The big talk about the football money bubble bursting soon hasn’t really come true.

Remember the big plan for a European Super League? People hated the idea, but surprisingly, its effects didn’t cause chaos.

The richest football clubs make hundreds of millions each year. Players and transfer fees keep skyrocketing, just like how more people are tuning in to watch matches.

The crazy amounts of cash in these clubs, often tied to betting, are hard to grasp.

Unveiling the Money Giants

Now lets us see the richest football clubs of 2023. Get ready to see the list of the top 10 clubs with the most money.

According to Deloitte Money League –  Manchester City stays is at the top place of the wealthiest club. They’re making even more money every year and dominating on the field, thanks to support from Abu Dhabi.

Real Madrid grabs second place, but there’s a shakeup behind them. Liverpool sneaks into third, while Manchester United climbs to fourth. Bayern Munich slips to sixth, and PSG moves up to fifth.

The World’s Top 20 Richest Clubs of 2023

Premier League Reigns

Not a surprise—the Premier League owns this list. With huge TV deals and fans worldwide, it has 11 of the richest 20 clubs, three in the top four.

Challenges for Big Clubs

Most super clubs stay at the top, except for Barcelona. They’re facing money issues and have dropped from first in 2021 to seventh now.

Europe’s Presence

Spain and Italy each have three clubs here, but no Serie A team hits the top 10. PSG stands out in France as the only big team.

Ligue 1 Divide

PSG’s on top, showing the big money gap in Ligue 1.

Who Made How Much?

See the 20 richest clubs based on how much money they made in 2023:

  1. Manchester City – £541.6 million
  2. Real Madrid – £528.8 million
  3. Liverpool – £519.9 million
  4. Manchester United – £510.2 million
  5. PSG – £484.6 million
  6. Bayern Munich – £484.2 million
  7. Barcelona – £472.8 million
  8. Chelsea – £421 million
  9. Tottenham – £387.4 million
  10. Arsenal – £321.1 million
  11. Juventus – £296.8 million
  12. Atletico Madrid – £291.8 million
  13. Borussia Dortmund – £264.4 million
  14. Inter – £228.5 million
  15. West Ham – £223.2 million
  16. Milan – £196.3 million
  17. Leicester – £186.9 million
  18. Leeds – £165.5 million
  19. Everton – £158.3 million
  20. Newcastle – £157.3 million

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Tottenham’s Money Adventure – £389.20 Million

Tottenham as it was having a tough time happened to miss out on the Champions League. During the years 2020-21 and 2021-22. But when Antonio Conte came in everything started to change. They even got Harry Kane back and got into Europe’s top league in 2022.

Behind but Catching Up

Tottenham isn’t as huge as the top Premier League clubs in business stuff, but surprise! In 2022, they made more money than Arsenal.

Getting Tougher

Because they’re doing well with money. Their new player now are Dejan Kulusevski, Richarlison, Yves Bissouma, Cristian Romero, and Rodrigo Bentancur in 2022. They’re getting stronger!

Juventus’ Fall – £414.99 Million

From the Top to Fourth

Juventus used to dominate Serie A but slipped in 2020 and kept ending up in fourth place.

Still Rich in Italy

Even though they struggled on the field, Juventus made the most money among Serie A clubs in 2022. Inter and Milan were the only others in the top 20.

Troubles Brewing

Losing players like Matthijs de Ligt and a scandal about player values hurt them. In January 2023, they got a big points deduction, which might hit their money in 2023.

Chelsea’s Bumpy Journey – £472.20 Million

Storms Amidst Success

Chelsea still made a lot of money though it had a very tough 20200-23 season. Their cash flow came from playing in the Champions League, strong sponsorships, and having loads of fans.

A Time of Change

Roman Abramovich had to sell the club, and that brought big changes. Under Todd Boehly’s leadership, Chelsea’s going through a wild but ambitious shift.

Off-Field Drama

Their game might not be top-notch, but what’s happening behind the scenes is pretty interesting.

Liverpool’s Steady Challenge – £526.99 Million

Ups and Downs

After a great 2021-22 season, Liverpool had some uncertainty. People talked about changes in ownership and the team’s performance dropping.

New Beginnings

They might need to refresh their squad and there’s talk about Jurgen Klopp’s future. Liverpool might be getting ready for a change after competing hard for years.

PSG’s Financial Firepower – £532.63 Million

In a League of Their Own

PSG stands way ahead of other Ligue 1 teams financially. People betting on matches often think PSG, led by Christophe Galtier, will win big.

The Qatar Connection

Their close ties to Qatar’s government always stir up trouble. People talk a lot about how much money they get and where it comes from.

Rising to the Top

Because of all their cash, PSG is a big deal in European football. They’ve got one of the best forward lines ever.

