The IPL (Indian Premier League) is one of the most popular T20 cricket leagues in the world, attracting the top cricket players from across the globe. In the IPL 2023 season, there are several talented players who are expected to dominate the league and help their respective teams to success.

The IPL 2023 player ranking is a list of the top-performing players in the league based on their RAA (Runs Above Average), Wins, and EFscore (Economic-Footprint score). These metrics are used to measure a player’s overall contribution to their team’s success.

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As per the IPL 2023 player ranking, the top-ranked player is Shikhar Dhawan from the Punjab Kings, who has an RAA of 156, and a Wins value of 0.576. Dhawan’s outstanding performances with the bat have made him one of the most valuable players in the league. He is closely followed by Yuzvendra Chahal from the Rajasthan Royals, who has an RAA of 141 and a Wins value of 0.520.

The ranking also includes information about the players’ salaries and their value to their respective teams. This information is crucial for team owners and managers who need to make informed decisions about their team’s composition and budget allocation.

Overall, the IPL 2023 player ranking is a comprehensive guide for cricket fans and enthusiasts who want to keep up-to-date with the top-performing players in the league.

1  S DhawanPunjab Kings1560.5760.295$812,500$646,691
2  YS ChahalRajasthan Royals1410.5200.210$937,500$598,424
3  SO HetmyerRajasthan Royals1270.4690.251$1,107,100$554,465
4  MA WoodLucknow Super Giants1260.4660.204$234,380$551,880
5  F du PlessisRoyal Challengers Bangalore1230.4560.187$250,000$543,260
6  M MarkandeSunrisers Hyderabad1230.4530.249$290,000$540,675
7  Rashid KhanGujarat Titans1220.4510.158$1,406,250$538,951
8  RD GaikwadChennai Super Kings1200.4420.170$28,600$531,194
9  V KohliRoyal Challengers Bangalore1120.4160.159$2,656,250$508,784
10  DA WarnerDelhi Capitals1060.3920.183$1,953,130$488,097
11  JC ButtlerRajasthan Royals1010.3730.141$687,500$471,721
12  NT Tilak VarmaMumbai Indians890.3310.123NA$435,520
13  Shubman GillGujarat Titans800.2950.139$281,250$404,491
14  B Sai SudharsanGujarat Titans790.2910.115NA$401,043
15  M JansenSunrisers Hyderabad710.2630.121$28,600$376,909
16  V ShankarGujarat Titans670.2490.078$500,000$364,842
17  R AshwinRajasthan Royals660.2430.152$1,100,000$359,671
18  AS JosephGujarat Titans650.2420.159NA$358,809
19  Arshdeep SinghPunjab Kings640.2380.129$28,600$355,361
20  N PooranLucknow Super Giants640.2350.114$600,000$352,776
21  Mohammed SirajRoyal Challengers Bangalore600.2210.110$406,250$340,709
22  MM AliChennai Super Kings600.2200.126$1,000,000$339,847
23  RA JadejaChennai Super Kings560.2070.113$1,093,750$328,642
24  Abdul SamadSunrisers Hyderabad530.1960.061$28,600$319,161
25  CV VarunKolkata Knight Riders530.1940.142$1,200,000$317,437
26  HC BrookSunrisers Hyderabad520.1910.098NA$314,851
27  RK SinghKolkata Knight Riders500.1870.076$125,000$311,403
28  Mohammed ShamiGujarat Titans500.1860.107$685,700$310,541
29  DA MillerGujarat Titans500.1850.071$107,100$309,679
30  Ravi BishnoiLucknow Super Giants470.1720.122$285,700$298,474
31  N RanaKolkata Knight Riders460.1690.123$531,250$295,889
32  TA BoultRajasthan Royals430.1580.079$460,000$286,408
33  AM RahaneChennai Super Kings400.1500.068$760,000$279,512
34  RA TripathiSunrisers Hyderabad400.1470.083$85,700$276,926
35  WD ParnellNone390.1450.048$166,000$275,203
36  A MishraLucknow Super Giants360.1340.058$625,000$265,721
37  MM SharmaGujarat Titans340.1240.056$71,400$257,102
38  MS DhoniChennai Super Kings320.1190.071$2,343,750$252,793
39  YBK JaiswalRajasthan Royals320.1180.090$342,900$251,931
40  MP StoinisLucknow Super Giants310.1130.071$685,700$247,621
41  TU DeshpandeChennai Super Kings270.1010.128$28,600$237,278
42  PP ChawlaMumbai Indians270.1000.076$342,900$236,416
