Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) – like, a dream team come true! Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell – you got it! But guess what? No championship yet!

But wait a minute! Captain Faf Du Plessis is the boss, and RCB could still totally zoom up the leader board, like, super-fast! Speaking of leaders, ever wondered what crazy numbers each player rocks on their jersey? This article spills the tea!

PlayersJersey No
Faf Du Plessis13
Virat Kohli18
Dinesh Karthik19
Glenn Maxwell32
Rajat Patidar97
Anuj Rawat55
Suyash Prabhudessai43
Will Jacks
Cameron Green42
Mohammad Siraj73
Akash Deep11

King Kohli: 18 !

Virat Kohli, the RCB batting boss, rocks the number 18 jersey like a second skin! Debuting in 2008, this magic number has been with him for a whopping 241 matches. Sure, his highest score of 113 might not be his ultimate best, but WHAM! His explosive batting has sent RCB soaring to victory countless times. But here’s the twist: Kohli didn’t even choose number 18 himself! Spooky, right? It seems like destiny. He debuted for India on, get this, August 18th, 2008! And even sadder, his dad passed away on December 18th, 2006. Coincidence or some crazy plan by the universe? Whatever it is, number 18 is like Kohli’s lucky charm, bringing him and RCB a boatload of success.

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Faf du Plessis: Lucky Number 13 Strikes Again!

Faf du Plessis! South Africa’s batting star! He joined RCB way back in 2012 and everyone on the team loves him for his batting. Guess what else? He wears number 13! Must be lucky! Maybe not the highest scorer ever, but Faf keeps getting runs, game after game, just like a machine! He doesn’t talk much, but he leads by example with his awesome batting. Faf – lucky charm for RCB!

Dinesh Karthik: The Finishing Machine – Powered by 19!

Dinesh Karthik, the veteran wicket-keeper batsman with experience overflowing, brings his A-game to RCB. After starting with KKR, he’s now rocking the red and gold, bought for a cool Rs 5.5 crore. BOOM! His highest score of an unbeaten 97 shows he can hit the ball like a rocket, and his average of 26.02 proves he’s consistent too. Number 19 seems to be his lucky number, and his ability to finish matches in style is pure gold for RCB. Talk about a valuable player!

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Glenn Maxwell Lights Up RCB with Jersey #32!

Glenn Maxwell, the superstar all-rounder, is loved by fans for his CRICKET BOOM BOOM batting and those spin bowling tricks that confuse the other team’s batters. He’s been with RCB since 2012, playing a massive 128 games while wearing the number 32 jersey.

His highest score might not be the greatest at 95, but his average of 25.70 shows he’s SUPER GOOD at both batting and bowling. RCB paid a HUGE amount, a whopping Rs 14.25 crore, to get him because they know he can WIN GAMES! The number 32 seems perfect for Maxwell’s BIG personality, and he keeps fans happy with his all-rounder SHOW!


While RCB’s season might be a little rough right now, their players’ jersey numbers tell a story of leadership, luck, and explosive talent. From Kohli’s lucky 18 to Faf’s silent leadership with number 13, and Karthik’s finishing power with 19, each player brings a unique power to the team. Don’t forget Maxwell’s all-rounder brilliance shining through number 32!

With a strong squad and these lucky numbers or maybe just pure skill! RCB still has a chance to climb the leaderboard and make a serious run for the IPL title. So, keep an eye on the red and gold of RCB, because they’re not out yet!


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