Cricket fans around the world often find themselves discussing two exceptional players: Babar Azam and Virat Kohli. Both are cricketing stalwarts with unique styles and records that have left an indelible mark on the sport. In this article, we’ll delve into their cricketing journeys, examine their playing styles, and explore their impact on their respective teams.


Debut Timelines: From Novice to Superstar

Let’s begin with their debut timelines. Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket sensation, stepped onto the international stage in 2008, while Babar Azam, the emerging star from Pakistan, made his debut in 2015. Despite a considerable time gap, Babar Azam’s rapid rise has drawn comparisons to Kohli’s early days.

ODI Dominance: Kohli’s Reign and Babar’s Ascent

One of the most fascinating aspects of their careers is the One-Day International (ODI) format. Kohli’s dominance was evident from August 2017 to April 2021 when he held the ODI ranking’s top spot for an astounding 1,258 days. However, Babar Azam ended his reign on April 19, 2021, showcasing his prowess in the 50-over format.

ODI Statistics:

PlayerMatchesRunsAverageStrike RateCenturiesFifties
Virat Kohli27112,80957.6993.774664
Babar Azam954,81359.4189.031724

Babar Azam’s remarkable consistency in ODIs, reflected in his impressive average, has made him a force to be reckoned with. However, Kohli’s astounding century count remains unparalleled.

T20I Duel: Swift and Spectacular

In the fast-paced world of T20 Internationals (T20Is), both Kohli and Babar have showcased their batting prowess, but Kohli has played more matches.

T20I Statistics:

PlayerMatchesRunsAverageStrike RateCenturiesFifties
Virat Kohli1154,00852.73137.96137
Babar Azam993,35541.41127.80230

Virat Kohli’s higher average and century count in T20Is highlight his adaptability across formats. Babar Azam, while slightly behind in terms of runs, has shown immense promise in this rapid format.

Test Cricket: The Ultimate Challenge

Test cricket is often considered the pinnacle of the sport, testing a cricketer’s skill, patience, and endurance. In this format, Virat Kohli holds a significant lead in terms of runs scored.

Test Statistics:

PlayerMatchesRunsAverageStrike RateCenturiesFifties
Virat Kohli1088,41648.9355.332828
Babar Azam473,69648.6355.02926

Kohli’s extensive experience and remarkable century count in Test cricket make him a true legend. Babar Azam, with fewer matches under his belt, has displayed promise as a Test batsman, drawing comparisons to Kohli in his early Test career.

Captaincy Records: Leading from the Front

Both Babar Azam and Virat Kohli have embraced captaincy roles in various formats, guiding their teams with distinction.

T20I Captaincy: Babar’s Brilliance and Kohli’s Tenure

In T20Is, Babar Azam has led from the front, boasting more wins and runs than Kohli during their respective captaincy tenures.

T20I Captaincy Statistics:

Babar Azam6640212,065
Virat Kohli5030161,570

Babar Azam’s successful T20I captaincy stint reflects his ability to inspire the Pakistani team with both leadership and batting contributions.

Virat Kohli, during his T20I captaincy, showcased his leadership skills, batting performances, and ability to handle dual responsibilities with finesse.

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Test and ODI Captaincy: Kohli’s Legacy

Kohli’s extensive captaincy experience in Test and ODI cricket has resulted in impressive win records.

Test Captaincy Statistics:

Babar Azam1886
Virat Kohli684017

Kohli’s leadership in Test cricket reflects his ability to instill a winning mindset and lead the Indian team to numerous victories.

ODI Captaincy Statistics:

Babar Azam21137
Virat Kohli956527

Virat Kohli’s remarkable ODI captaincy record, marked by a significantly higher win percentage, highlights his leadership prowess in the 50-over format.

Conclusion: Cricket’s Modern Giants

In conclusion, Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are cricketing giants, each with their unique strengths and records. Kohli’s consistency, extraordinary century count, and extensive captaincy experience have solidified his status as one of the cricketing greats.

On the other hand, Babar Azam’s rapid rise, impressive averages, and promising captaincy achievements make him a rising star in the cricketing world. As they continue their respective journeys, cricket enthusiasts can only look forward to witnessing more extraordinary performances from these two modern legends.

The debate between these cricketing giants will continue to captivate fans worldwide, celebrating the diversity of talent and the passion for cricket that unites fans across borders.


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