The live casino scene is conquering the gaming sector by storm all because of the frequent innovation by cutting-edge suppliers. Players can now indulge in immersive and visually fascinating games at any time. If you are searching for a rewarding and fun live casino game to play, one of the most famous titles is Crazy Time. 

What makes the game fascinating to many is its fulfilling eccentric layout and gameplay that imitate the atmosphere of the captivating casinos in Las Vegas. Crazy Time’s developer, Evolution, is famously recognized in the market. The company is familiar for its live casino gaming technology, offering players with an uncomplicated betting experience. 

To fully take advantage of the game, it is greatly advised to use crazy time winning strategy. This will aid in elevating your winning odds leading to larger wins. Following is a betting manual overview when playing crazy time, whether you are in India or any other part of the world: 

What is Crazy Time? 

Crazy Time is a live casino game that attributes a shaded wheel filled with various rewards. You can enjoy a delightful gaming experience all because of the live dealer who communicates with the players. 

The 54-segmented wheel is the middle point of the game. Within these segments are numerical 1, 2, 5,10, multipliers and bonus rounds, each providing the possibility for players to win major prizes. 

The featured bonus rounds of the live game include cash hunt, pachinko, crazy time and coin flip. Each of these offers distinctive chances and a profitable betting experience for a possibility to win even greater prizes. With this data, make certain to keep betting on these segments to get the chance to enjoy its probable rewards. 

Following is a quick overview of every bonus round: 

  • Pachinko – betting on this sort of bonus round will earn you additional multipliers. Here, the host will throw a chip down a board packed with pegs. At the end of the board, there are 16 distinctive multipliers the puck will fall in. Keep in mind a puck can fall on the double and elevate multipliers in value. 
  • Cash Hunt – point for the 108 sign with diverse multipliers on the wall during this bonus round. Hit as many as possible utilising a cannon within a limited time set. All the multipliers that were hit will be included in your wins. 
  • Coin Flip – the coin flip bonus round will leave your probability of winning major prizes at a half and half chance. The two sides of the coin are separated by red and blue shades and are given two multipliers. All you have to do is bet on which shade the coin will fall on to triumph. 
  • Crazy Time – if you bet on the crazy time bonus round, be prepared for significant payouts and rewards. In this round, 64 segments and 3 flappers are on the wheel: yellow, blue and green. 

Every one of these flappers have their own distinctive payout values. If the wheel falls on a double or trip value, all multipliers will be doubled or in some cases even tripled. 

How to Play the Game of Crazy Time?

Before plunging into a Crazy Time wagering strategy to bet with, it is important to comprehend how exactly to play the game and the various rules first. Luckily, the game is easy to learn. Following is the guide on how the game of Crazy Time is played:

  1. Set a Betting Sum  – The initial step is to set a betting sum. Take into consideration your bankroll and set a sum for every gaming session. The base sum you can bet is 0.10 mBTC, and the max is 400 mBTC. 
  1. Bet on Segments – As briefly mentioned above, there are numerous segments on the wheel that you can bet on. Based on your appetite for risk, you can bet on numerous segments simultaneously. To elevate your odds of succeeding, perhaps consider betting on a bonus segment for a probability to win greater payouts and prizes. 
  1. Be Attentive to the Timer – Keep a watch on the timer during the betting part of the game. If you can’t place a bet within the limit, you will be eliminated from winning any prizes or payouts during that round. With this, make certain to always be attentive. 
  1. View the Wheel Spinning – The host will spin the wheel once the bets have been confirmed. This large wheel will spin along the top slot reel, which has the diverse multipliers of the game. 
  1. Redo!  – If the wheel falls on a bonus game you betted on, you can then play. If your bets did not land during the present round, the procedure would repeat till a bonus game is played and triggered. 
  1. Be Familiar with the Payout Table – It is important to be familiar with the game’s payout table to develop the finest potential Crazy Time strategies and tips to play with. 

Strategies to Attempt to Succeed in Crazy Time 

To place superior bets while playing, it is suggested to play with a crazy time strategy. Luckily, there are multiple various strategies that you can utilise. Bear in mind that these don’t always bring the same outcomes but aid elevate your probabilities of winnings and lower possible losses. Consider attempting some of these when you play the game of Crazy Time online: 

  • Learn the Statistics Board 

There is a statistics board that is clearly accessible to players, which you can utilize to hedge your bets. Here, you can discover a history of former rounds (both from the chief game and bonus rounds) and various percentages representing the times that particular segment was hit. Examining this information can aid you identify trends or patterns that could impact your wagering decisions. 

