Hey, cricket fans! Ever seen bowlers throwing the ball like super rockets? That is what you call as fast bowling. And it’s something that makes cricket super exciting! Now gear up and let us see the top 10 fastest cricket balls ever thrown. It’s like a crazy ride of speed moments!

The list of 10 Fastest Cricket Bowlers with Delivery Speeds

PlayerSpeed (km/h)Speed (mph)
Shoaib Akhtar161.3100.23
Shaun Tait161.1100.14
Brett Lee161.1100.14
Jeff Thomson160.699.66
Mitchell Starc160.499.57
Andy Roberts159.599.12
Fidel Edwards157.797.94
Mitchell Johnson156.897.49
Mohd. Sami156.497.18
Shane Bond156.497.18

The list of top 10 Fastest Bowlers with Quickest Deliveries 

BowlerSpeed (km/hr)Speed (mph)CountryOpponentYear
Shoaib Akhtar161.3100.2PakistanEngland2003
Shaun Tait161.1100.1AustraliaEngland2010
Brett Lee161.1100.1AustraliaNew Zealand2005
Jeffrey Thomson160.699.8AustraliaWest Indies1975
Mitchell Starc160.499.7AustraliaNew Zealand2015
Andy Roberts159.599.1West IndiesAustralia1975
Fidel Edwards157.797.9West IndiesSouth Africa2003
Mitchell Johnson156.897.4AustraliaEngland2013
Mohd. Sami156.497.1PakistanZimbabwe2003
Shane Bond156.497.1New ZealandIndia2003

Wow! These cricket players are super fast!

  • Shoaib Akhtar is like a super speedy train. In 2003, he threw the ball SO fast, it was like chasing a race car! Even the best cricket players get a little scared!
  • Brett Lee throws the ball super fast too, in 2005, his throw was almost as fast as Shoaib’s! It makes the game extra exciting!
  • Shaun Tait is an Aussie player who throws really fast and really accurately. Imagine a super fast rollercoaster throwing the ball at the wickets! Cricket with Shaun is like a fun mix of loud noises and bright lights!
  • Jeff Thomson was really fast way back in 1975! He threw the ball almost as fast as Shaun! People had never seen anything like it before!
  • Mitchell Starc – The Modern Speedster The left-arm wonder terrifying batsmen. His fifth-fastest ball at 160.4 km/h (99.57 mph) in 2015 was like a lightning bolt, proving he’s a nightmare for batters, and fans were like, “Is this real life or a cricket video game?”
  • Andy Roberts – The Bouncer King In 1975, Andy Roberts ruled with deadly bouncers and crazy pace. His sixth-fastest ball at 159.5 km/h (99.12 mph) against Australia was like a power blast, leaving everyone amazed at his bowling skills, and they were like, “Did you see that?!”
  • Fidel Edwards – West Indies’ Speed Star From the West Indies, Fidel Edwards was all about fiery speed and perfect accuracy. His seventh-fastest ball at 157.7 km/h (97.94 mph) in 2003 was like a rocket, making batsmen dance to his tunes, and people were like, “How does he do that so perfectly?”
  • Mitchell Johnson – Lefty Magic Australia’s Mitchell Johnson, the lefty with magical swings, made history. His eighth-fastest ball at 156.8 km/h (97.49 mph) in 2013 was like a cricket spell, making opponents scratch their heads, thinking, “Is there some lefty magic potion?”
  • Shane Bond is from New Zealand and throws the ball super fast! Boom! His throw was like a loud thunder exploding in the stadium!
  • Lasith Malinga throws the ball in a special way, kind of like a sling! In 2011, he threw a really fast ball that looked like it was dancing! Everyone watching was amazed!

In the cricket world, these speed champs wrote their names in history books. Batsmen and fans couldn’t believe the craziness of their throws. The legacy of these bowling masters still echoes in the cricketing world!

Top 5 Speediest Bowlers

Cricket fans, listen up! Buckle up for a super-fast ride through the Indian T20 cricket league! We’re gonna meet the TOP 5 SPEEDIEST bowlers who make the games super exciting!

  1. Umran Malik: This superhero from Hyderabad throws the ball SO FAST in the games, it’s like thunder! He throws way faster than 150 kilometers per hour on average! Wowza!
  2. Speedy Squad: We also have a super squad of fast bowlers! Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav, and Mohammed Siraj are all so fast, they can even play speed games with the best players from other countries!

Super Speed Showdown: Top 5 Sonic Bowlers in India

RankBowlerSpeed (km/hr)Year
1Umran Malik1572022
2Irfan Pathan153.72007
3Mohammed Shami153.32014
4Jasprit Bumrah153.262018
5Navdeep Saini152.852019

In the Indian T20 cricket games:

  • Shaun Tait threw a super-fast ball in 2011, zooming at 157.7 kilometers per hour! That’s really fast!
  • Lockie Ferguson threw a ball almost as fast as a rocket in 2023! It went 154.1 kilometers per hour! Wow!
BowlerSpeed (km/hr)Season
Shaun Tait157.72011
Lockie Ferguson157.32022
Umran Malik1572022
Anrich Nortje156.22022
Umran Malik1562022

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Super Fun Beyond Cricket: Speed, Bullseye, and Cricket Playtime

These speed superheroes aren’t just throwing balls; they’re creating a cricket whirlwind. Going so fast needs super skills, lots of playtime, and top-tier fun. It’s a show for the superhero and a real puzzler for the batsman. One thing’s for sure – these heroes are making their names as some of the coolest and silliest players in cricket playtime history. Get ready for more super-duper cricket fun, everyone!

Jump into the cricket world, where speed isn’t just numbers; it’s an exciting show that keeps fans hooked. We’re talking about the top 10 fastest cricket balls ever bowled – a journey through cricket’s past where bowlers show off their super-fast skills.

Imagine this: a cricket field full of buzz, bowlers winding up like human slingshots, throwing out thunderbolts that break time’s rules. Now, beyond these top 10 records, there’s a whole bunch of other wow moments in cricket. It’s not just about the speedy guys making history; it’s also about the many unsung heroes adding their twists and turns to the game.

Fast bowling isn’t just skill; it’s a game-changer. It’s the hidden power that shakes up opponents and makes the bowler’s team the boss. Now, while we dive into the details of this super-fast skill, it’s cool to think about the future. With tech getting better so fast, you can’t help but wonder if new bowlers will beat the record for the fastest cricket ball.

For cricket lovers – whether you’re a super fan or just like watching sometimes – you can’t avoid the pull of these top 10 speedsters. Each ball isn’t just a fact; it’s proof of how talented and dedicated these bowlers are.


  1. Cricket’s fastest ball ever?
    Shoaib Akhtar’s 161.3 km/h!
  2. Who’s the cool cat for fastest throws?
    Shoaib Akhtar, at a blazing 161.3 km/h.
  3. Bowling speed kings?
    Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Shaun Tait who secured an astounding 161.1 km/h.
  4. Record for fastest bowl?
    Shoaib Akhtar’s who was recorded for a crazy 161.3 km/h.
  5. Cricket ball’s top speed?
    Turbocharged by Shoaib Akhtar at 161.3 km/h.

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