Games are super-duper fun! In India, there are tons of gamers too! Why? Because everyone has a smartphone and Indians really like playing games! Now let us see the 20 most popular games in India. And let us also find out why people love them so much. 

Game Ratings in the App Store

Let us also get to know their ratings in the app store.

PUBG Mobile4.5 Stars – 5 Mil100 Mil +Action
Free Fire4.3 Stars – 18 Mil100 Mil +Action
Ludo King4.2 Stars – 9 Mil500 Mil +Board
Candy Crush Saga4.4 Stars – 34 Mil1000 Mil +Casual
Clash of Clans4.5 Stars – 54 Mil500 Mil +Strategy
Call of Duty4.2 Stars – 15 Mil100 Mil +Action
Subway Surfers4.4 Stars – 36 Mil1000 Mil +Arcade
Teen Patti4.3 Stars – 1.8 Mil100 Mil +Casino
Temple Run 24.5 Stars – 12 Mil500 Mil +Action
Fruit Ninja4.1 Stars – 4 Mil500 Mil +Arcade
Clash Royale4.2 Stars – 32 Mil100 Mil +Strategy
8 Ball Pool4.5 Stars – 26 Mil500 Mil +Sports
Angry Birds 24.3 Stars – 5 Mil100 Mil +Casual
Mini Militia4.2 Stars – 4 Mil100 Mil +Action
Rise of Kingdoms4.4 Stars – 3 MilNAStrategy
Mobile LegendsStars – Mil ReviewsNAStrategy
Among Us3.8 Stars – 13 Mil500 Mil +Action
Hay Day4.4 Stars – 13 Mil100 Mil +Casual
Asphalt 94.5 Stars – 2 Mil100 Mil +Racing
Homescapes4.7 Stars – 12 Mil100 Mil +Casual

Top Mobile Games for Gamers in 2024

Want awesome games for your phone? Look no further! Here are two super-hot games you got to try:

1. PUBG 

It’s a game that drives people crazy and gets them playing all day long. You play with 99 other people on a big island. You find guns and fight until you’re the last one standing. The game feels like real life and needs lots of thinking, which is why lots of people in India love it. It was really popular during the lockdown when everyone had to stay inside!

Here’s what makes PUBG Mobile awesome:

  • Super Intense Battles! Get ready for crazy fights against 99 other people! The area you can fight in gets smaller and smaller so the action gets more intense.
  • Play with Friends or Go Solo!  Work together with your friends to win!
  • Tons of Guns and Vehicles! There are many different guns and cars (and motorcycles!) you can find. Pick the ones that work best for you to win battles and move around the island quickly.

2. Free Fire: Fast Action Battles for Everyone!

Free Fire is another super fun battle royale game. It’s a bit faster than PUBG Mobile and has a different view (third-person perspective). There can be up to 52 players on an island fighting for victory. There are also different maps you can play on to keep things interesting. This game works on even less powerful phones so almost anyone can play!

Here’s what makes Free Fire awesome:

  • Super Pretty Graphics! The game looks great which makes it even more fun to play.
  • Can Be Played on Most Phones! This game works well on even less powerful phones so almost anyone can play!
  • Sounds Like Real Life! Get immersed in the stunning sound effects and experience the awesome gaming life.

3. Ludo King: Relive the Roll (4.2/5 – 9 Million Reviews)

Remember Ludo? Those family game nights filled with playful arguments and triumphant cheers? Ludo King isn’t just a game, it’s a time machine! Blast back to the good old days with friends across the miles, or throw down against rivals worldwide – all on your phone! It’s Ludo, but amped up for the 21st century.

The classic gameplay you love gets a digital makeover. Fancy animations make every dice roll and token movement pop, adding a layer of excitement to your quest for Ludo glory. But Ludo King isn’t just about eye candy. It’s a social butterfly of a game! Talk smack (or shower your opponents with praise, it’s all good) with the built-in chat. Turn that frown upside down after a close defeat with some playful emojis, or double down on your victory dance with a flurry of virtual high fives.

Okay, okay, enough about emojis. Ludo King is serious about competition too. Climb the leaderboard ranks and become the ultimate Ludo legend! Local and global leaderboards separate the Ludo newbies from the Ludo royalty.

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4. Candy Crush Saga: A Sugary Scramble (4.4/5 – 34 Million Reviews)

Candy Crush Saga invades, a match-three game on super steroids! Forget grandma’s boring game, this is a brain-exploding sugar rush! Match candy like crazy, witness sugary rain like whoa, and conquer levels that get wilder with every move. It’s pure candy crushing joy for puzzle fans who love sweets.

Hold on! Don’t be fooled by the easy matching. Each level is a mind-blowing twisty maze inside a yummy candy shell. You’ll need mega-smart thinking, plus a lucky sprinkle, to become the ultimate candy crusher. But don’t worry, brave sugar soldier! Candy Crush Saga gives you a sugar-bombing arsenal of power-ups that would make Willy Wonka cry. Match more candies, unleash epic candy explosions! Combine these candies like a super pro and clear the board in one sugary swipe. It’s a mind-bending, ear-splitting sugar attack that will leave you hungry for more candy mayhem!

