Would you wish to play games on your mobile for fun and also earn some cash bonuses? Who doesn’t wish to, right?  In the contemporary era, mobile games have not just remained as a pastime but have become a fun way to earn real money. There are thousands of games ranging from Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, cricket, rummy, carrom, and ludo, to fruit basket, Call of Duty, and many more. All you need is a phone and a good internet connection and you are ready to dive into the world of gaming.

Mobile Gaming for Real Money: 2024’s Best Apps

As easy and fun as it sounds, it is always important to check for genuine reviews before exploring such games. With diligent research and consideration, you can choose a game that will earn you a good amount of money. This blog will bring to you the top websites/apps and games to earn money. Let us delve into it-

App/ Website NameGames You Can PlayRatingTotal Installs
Rummy circlePoints Rummy, Deal Rummy, Pool Rummy4.2 stars10M +
MPLCasual games, Fantasy sports, Card games4.1 stars5M +
GamezyFantasy sports, Card games, Casual games3.5 stars1M +
KhelooCasino games, Casual games, Crash games4.3 stars1K+
Carrom ClashCarrom games and tournaments3.9 stars50K +
Ludo NinjaLudo games3.8 stars5K +
Dream 11Fantasy sports4.0 stars50M +
LocoCasual games, FIFA, FPS games, Card games3.6 stars10M +
GamethonSolitaire, Cricket, Carrom, Casual games
WinzoCasual games, Fantasy sports
Paytm First GamesCard games, Casual games, Fantasy sports3.2 stars1M +
QurekaLive quiz games3.8 stars10M +

1. Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is one of the top rummy platforms in India. It offers games like Points, Deal, and Pool rummy. Players can either indulge in free rummy or cash rummy by entering live tournaments. Huge and exciting welcome and referral bonuses for players. First-time players can check out the ‘how to play rummy’ section to get the essence of the game. Payments can be withdrawn by heading to the main menu and clicking on withdraw cash. Note that your KYC and PAN card must be verified to draw money from your rummy account.

  • Welcome bonus: The player is eligible for a 100% bonus while adding cash for the first time. Offer valid only on first deposits made using online payment options. The validity of the offer is 30 days. The bonus is disbursed in eighty chunks. If 2000 is added to your account, you are eligible for a total bonus of 2000 which you will receive in eighty chunks of Rs 25 each. The first chunk will be disbursed when you play for a Rs 250 match and so on until the Rs 2000 is deposited.
  • Referral bonus: A total bonus of 500 can be earned by referring a friend. You can earn every time your friend plays a cash tournament. Rs 50, the first chunk of your earning will be disbursed when your friend plays for Rs 350 match and you can go on to get 9 chunks of Rs 50 for every additional Rs 333 match that your friend plays.
  • Pros: Convenient way of playing which allows you to play from anywhere without the need to travel. You can play with any player from professionals to amateurs which is another advantage. A lot of exciting offers and bonuses for all the players. 
  • Cons: It’s a very addictive game and the offers and earnings make people go crazy and make irrational decisions. Every player needs a phone and a stable internet connection.

2. MPL

MPL is one of the most popular gaming platforms in India. It offers a huge array of games to earn free Paytm cash ranging from card games, puzzle games, fantasy sports, poker, rummy, and many more. KYC verification must be completed before withdrawing or transferring your money from your MPL account to your bank account. Verification is mandatory only for cash withdrawals and not to join any tournaments.

  • Welcome bonus: A welcome bonus of Rs 50 is received upon signing up on MPL using a referral code. Sign up to get a bonus of Rs 75. You are also eligible to receive 20 tokens as a welcome gift while logging into the app.
  • Referral bonus: You receive a Rs 75 bonus when your friend signs up to the MPL app using your referral code. You will also get a 50% share in your friend’s initial investment with a maximum bonus amounting to Rs 75. You can earn up to Rs 7,500 from each referred friend hence make the most use of it. Refer as many friends as you can.
  • Pros: A diverse range of games to play and win huge cash prizes. Easy and safe withdrawal options via Paytm, UPI, or bank transfer.
  • Cons: While playing certain games, there are chances of you facing some technical glitches. The strong competition from other players can sometimes be stressful. 

3. Gamezy

Gamezy is yet another gaming platform offering several games like Ludo, rummy, fantasy sports, casual games, and a lot more. The platform offers free games, cash games, as well as tournaments. Instant withdrawals are available and the minimum withdrawal limit is Rs.25. You can withdraw up to 2 lakh rupees. KYC verification is a must. 

