A number, etched on the back of a cricketer’s jersey, transcends mere identification. It becomes a symbol, a whispered legend carried on the roar of the crowd. That’s the magic of jersey numbers in Indian cricket. Sure, some picks are as random as a lucky charm – numbers between 1 and 100 chosen on a whim. But for others, the jersey becomes a jewel, woven with personal stories or cosmic connections, a reflection of their astrological destiny!

Cricket players in India have special numbers on their shirts! Just like your favourite objects you love and possess, these numbers can be special too. Sometimes players pick a number they just like, any number from 1 to 100! But other times, the number has a secret story!

Some numbers become super famous, like number 10. Everyone knows that number belongs to Sachin Tendulkar, the extra-amazing cricket player! It’s like his special superhero number! Number 7 is another famous one, worn by MS Dhoni, the super cool captain. These numbers are so special they’re retired, which means no other player can wear them anymore!

1 to 100 Indian Cricket Players Jersey Number List

Let’s find out more about all the cricket players and their cool shirt numbers, from 1 all the way to 100! Maybe there are more secret stories waiting to be found!

  1. KL Rahul – 1
  2. Ashok Dinda – 2
  3. Yuzvendra Chahal – 3
  4. T Natarajan – 4
  5. Washington Sundar – 5
  6. Wriddhiman Saha – 6
  7. MS Dhoni – 7
  8. Ravindra Jadeja – 8
  9. Sanju Samson – 9
  10. Sachin Tendulkar – 10
  11. Mohammad Shami – 11
  12. Yuvraj Singh – 12
  13. Munaf Patel – 13
  14. Bhuvneshwar Kumar – 15
  15. Mayank Agarwal – 16
  16. Rishabh Pant – 17
  17. Virat Kohli – 18
  18. Rahul Dravid – 19
  19. Axar Patel – 20
  20. Dinesh Karthik – 21
  21. Jayant Yadav – 22
  22. Kuldeep Yadav – 23
  23. Sourav Ganguly – 24
  24. Shivam Dube – 25
  25. Cheteshwar Pujara – 25
  26. Venkatesh Iyer – 25
  27. Murali Vijay – 26
  28. Khaleel Ahmed – 27
  29. Rahul Chahar – 28
  30. Varun Chakaravarthy – 29
  31. Pragyan Ojha – 30
  32. Ruturaj Gaikwad – 31
  33. Ishan Kishan – 32
  34. Hardik Pandya – 33
  35. Krishnappa Gowtham – 34
  36. Rinku Singh – 35
  37. Harshal Patel – 36
  38. Devdutt Padikkal – 37
  39. Shreyas Iyer – 41
  40. Shikhar Dhawan – 42
  41. Prasidh Krishna – 43
  42. Suresh Raina – 48
  43. Mukesh Kumar – 49
  44. Shardul Thakur – 54
  45. Chetan Sakariya – 55
  46. Ravi Bishnoi – 56
  47. Deepak Hooda – 57
  48. Vijay Shankar – 59
  49. Suryakumar Yadav – 63
  50. Ashish Nehra – 64
  51. Yashasvi Jaiswal – 64
  52. Avesh Khan – 65
  53. Mohammed Siraj – 73
  54. Shubman Gill – 77
  55. Jaydev Unadkat – 77
  56. Kedar Jadhav – 79
  57. Shahbaz Nadeem – 88
  58. Deepak Chahar – 90
  59. Jasprit Bumrah – 93
  60. Navdeep Saini – 96
  61. Ishant Sharma – 97
  62. Ravichandran Ashwin – 99
  63. Prithvi Shaw – 100

Most Prevalent Jersey numbers in Indian Cricket

Cricketers in India wear special numbers on their shirts! These numbers can be like a lucky charm!


Some numbers are like superheroes’ capes! Number 10 is Sachin’s number. He’s a super amazing cricket player! At first he wore number 99, but then a friend who knew about stars told him number 10 was lucky. And guess what? Sachin Tendulkar became a superstar! His number is so special, nobody else can wear it anymore!

MS Dhoni

Number 7 is another cool number. MS Dhoni, the super captain, wore that one. It was his favorite number and his birthday is on July 7th, so it felt extra lucky! He even won trophies for India wearing number 7! That number is retired now, just like Sachin’s number 10.

Rahul Dravid

Another great player, Rahul Dravid, wore number 5 at first. But then he switched to number 19! Do you know why? Because that’s his wife’s birthday! Maybe she likes that number a lot! Some people say he changed his number because a friend who knew about stars told him to, but that’s a grown-up thing.

Virat Kholi 

Virat Kohli is another amazing cricket player who everyone loves! He wears number 18 because it’s a super special day for him. It’s the day his dad went to heaven, which made him sad. But Virat kept playing cricket because his dad always wanted him to. He even scored a lot of runs in a game right after! Number 18 must be a way to remember his dad and feel happy even though he’s gone.

Rohit Sharma, the Team Captain, and his Number 45:

Rohit Sharma, the team leader, wears number 45. It might seem like any number, but there’s a secret story! When he was little and just starting cricket, he had no idea how to pick a number for his shirt. He never like small numbers like one or two so he asked his mom for help. His super smart mom said number 45 would be good because if you add 4 and 5 together, you get 9! And 9 is a lucky number in many places! So Rohit thought that was a great idea!

Shubman Gill, the Rising Star, and his Double 7s:

Shubman Gill is a new player who everyone’s excited about! When he first joined the team, he wanted number 7 on his shirt. But guess what? That number was already taken by another player. So, what did Shubman do? He got creative and picked number 77 instead! Two 7s are almost like a giant, lucky number 7, right?

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is an expert at what he does! That makes him extra special for the team. When he first started playing cricket for all the countries, he picked the number 12 to be on his shirt. We guess it should be his favourite number, or maybe it reminds him of something special! But that number wasn’t free.But that number wasn’t available. So, what did Jadeja do? He used some grown-up math magic! He added up all the numbers in his birthday and came up with a big number. Then, he added those digits together again to get a smaller number – and that number became his lucky jersey number, number 8!

Kuldeep Yadav, the Spinner, and his Hero’s Number:

Kuldeep Yadav is a super bowler who throws the ball in a curvy way, making it really tricky to hit! He has another bowler he admires a lot, like a superhero he wants to be like someday. This special bowler is from Australia and his name is Shane Warne. And guess what number Shane Warne wore on his shirt? Number 23! So, Kuldeep decided to wear number 23 too, to be a little bit like his hero!

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Hardik Pandya, the Big Hitter, and his Mystery Number:

Hardik Pandya is another amazing player who can hit the ball really far! When he first started playing internationally, he wore a very long number – number 228! Why that number? Well, it turns out Hardik scored a whopping 228 runs in a cricket game once! But later on, he changed his number to 33. There might be a special reason for this new number, but it’s a grown-up reason that’s a little bit tricky to understand. Maybe it’s another kind of lucky number magic, just like Rohit’s number 45!


These are just a few examples of the cool jersey numbers you can see on Indian cricket players! Every number has a story, and some of them are quite surprising! Next time you watch a cricket match, see if you can spot these players and their special numbers! You might even discover a new favorite player, or learn a fun fact about their lucky number!


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