Candy Crush Saga isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a never-ending sugar explosion, with new levels and challenges popping up faster than you can say “piñata candy corn!” Millions of players worldwide are battling for candy-coated glory in a super-duper sweet competition! Are you ready to join the tastiest battle royale ever?

5. Clash of Clans: (Over 54 Million Peoples Play!)

Wanna be a king? In Clash of Clans, YOU make your own town! Big walls, strong boomy things (cannons!), and cool people to play with (clans!). Train funny fighters (barbarians!), scary dragons that BREATHE FIRE!, and more! Gotta protect your shiny gold and special juice (elixir!) from other players who want it! So much fun, makes your tummy happy!

Here’s what you get:

  • Big, Strong Town! Build walls and boomy things to keep your stuff safe!
  • Funny Fighters! Train lots of cool people to fight for you!
  • Scary Dragons! BREATHE FIRE and win!
  • Play with Friends! Make a clan and play with other peoples!
  • Shiny Stars! Win lots of stars and be the best!

6. Call of Duty: Mobile – (Over 15 Million Peoples Play!)

Ready to shoot bad guys? Call of Duty is like pretend shooting on your phone! Play with other peoples (online!) in fun games like Tag, but with SHOOTING! (Team Deathmatch)

Feeling brave? Fight to be the last one standing! (Battle Royale)

Want to be a super good shooter? Play against the best! (Ranked Matches)

Don’t worry, it’s FREE to play! You can win everything you need. Shiny things you can buy with real money, but not needed to win!

Call of Duty:

  • Shooty Fun! Lots of games to play, some fast, some slow and tricky!
  • Big Battlefields! Fight all over the world, in cities and on big fields!
  • Fun Challenges! Play special games and win cool stuff!
  • See What You Want! Play from the front (First Person) or behind (Third Person)!
  • Unlock all sorts of guns and things to fight with!
  • Be a Hero! Play as famous soldiers from Call of Duty!
  • Be the Best Shooter! Climb the ladder and become a champion!

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7. Subway Surfers!

Remember tag? This is like tag with ROCKETS! You’re a naughty kid ZOOMing through a train station, dodging grumpy grown-ups and their WOOFY friends! Swipe your fingers like magic to dodge trains, tunnels, and all sorts of tricky stuff. Grab shiny coins and WHOOSH gadgets like jetpacks to fly like a superhero! With bright colors and super easy play, Subway Surfers is FUN for EVERYONE!

8.Teen Patti!

Calling all CARD SHARKS! Teen Patti, a super cool Indian game, is now on your phone! Play with your BUDDIES or people from ALL OVER THE WORLD! Plus, there are other fun games like Poker and Rummy too! Get your pretend money ready for a night of STRATEGY and FUN!

9. Temple Run 2!

Time to RUN LIKE CRAZY! This game is like the sequel to your favorite game, but even crazier! You’re in an ANCIENT temple, trying to ESCAPE from something SCARY! You gotta be SUPER FAST to dodge booby traps, CRUMBLY walls, and even grumpy monkeys (but not as many as last time!). Grab sparkly GEMS as you run and use them to get STRONGER or come back to life if you OUCHIE! Temple Run 2 is PURE EXCITEMENT – perfect for gamers who LOVE a CHALLENGE!

10. Fruit Ninja!

Feeling STRESSED? Wanna chop stuff up? Fruit Ninja is your new BEST FRIEND! Your phone screen turns into a magic chopping board. Slice all the JUICY FRUITS flying around to get points! Do SUPER slices to show off and watch your score SKYROCKET! But miss too many fruits and it’s GAME OVER! Fruit Ninja is super EASY to learn and FUN to play with friends, making it a favorite for gamers who want a quick burst of FUN!

11. Clash Royale: Whoopity-Whoo! Fight with Cards! (4.2 Stars! 32 Million Peoples Played!)

Woah! You wanna fight? But not with fists! Yucky! In Clash Royale, you fight with special cards! Each card has a super power! Boom! Zap!  You gotta build a deck, like a team of cool guys! Then, fight other players in real-time! Zoom! Faster than a flash! Gotta destroy more towers than your friend! Crash! Whoever smashes the King’s Tower first WINS! Woohoo! Like a big, giant trophy!

Here’s the Super Duper Fun Stuff:

  • One-on-One Battles! You fight one friend, mano a mano!
  • Lots and Lots of Cards! Find all the cool guys with special powers!
  • Make the Best Deck! Like a puzzle, put the strong guys together!
  • Campaign Mode! Go on adventures and win prizes!
  • Challenge Mode! New challenges every day to keep things exciting!

12. 8 Ball Pool: Pocket Billiards in Your Pocket! (4.5 Stars! 26 Million Peoples Played!)

Ever play pool? It’s like bowling, but with tiny balls! Now you can play pool ANYWHERE with 8 Ball Pool! Challenge your friends or new peoples! Gotta sink the 8-ball last to win! But watch out! Don’t scratch or you lose! Oops! Use your little stick to hit the balls carefully. The better you aim, the more you win! This game feels so real, just like real pool!