43  VR IyerKolkata Knight Riders270.1000.077$28,600$236,416
44  DJ WilleyRoyal Challengers Bangalore260.0940.052NA$231,244
45  Fazalhaq FarooqiSunrisers Hyderabad240.0900.063NA$227,797
46  RS HangargekarChennai Super Kings240.0900.066NA$227,797
47  AK MarkramSunrisers Hyderabad210.0790.057NA$218,316
48  Ishan KishanMumbai Indians210.0790.040$968,750$218,316
49  JP BehrendorffMumbai Indians200.0740.068$234,380$214,006
50  NT EllisPunjab Kings200.0740.086NA$214,006
51  R TewatiaGujarat Titans200.0740.032$430,000$214,006
52  PBB RajapaksaPunjab Kings190.0720.069NA$212,282
53  RP MeredithNone190.0690.017$1,142,900$209,696
54  DC JurelRajasthan Royals180.0670.040NA$207,973
55  Umran MalikSunrisers Hyderabad180.0670.067NA$207,973
56  H KlaasenSunrisers Hyderabad160.0590.025$71,400$201,077
57  Akash SinghNone130.0460.051$28,600$189,872
58  RJW TopleyRoyal Challengers Bangalore120.0430.009NA$187,286
59  RG SharmaMumbai Indians100.0360.051$2,343,750$181,253
60  GJ MaxwellRoyal Challengers Bangalore90.0350.047$2,035,700$180,391
61  AT RayuduChennai Super Kings80.0310.053$343,750$176,943
62  Anmolpreet SinghSunrisers Hyderabad50.0190.014$114,300$166,600
63  KR MayersLucknow Super Giants50.0180.071NA$165,738
64  Sandeep SharmaNone50.0170.048$468,750$164,876
65  K KartikeyaMumbai Indians20.0070.017NA$156,257
66  KV SharmaRoyal Challengers Bangalore00.0000.059$478,000$150,224
67  MJ SantnerChennai Super Kings-2-0.0060.046$78,130$145,052
68  SP NarineKolkata Knight Riders-3-0.0110.105$1,953,130$140,743
69  M Shahrukh KhanPunjab Kings-4-0.0130.034$750,000$139,019
70  TH DavidMumbai Indians-4-0.0130.024NA$139,019
71  Suyash SharmaKolkata Knight Riders-4-0.0150.043NA$137,295
72  N WadheraMumbai Indians-5-0.0180.009NA$134,709
73  DP ConwayChennai Super Kings-5-0.0190.058NA$133,847
74  MG BracewellRoyal Challengers Bangalore-5-0.0190.053NA$133,847
75  SV SamsonRajasthan Royals-6-0.0220.044$1,250,000$131,261
76  A BadoniLucknow Super Giants-6-0.0230.043NA$130,399
77  AD RussellKolkata Knight Riders-7-0.0250.055$1,328,130$128,676
78  KR SenRajasthan Royals-8-0.0300.003NA$124,366
79  Rahmanullah GurbazKolkata Knight Riders-9-0.0340.067NA$120,918
80  N JagadeesanKolkata Knight Riders-10-0.0350.030$31,250$120,056
81  M AshwinRajasthan Royals-10-0.0370.001$28,600$118,333
82  K RabadaPunjab Kings-10-0.0380.014$656,250$117,471
83  Mustafizur RahmanDelhi Capitals-11-0.0420.013$142,900$114,023
84  A ManoharGujarat Titans-12-0.0430.006NA$113,161
85  R DhawanPunjab Kings-14-0.0520.002$82,000$105,404
86  A ZampaRajasthan Royals-14-0.0530.023$45,000$104,542
87  KH PandyaLucknow Super Giants-16-0.0590.078$1,375,000$99,370
88  D PadikkalRajasthan Royals-16-0.0600.034$28,600$98,508
89  KK AhmedDelhi Capitals-17-0.0620.057$468,750$96,785
90  WP SahaGujarat Titans-17-0.0630.048$171,400$95,923
91  SN KhanDelhi Capitals-18-0.0650.018$35,700$94,199
92  GD PhillipsSunrisers Hyderabad-18-0.0660.002NA$93,337
93  K GowthamLucknow Super Giants-19-0.0700.024$900,000$89,889
94  Abhishek SharmaSunrisers Hyderabad-20-0.0720.019$85,940$88,165
95  Prabhsimran SinghPunjab Kings-20-0.0740.040$78,600$86,441
96  C SakariyaDelhi Capitals-20-0.0750.025$171,400$85,580
97  T StubbsMumbai Indians-21-0.0770.001NA$83,856
98  S DubeChennai Super Kings-21-0.0780.043$628,600$82,994
99  AS RoyKolkata Knight Riders-22-0.0800.001$31,250$81,270
100  KL RahulLucknow Super Giants-22-0.0820.042$1,718,750$79,546
101  MW ShortPunjab Kings-23-0.0830.035NA$78,684
102  YV DhullDelhi Capitals-24-0.0880.001NA$74,375
103  D PretoriusChennai Super Kings-24-0.0890.005NA$73,513
104  SSB MagalaChennai Super Kings-24-0.0900.007NA$72,651
105  Anuj RawatRoyal Challengers Bangalore-25-0.0920.001$114,300$70,927
106  MK PandeyDelhi Capitals-26-0.0940.006$1,718,750$69,203
107  R ShepherdLucknow Super Giants-26-0.0950.000NA$68,341
108  JM SharmaPunjab Kings-26-0.0960.056NA$67,479
109  TG SoutheeKolkata Knight Riders-27-0.1020.027$156,250$62,308
