Hello cricket fans, listen up! There’s a new name scorching the scene – Yashasvi Jaiswal! This young Indian dude is like a CRICKET COMET, blazing a trail of runs in the IPL for the Rajasthan Royals and WHACKING bowlers silly on the international stage!

IPL Rampage: Runs Galore for the Royals!

Remember the 2023 IPL? Jaiswal went HAM for the Royals! We’re talking a BONKERS 625 runs! That’s more runs than most folks can dream of! Like a one-man wrecking crew with a bat, he just kept SMASHING runs left, right, and center! The crowds went BANANAS! Everyone was like, “Who is this JAISWAL dude?!” Well, now the whole world knows!

From Newbie to Superstar: Early Days of a Prodigy!

Jaiswal wasn’t born a superstar, though. Back in 2020, he was a fresh face in the IPL. But guess what? He still SMACKED 40 runs in his first few games! The Royals saw the raw talent and snatched him up. Now, he’s a MAIN MAN for the team! The crowd goes WILD when he steps up to launch the ball!

IPL journey: Yashasvi Jaiswal Salary

2020Rajasthan Royals₹ 2,40,00,000
2021Rajasthan Royals₹ 2,40,00,000
2022Rajasthan Royals₹ 4,00,00,000
2023Rajasthan Royals₹ 4,00,00,000
2024Rajasthan Royals₹ 4,00,00,000

Royals Secure Their Gem: Party Time in Jaipur!

The Rajasthan Royals are like, “This Jaiswal guy? He’s our SECRET WEAPON!” So they grabbed him for the upcoming IPL season too! Talk about smart moves! Jaiswal is like a RUN- mencetak (Indonesian for “scoring”) MACHINE for them. He can handle the PRESSURE and DELIVER when the team needs him most! Talk about a CLUTCH PLAYER! This dude’s got ICE in his veins! 

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Record-Breaking Hits: The Ball Doesn’t Stand a Chance!

Jaiswal isn’t just good, he’s OFF-THE-CHARTS good! This dude hit a CRAZY 124 runs in a SINGLE IPL game in 2023! That’s the most runs EVER by someone who hasn’t played for India yet! The bowlers were like, “Where’d the ball go?!” Jaiswal just LAUNCHED them all over the stadium! He became a cricket LEGEND overnight!

International Hero: From IPL to Team India Stardom!

Hold on, there’s more! Jaiswal isn’t just an IPL superstar. He’s also WEARING THE BLUES for Team India! Talk about pressure! In his very FIRST Test match, he went out there and CRUSHED a MASSIVE 171 runs! That’s the THIRD HIGHEST runs EVER by an Indian player in their debut Test! Can you believe it? This guy is FEARLESS! The future of Indian cricket is looking brighter than a disco ball! 

IPL 2023 Runs & Wickets

  • Total Runs Scored: 625 
  • Batting Average: 48.08
  • Highest Score: 124* 
  • Strike Rate: 163.61
  • Fifties: 5

A Bump in the Road: Not Always Sunshine and Sixes!

Hey, even superstars have rough patches, right? Jaiswal had a bit of a SLUMP in the 2021 IPL season. He didn’t score as many runs as everyone hoped. But guess what? He DIDN’T GIVE UP! He bounced back STRONGER than ever in 2023 and became the RUN-SCORING BEAST we know today! That’s what makes him a true champion!

The Future is Now: Get Ready for More Jaiswal Magic!

Yashasvi Jaiswal is GOOD! Like, REALLY good! He’s gonna be even BETTER! Rajasthan Royals and India SUPER happy with him! Jaiswal gonna break RECORDS, hit SIXES way out of park, and WIN many GAMES! Cricket fans, get ready for the JAISWAL SHOW! You WONT BELIEVE your EYES! He hits the ball SO HARD you might MISS IT!


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