13. Angry Birds 2: (4.3 Stars! 5 Million Peoples Played!)

Remember those angry birds? They’re back! This time, they’re even angrier! Super mad! Those naughty green pigs stole their eggs again! Gotta use your fingers to fling the birds at the pigs! Wheee! Knock down their towers and make them squish! Splat! Use special powers and even things on the screen to help the birds win! This game is so much fun, for littles and big peoples too!

14. Mini Militia: (4.2 / 5 – Lots and Lots of Reviews!)

Shooty fun for big boys and girls! Mini Militia is like choo-choo trains crashing in a cartoon world! Lots of players (up to six!) fight each other with funny-looking guns. Want to play with friends? Easy peasy! Call them over and fight together! You can even dress up your shooty guy and make him super strong!

Here’s why Mini Militia is the best game ever:

  • Fight with friends! Like, a whole bunch of friends (up to twelve!)
  • Explore different places! Warehouses with big boxes! Pretty lakes with fishies! Wobbly bridges that make you go WHOOSH!
  • Pick a cool guy (or girl!) to fight with. Make them strong and wear the fanciest clothes!
  • Play different games! Sometimes everyone fights everyone, sometimes you gotta grab a flag first!
  • Lots and lots of different guns! Big ones that go BANG! Small ones that go PEW PEW! Even a flamethrower that makes everything go WHOOSH!
  • Fly like a superhero with a jetpack! Swing on a rope like Tarzan!
  • Practice fighting by yourself before you play with friends!
  • Be the number one fighter in the whole wide world!
  • Make your guy (or girl!) look extra special with cool stickers and sparkly clothes!

Ready to shoot and have fun? Get Mini Militia now!

15. Rise of Kingdoms: (Lots of Stars! 4.4 / 5 – Many People Play!)

Ever wanted to be a king (or queen!) and build a giant castle? Rise of Kingdoms lets you do just that! Build houses, train strong soldiers, and fight other people in BIG battles! The coolest part? Anyone can join in anytime they want! See your friend getting attacked by a bad guy? Send your soldiers to help! This game is like playing with blocks, but WAY cooler!

Here’s why Rise of Kingdoms is the BEST game ever:

  • Build a giant castle with towers and walls, just like a real king (or queen!)
  • Fight other people and take their stuff! Be the BIGGEST and STRONGEST!
  • Battles happen right on the map, so you can see everything! It’s like watching a big toy fight!
  • Team up with your friends and fight together! You can be an unstoppable team!
  • Pick a famous leader from history to fight for you! Like a brave knight or a clever queen!
  • Explore a giant world full of surprises! Maybe you’ll find a hidden treasure!

Ready to be a king (or queen!) and build the biggest castle ever? Download Rise of Kingdoms now!

16. Mobile Legends: (Super Fun! 4.5 / 5 – Everyone Plays!)

Calling all superhero fans! Games are super quick, so you can play lots in a short time! You gotta work together with your friends to win. Learn all sorts of cool tricks to be the best fighter ever! This game is like your favorite cartoon come to life!

Here’s why Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the BEST game ever:

  • Short and exciting battles! You can play a whole game in just ten minutes!
  • Pick a cool hero with special powers! Fly through the air! Shoot fireballs! Be super strong!
  • Team up with your friends and fight together! Be the best team EVER!
  • Learn how to fight in different ways! Be sneaky in the shadows or charge right into battle!
  • Climb the ladder and become the ULTIMATE hero! Everyone will know your name!
  • You can try out all the heroes for free! Find your favorite one!

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17. Among Us: 

Zoom zoom in your spaceship! Among Us is a fun game where you play with friends. But wait! There might be a bad guy on board trying to mess things up! Do your jobs together, find the bad guy, and send them flying out the door! With silly tasks and detective work, Among Us is a blast!

18. Hay Day: 

Hay Day lets you play on a happy farm! Plant yummy seeds, take care of cute animals, and build a super cool farm all by yourself! Make your farm pretty with fun decorations too! Buy and sell things to make more money for your farm. Hay Day is a relaxing game, perfect for when you want to take a break!

19. Asphalt 9: Legends: 

Asphalt 9: Legends lets you drive fancy cars that go super fast! Race on amazing tracks that look like pictures. Make your car look extra cool with fun decorations. Play with friends or try fun challenges! If you love cars and going fast, Asphalt 9: Legends is the game for you!

20. Homescapes: 

Do you like pretty houses? Homescapes lets you fix up a big old house and make it look amazing! Put furniture and decorations in all the rooms, even the garage! You can change your mind about the decorations whenever you want! Play fun little games to get money for your house. Homescapes lets you make your dream house come true!


India’s mobile gaming scene is exploding! Forget boring games, these apps are wild and totally fresh. With fancy new smartphones everywhere, gaming is going bananas. Get ready for epic adventures with gamers all over India – you’ll make new friends and maybe some enemies too! These games are totally changing how India games, and everyone is invited to join the fun. Don’t wait – dive in and play these awesome games, you won’t be bummed!


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