If a specific bonus game has not happened in a while, it might be worth taking into consideration a bet on that bonus, as it could be due to come up shortly. Although, remember that every round is separate and former results do not warrant future outcomes. 

  • Enhance your Bet Alternatives

When playing Crazy Time, you have a large range of various betting alternatives to select from. Every one of these have their own set of probable odds and payouts. It’s crucial to diversify your bets calculatedly to enhance your possibilities of winning. Make certain to equal greater-risk bets with lower-risk bets, such as numbers or bonus rounds. 

This approach permits you to have a combination of likely payouts and more usual wins. Consider trying out various bet combinations and discover the balance that matches your risk appetite. 

  • Practise Proper Finance Management 

Practising proper finance management is crucial when playing any online casino game. To do so, set a realistics betting budget that suits your bankroll. You have to stick to this budget for the duration of your gaming season. 

Always keep in mind to not pursue losses. Don’t risk losing out on any more bets by elevating your bets impulsively. Instead, aim to maximise your enjoyment within your determined budget. With this, you can extend your gameplay to lower the risk of major losses. 

Tips for Playing Crazy Time 

Besides utilising strategies during your gaming binge, it is also crucial to pursue some Crazy Time tricks and tips. Doing so will aid you make better game forecasts, which will also elevate your odds. Following are a few Crazy Time tips to remember: 

  • Comprehend the Payouts and Odds of Crazy Time 

Take the time to know the various betting alternatives and their corresponding payouts and odds. Each bet sort in Crazy Time has its level of potential reward and risk. By comprehending the odds, you can make wise choices on where to place your bets. Consider diversifying your bets to balance potential payouts and risk as well. 

  • Enjoy the Game 

While winning is without a doubt thrilling, it’s crucial to approach Crazy Time with the mindset of having a fun time and enjoying the experience. Treat it as a form of entertainment rather than a warranted method to make some cash. 

Set practical beliefs, and don’t get carried away by going after major wins or attempting to recoup losses rapidly. Keep in mind to enjoy and take in the game’s entertainment value and appreciate the excitement it provides. 

  • Know When to Pause Playing 

One of the most common tips to win at Crazy Time is knowing when to pause playing, particularly if you are on a bad streak. Although crazy time is an enjoyable enough game to play, you have to decide on a limit to signal a pause to your gaming session. 

If you reach your succeeding goal, consider concluding your session on a positive point. It’s recommended to pause playing and stay away from further losses if you hit your losing limit. Taking breaks and practising self-discipline will aid you preserve control over your gameplay. 

Play and Win Crazy Time at Kheloo 

Crazy time is best relished at Kheloo, the top crypto casino in the industry. Thanks to the different attributes accessible, you can savour the live casino game to the fullest.

This includes an abundance of generous offers which aids players relish better and bigger rewards with their bets. And the best part? You can anticipate quicker deposits and withdrawals at the website. 

To begin playing Crazy Time at Kheloo, follow these easy steps: 

  1. To begin, tap on the sign-up tab at the website’s top right corner. 
  2. Then, supply your email address and password. Otherwise, you can also utilise a cell number to sign up. 
  3. For a faster registration procedure, you can sign-up utilising your Gmail or Telegram account. 
  4. From here, you can then deposit finances into your account. You will discover your Kheloo wallet at the top left portion of the page. There are various transaction techniques to consider, such as crypto or fiat. Based on your bankroll, make certain to set a suitable sum. 
  5. Once you have fulfilled the steps mentioned above, you can then begin playing Crazy Time by cruising yourself to their live casino game portion. You can use the search bar for quick access. 


Now that you are accustomed with how the game of Crazy Time by Evolution works and a few strategies to win. Here are a few consistently asked questions from other bettors that might aid you as well: 

  1. How to play the game of crazy time? 
    All you have to do while playing Crazy Time is to bet on one of the numerous segments of the game’s wheels. The segments include bonus rounds, numbers and multipliers. Remember that you can bet on multiple simultaneously. 
  1. How to Win a Game of Crazy Time? 
    To win at crazy time, forecast which segment the wheel will fall on and place a bet on it. You can grow your odds of winning by utilizing a strategy. 
  1. Where can bettors play Crazy Time? 
    The finest site where players can play the game of crazy time is Kheloo casino. They make sure bettors have the absolute best time with abundant promotions and bonuses. 
  1. How does Crazy Time operate? 
    Crazy Time is a live dealer casino game that makes use of a wheel as a central part of its gameplay. On the wheel, there are various segments bettors can place their bets on. There will be a betting period before every round where bettors can bet on many segments according to their choices. 

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