  • Welcome bonus: You can receive up to a 200% welcome bonus. The maximum bonus you are eligible for is up to Rs.12,0000 + Rs. 175 extra Cash.
  • Referral bonus: Earn up to Rs 12516 cash if your friend joins through your referral link and plays games of more than Rs 5 lakh within 30th Sept. 
  • Pros: It is a very easy-to-use platform offering multiple team options. Exciting prizes with fast and easy withdrawal options.
  • Cons: There isn’t an option for live chat and no email ID is provided for support 

4. Kheloo

Kheloo is one of the best platforms for casino games, casual games, crash games relaxing games, and many others. A wide range of games including live games makes it a perfect platform for pastime. Monopoly, Teen Patti, Roulette, Blackjack, and Andar Bahar are some of the top-rated games on this platform. Simple and easy withdrawals that require you to go to your Kheloo account and click on ‘Withdraws’ under the profile tab, put your bank details and the amount you want to withdraw.

  • Welcome bonus: Kheloo Casino Welcome bonus offers all its new players a bonus of Rs 50,000 provided they have deposited the minimum amount which is Rs 500 to activate this offer. Additional offers include 50 free spins on certain slot games and a Rs 500 sports free bet if you deposit more than Rs 100. The validity of the bonus is 30 days. Sports welcome bonus for all the sports bettors includes a live casino free bet of Rs 500 on a deposit of Rs 500. You can get up to Rs 10,000 in free sports bets based on your deposit amount. The validity of the bonus is 8 days. Some other bonuses include free spins throughout the year, deposit bonuses, cashback, and more.
  • Referral bonus: Earn up to 20,000 bonus if your friend joins using your referral link. Refer many friends to earn great profits.
  • Pros: Kheloo is a licensed and secure software that ensures player’s data and funds protection. Players have the liberty to choose from a diverse range of games which makes it a very interesting platform. It has a very user-friendly interface and an active customer support system.
  • Cons: Some of the offers might be difficult to comprehend for the players and they might end up perceiving it as something else. 

5. Carrom Clash

Carrom Clash is a paradise for all the carrom lovers out there. It offers a one-on-one format where you get the chance to play against real players from all over the world. Tournaments for professional players to showcase their skills and earn real money. A certain amount is charged for you to enter tournaments and you can transfer your earnings to your Paytm wallet.  

  • Welcome bonus: N/A
  • Referral bonus: N/A
  • Pros: This platform brings back the traditional board game of Carrom, and with regular developments and updates it makes the player’s experience even better. The platform assures healthy competition and fair gameplay.
  • Cons: A good network connection is required for an uninterrupted playing experience. The app promotes a lot of in-app purchases which influences the players to spend more.

6. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is one of the finest Ludo games to earn money. If you are someone who doesn’t like Ludo because of how long it takes to get over, this is the perfect game for you. This game is designed in a way where each player gets only 24 moves to win the game. You will have to strategize and win this within the limited moves available to you which makes it the best and fast-paced game to earn money.

  • Welcome bonus: Earn up to Rs 100 as a sign-up bonus.
  • Referral bonus: Players are eligible for up to Rs 30 referral bonus
  • Pros: You can take the fresh and fun experience of the traditional ludo board game from anywhere. Players have the option to play with friends or family as well as other unknown players.
  • Cons: A slight network loss ruins the whole gaming experience. You have to make a lot of in-app purchases to add features to your game.

7. Dream 11

Dream 11 is yet another top gaming app for fantasy sports. It consists of several games like cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and kabaddi. Players can either play individually or team up with other players to play for a tournament or a big or small prize pool. 

  • Welcome bonus: A sign-up bonus of Rs 500 is offered for first-time players.
  • Referral bonus: Rs 100 can be earned every time a friend joins using your referral code. 
  • Pros: It’s very easy and convenient to start using the app. You can play your favorite fantasy sports from anywhere and you do not need to worry about its credibility.
  • Cons: A very addictive game where the huge competition can sometimes be discouraging. There are certain cashout issues as well which makes the withdrawal process slightly complicated. 

8. Loco

Loco is the perfect platform for you if you love live-streaming. Here you can not only play games like Counter-strike, FIFA, Call of Duty, and others but also stream or watch other live streams. Along with these, there are many other games like Carrom, Pool, ludo, and other casual games. You either opt for single-player or multiplayer battles. You can redeem your earnings at any point of the day from the loco app itself.

  • Welcome bonus: All the new players get a signup bonus in the form of Loco gold. 5 gold is offered to new joiners.
  • Referral bonus: For every friend that joins using your referral link, you get a bonus of 30 gold. Other rewards include Amazon vouchers and more.
  • Pros: A simple-to-use platform with the features necessary for live streaming. You can earn money by live streaming or watching streams. A variety of games are available for streamers as well as casual game players.
  • Cons: It has a limited feature set and some technical glitches and bugs ruin the player experience. Payment procedures sometimes take too long to process.  