Chasing Champions League Dreams

Even with all their money, PSG hasn’t won the Champions League. They had a bad exit in the last 16 in 2022.

Manchester United’s Money Game – £534.25 Million

A Crazy Year

Man United had a rollercoaster 2022—starting off rough but getting better later on.

Big Business

Even with trouble on the field after Sir Alex Ferguson, Man United still makes loads of money. They’re fifth on the money list.

New Life with Erik ten Hag

Starting 2023, United’s feeling fresh without Cristiano Ronaldo. With Erik ten Hag leading, they’re playing better.

Barcelona’s Money Issues – £557.61 Million

Struggling but Standing

Barcelona’s got money problems and some issues with player stuff, but they still made a lot in 2022—coming fourth in money made.

Getting Back on Track

With Xavi in charge and new players, Barcelona’s getting stronger on the field again.

Bayern Munich’s Financial Strength – £585.01 Million

Bossing German Football

Bayern’s been the kings of the Bundesliga for ages. They made almost double the money Borussia Dortmund did in 2022.

Money and Wins Go Together

Just like PSG, Bayern’s money power matches their skill on the field. Even though they had some weak moments in 2022-23, they still win a lot.

Nagelsmann’s Challenges at Bayern

Julian Nagelsmann’s feeling the heat, especially after losing Robert Lewandowski. But they’re still big in the Champions League.

Real Madrid’s Financial Feat – £613.21 Million

Winning Through Changes

Real Madrid had an awesome 2022, grabbing another Champions League and La Liga title. Carlo Ancelotti did a great job managing the team.

Smart Transfers

Real Madrid’s changing up their squad. They’re picking players like Antonio Rudiger and Aurelien Tchouameni based on what they can do, not just their fame.

Manchester City’s Mega Money – £617.24 Million

Riches Over Fans

Man City might not have tons of fans around the world, but they’ve got loads of money. They’re up there with the richest clubs globally.

Big Changes with New Bosses

Since new folks took over, City’s totally different. Under Pep Guardiola, they’re a big deal in football now.

World Football Giants

Just like Guardiola’s old teams at Barcelona, City’s setting the standards for everyone else. Winning the Champions League seems like something they’ll definitely do.

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The Richest Clubs in 2022

Premier League’s Money Power

Four of the eight richest clubs in 2022 were from the Premier League. But only Manchester’s clubs were in the top six.

Europe’s Presence

Liverpool and Chelsea were up there too, along with Juventus standing out from Italy. The two teams from North London were close behind Juventus.

Other Leagues in the Mix

Borussia Dortmund was the second team from Germany, following the big six from the Premier League. Atletico Madrid represented La Liga, just beating Inter.

Strength in Numbers for the Premier League

The bottom six teams showed how strong the Premier League is financially. Five out of those last six were from England’s top tier. Zenit was the only Russian team on the list.

The Richest Clubs based on their Revenue

Here are the top 20 richest clubs in 2022.

  1. Manchester City – £564.2 million
  2. Real Madrid – £560.5 million
  3. Bayern Munich – £534.9 million
  4. Barcelona – £509.2 million
  5. Manchester United – £488.1 million
  6. PSG – £486.6 million
  7. Liverpool – £481.5 million
  8. Chelsea – £431.4 million
  9. Juventus – £379.2 million
  10. Tottenham – £355.3 million
  11. Arsenal – £320.6 million
  12. Borussia Dortmund – £295.3 million
  13. Atletico Madrid – £291.1 million
  14. Inter – £289.5 million
  15. Leicester – £223.5 million
  16. West Ham – £193.8 million
  17. Wolves – £191.8 million
  18. Everton – £190.8 million
  19. Zenit – £185.5 million
  20. Aston Villa – £181.3 million (All amounts changed from EUR to GBP on November 16, 2023.)

Looking into the football money scene of 2023, things were buzzing with changes. You had Manchester City sitting high up, Real Madrid not far behind, showing how money and winning dance together. And guess what? The Premier League brought a whopping 11 clubs into the top 20 list. 

But big ones like Barcelona and Juventus hit some rough patches, waving flags about money matters. It’s like even these long-standing giants needed to mind their cash game. Switch-ups in who’s calling the shots, talks about refreshing the squad, and some behind-the-scenes drama spiced up the money talk, highlighting how money and success tango together.

Here’s the kicker: having loads of cash doesn’t automatically mean grabbing trophies. Sure, it helps lay a solid groundwork, but clubs that nailed the balancing act between money smarts and building a killer team were the ones cruising through the competitive football jungle.

In a nutshell, 2023 once again put on display the intricate steps of making money, keeping things steady, and bagging wins in football’s modern saga. It’s like having a big wallet sets the stage, but to really own the game, you need a smart strategy that blends your football dreams, sharp money moves, and wise decisions. That’s the real winning recipe in this wild and competitive football world.


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