? 
    IPL has tons of amazing teams that have hosted influential cricketers, but Chennai Super Kings are the governing supreme. It makes them the finest team, but Mumbai Indians are also excellent because of their 5 championships. 
  6. Who is known as the father of IPL? 
    Virat Kohli is like the big boss, but don’t forget MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. They are all superstars, each offering their very own style to the game! 

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