9. Gamethon

Gamethon is the platform for people who still love games from the good old days. 8 ball pool, Solitaire, and Fruit Blast are some of the classic games included in this platform. A recent update has added games like Ludo, Carrom, and Online Cricket which makes it one of the best platforms for earning money while having fun. Cash can be withdrawn easily by following the steps mentioned on the website under the ‘withdraw cash’ section.

  • Welcome bonus: This platform offers a sign-up bonus of Rs 100.
  • Referral bonus: Invite friends via the referral code and for each one who joins, you get a bonus of Rs 30. 
  • Pros: It is a platform for single-player games and there are no bots. You can earn good money by scoring high points and the cash redemption process is quick and easy.
  • Cons: You cannot play with your friends or other players as a team. Some bugs and glitches contribute to the cons of this platform.

10. Winzo

Winzo is another top-rated platform offering over 70 different games including cricket, Ludo, Football, Mr. Racer, Bubble Shooter, and many more. Another exciting feature of this platform is that it supports over 10 Indian languages which makes it very user-friendly. A small entry fee is required for all the games. Users can withdraw their winning amount directly into their bank accounts due to their tie-ups with all the prominent payment and digital wallet apps. 

  • Welcome bonus: Winzo offers a sign-up bonus of Rs 550. Players are also eligible for 100% cashback on the first deposit.
  • Referral bonus: For each successful referral earn cash up to Rs 55. 
  • Pros: You can choose from a variety of games and earn real money. It has a convenient and player-friendly interface. 
  • Cons: You might face huge losses if you are unable to compete and perform well in the games. Customer support is not very great which might create problems during withdrawals.

11. Paytm first games

Paytm first games include a variety of games and activities including Rummy, Poker, and Fantasy sports, among many others. An entry fee is required to start playing. Since it’s a Paytm-developed app, players can directly redeem their earnings in their Paytm wallets. All you have to do is link the game app with your registered Paytm number. Minimum earnings should be Rs.100 to withdraw the amount. 

  • Welcome bonus: A sign-up bonus of Rs 50 is offered for first-time players.
  • Referral bonus: Up to Rs 500 referral bonus is offered. You and your friend both have a chance to win Rs 500 each time a friend joins using the referral link. 
  • Pros: There are a lot of interesting contests to win huge cash prizes. One of the best features is the quick credit and instant safe redeption of the cash amount.
  • Cons: The cash rewards for certain mega contests are too small. The loading time of the app is too long which is one of the disadvantages. 

12. Qureka

Qureka is one of the best games for all the quiz masters. You will get to play a live quiz every hour on various topics including GK, Maths, English, and others. You stand a chance to win Paytm cash worth 25 quizzes every day. Play with your friends or online players and earn real money while testing and improving your knowledge. 

  • Welcome bonus: N/A
  • Referral bonus: Get 50% cashback by joining your friends through your referral code. 
  • Pros: It is a free quiz contest where you don’t need to pay any entry fees. It has a user-friendly interface the cash withdrawals are easy and secure.
  • Cons: The cash rewards are very low. If you face any network issues you run out of time and are declared disqualified.

Our top 5 picks for the best mobile games to earn money-

  • Poker: Earn by playing the people’s favorite card game. Poker is available on almost all gaming sites. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play with real players from anywhere during your leisure time.  
  • Ludo: An easy and relaxing game for all the fun-loving gamers who want stress-free play. Strategize your game, roll your dice, and have a fun play and earn experience.
  • Rummy: Yet another crowd’s favorite game to play at your convenience. A beginner-friendly card game with an interesting gaming experience from the comfort of your home.
  • Blackjack: The easiest card game for all casino card game lovers. Make informed decisions and have a thrilling experience of casino games without the need to go to a set venue.  
  • Snake and Ladders: Reminisce your childhood with the classic snake and ladders game. Play this easy and joyful, rollercoaster kind of game to earn cash rewards. 

Let’s sum it up –

There’s an ocean of online gaming platforms available all over the internet. It is very important to check for all the details before investing your time and money in any platform. The first important thing is to identify the game genre you excel in and are interested in. Next, research the top platforms offering those games and go through genuine reviews for some in-depth knowledge. Choose the platform carefully and you are good to go. With practice and experience, you can be a pro gamer who has fun for a living.

Kheloo is one of the trusted platforms for the best online casino games to win money. It has the best online blackjack, online roulette, online cricket betting, horse racing betting, and many other similar games. From traditional card games to modern interactive slot games, Kheloo has it all. Besides, it has many other casual games to chill and relax making it the perfect gaming platform. 


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