110  Mohit RatheeNone-28-0.1040.002NA$60,584
111  NA SainiRajasthan Royals-31-0.1150.003$468,750$51,103
112  Yash ThakurLucknow Super Giants-32-0.1190.016NA$47,655
113  JC ArcherMumbai Indians-33-0.1220.010$1,125,000$45,069
114  RR RossouwDelhi Capitals-33-0.1230.017NA$44,207
115  B KumarSunrisers Hyderabad-33-0.1240.066$1,328,130$43,345
116  Lalit YadavDelhi Capitals-34-0.1240.034$28,600$43,345
117  AU RashidSunrisers Hyderabad-34-0.1260.026NA$41,621
118  Mukesh KumarDelhi Capitals-36-0.1330.067NA$35,588
119  MA AgarwalSunrisers Hyderabad-38-0.1410.036$156,250$28,693
120  Avesh KhanLucknow Super Giants-39-0.1430.033$109,380$26,969
121  Akash DeepRoyal Challengers Bangalore-39-0.1440.024NA$26,107
122  Aman Hakim KhanDelhi Capitals-40-0.1460.004NA$24,383
123  KD KarthikRoyal Challengers Bangalore-42-0.1540.004$1,156,250$17,488
124  M TheekshanaChennai Super Kings-42-0.1550.005NA$16,626
125  R ParagRajasthan Royals-43-0.1600.015$28,600$12,316
126  Kuldeep YadavDelhi Capitals-44-0.1640.050$28,600$8,868
127  MR MarshDelhi Capitals-45-0.1650.015$285,700$8,006
128  T NatarajanSunrisers Hyderabad-45-0.1680.044$62,500$5,421
129  Shahbaz AhmedRoyal Challengers Bangalore-46-0.1690.004$28,600$4,559
130  HV PatelRoyal Challengers Bangalore-48-0.1760.049$31,250$-1,475
131  Arshad KhanMumbai Indians-49-0.1810.047NA$-5,784
132  Abishek PorelDelhi Capitals-49-0.1820.013NA$-6,646
133  Mandeep SinghKolkata Knight Riders-50-0.1830.001$218,750$-7,508
134  HR ShokeenMumbai Indians-50-0.1850.017NA$-9,232
135  SM CurranPunjab Kings-50-0.1850.113$785,700$-9,232
136  BA StokesChennai Super Kings-55-0.2020.004$1,953,130$-23,885
137  JO HolderRajasthan Royals-55-0.2050.042$105,000$-26,470
138  Harpreet BrarPunjab Kings-59-0.2180.029$28,600$-37,675
139  SN ThakurKolkata Knight Riders-60-0.2210.058$406,250$-40,261
140  JB LittleGujarat Titans-61-0.2240.078NA$-42,847
141  R PowellDelhi Capitals-61-0.2240.017NA$-42,847
142  SA YadavMumbai Indians-61-0.2270.007$500,000$-45,433
143  KM AsifRajasthan Royals-63-0.2330.015$62,500$-50,604
144  AR PatelDelhi Capitals-64-0.2380.080$714,300$-54,914
145  LH FergusonKolkata Knight Riders-69-0.2550.009$228,600$-69,567
146  PP ShawDelhi Capitals-69-0.2550.009$187,500$-69,567
147  RD ChaharPunjab Kings-69-0.2560.045$296,880$-70,428
148  C GreenMumbai Indians-70-0.2580.024NA$-72,152
149  UT YadavKolkata Knight Riders-71-0.2630.045$142,900$-76,462
150  Sikandar RazaPunjab Kings-72-0.2640.032NA$-77,324
151  DJ HoodaLucknow Super Giants-76-0.2810.018$71,400$-91,977
152  DL ChaharChennai Super Kings-89-0.3290.013$125,000$-133,349
153  Yash DayalGujarat Titans-95-0.3510.006NA$-152,311
154  JD UnadkatLucknow Super Giants-101-0.3720.014$428,600$-170,412
155  HH PandyaGujarat Titans-102-0.3780.017$1,718,750$-175,583
156  Washington SundarSunrisers Hyderabad-104-0.3830.019$500,000$-179,893
157  A NortjeDelhi Capitals-107-0.3960.046$28,600$-191,098
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In conclusion, the IPL 2023 player ranking is a valuable resource for cricket fans and enthusiasts who want to stay informed about the top-performing players in the league. The ranking is based on metrics such as RAA, Wins, and EFscore, which provide an accurate measure of a player’s contribution to their team’s success. The ranking features some of the most talented players in the league, including Shikhar Dhawan and Yuzvendra Chahal, who have consistently performed at a high level. The information about players’ salaries and their value to their teams is also a crucial aspect of the ranking, providing team owners and managers with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their team’s composition and budget allocation. Overall, the IPL 2023 player ranking is an essential guide for anyone interested in the IPL and the top-performing players in the league.


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