T20 cricket batting is all about quick runs. Whether you start during a power play over or move up for a dying over, the basic idea remains the same: to hit boundaries, rotate strikes and ultimately keep the scoreboard ticking fast. The Indian Premier League certainly exemplifies this dynamic essence of fast-paced cricket.

Today at Kheloo, we are immersed in hard-hitting batsmen, competitors who have left fanatics on the edge of their seats. Read on as we talk about the 50 fastest IPL in IPL history!

Fastest 50 in top 10 list in IPL history

In the sixteen-plus Indian Premier League, there have been times when a batsman would take less than 20 deliveries to make his half-century although we may not be the speak me on all of them.

RankPlayerTotal Runs (to reach 50)Balls FacedAgainstMatch Date
1Yashasvi Jaiswal9813Kolkata Knight RidersMay 11, 2023
2Pat Cummins5614Mumbai IndiansApril 06, 2022
3KL Rahul5114Delhi DaredevilsApril 08, 2018
4Sunil Narine3454Royal Challengers BangaloreMay 07, 2017
5Yusuf Pathan7215Sunrisers HyderabadMay 24, 2014
6Nicholas Pooran62222Royal Challengers BangaloreApril 10, 2023
7Suresh Raina8716Delhi DaredevilsMay 22, 2009
8Chris Gayle17517Kolkata Knight RidersApril 23, 2013
9Adam Gilchrist5585Sunrisers HyderabadMay 30, 2014
10Chris Morris2282Delhi DaredevilsMay 27, 2016

Yashswi Jaiswal (Kings of Rajasthan) .

Remember Yashasvi Jaiswal, the young Indian opener? Well, this dude just REWROTE the IPL record book! Playing for Rajasthan Royals, he SMASHED the fastest fifty EVER in the IPL, leaving the Kolkata Knight Riders bowlers in the DUST! 

Those Knight Riders only scored 148 measly runs. Easy pickings, right? The Royals openers, with Jaiswal on FIRE, went crazy at the crease. Jaiswal? UNBELIEVABLE. Scored his fifty in just 13 balls – CRAZY! He kept rolling, adding another 48 runs in like 34 balls. BOOM! Royals crushed that target with 9 wickets STILL in hand and tons of time left!

Pat Cummins (Kolkata Knight Cavalry)

Australia’s Captain America Does It Again! Remember the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2022? Total disaster against Mumbai! Stuck at a measly 101 runs, 5 players already down for the count. Then, WHAM! Enter Pat Cummins – the Aussie skipper himself! This bloke transformed into Captain America, SMASHING the fastest fifty for the Knights EVER – a mind-blowing 14 balls! Talk about turning the tide! 

K. L. Rahul 

2018 was the year it all happened. The Kings XI Punjab had to chase an enormous 167. And it was against the Delhi Daredevils. Enter KL Rahul – a run machine on a mission! This guy went absolutely ballistic, scoring his fifty in a mind-bending 14 balls! Pure carnage! With Rahul’s crazy hitting spree, Punjab strolled to a comfortable 6-wicket victory, leaving plenty of time to spare!

Sunil Narine (Kolkata Cavalry)

KKR had to chase down a small target of 159 runs. And it was set by RCB at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. But how they chased it!

West Indies bowler Sunil Narine, known for his confusing tricks with the ball, surprised everyone by opening the batting with Chris Lynn, the Australian big hitter.

Narine went boom from the very first ball! He smashed every single delivery and reached his 50 in just 15 balls! WOW! That’s super fast!

Thanks to Narine’s incredible batting, KKR won the game easily with 6 wickets left and a whopping 29 balls to spare! 

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Yusuf Pathan (Kolkata Cavalry)

Talking about the fastest 50 runs in IPL, the stumbling Yusuf Pathan scored for KKR in 2014

it must be considered one of the greatest of all time. The Match date was held at Eden Gardens, May 24, 2014. Sunrisers Hyderabad got to bat first and scored 160. KKR then followed and went down and immediately found themselves in a struggle.

3-77, when 10 overs ended, Yusuf Pathan then took over. He scored 50 off 15 balls and then added another 22 runs off just 7 balls. Thanks to this thrashing, KKR won the tournament decisively.

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Nicholas Puran (Best Lucknow Heroes)

In the No. 6 we have Nicholas Puran reaching the fastest 50 for Lucknow Super Giants and RCB in IPL 2023. It was the 15th match of the year, oh boy, M.S. How beautifully the Chinnaswamy stadium was lit with fours and sixes. Batting first, the home team had a massive score of 212/2.

While the first chase looked almost impossible, Nicolas Puran and Marcus Stoins ensured their team won the game. The latter scored 65 off 30 balls, while the former trashed the bowling and scored 62 off 19. This included a scorching 15-ball half-century

IPL: A Blast From the Past (But When?)

Hold onto your helmets! We’re warping through time to witness the most mind-blowing batting displays in IPL history. But can you guess the year?

Yuvraj Singh

A fiery streak blazed across the pitch in… (wait for it!) 2012! Yes, it was Yuvraj Singh, a cosmic anomaly scorching the IPL with a ridiculous 50 in a mere 12 balls. Forget the IPL, this was cricket HISTORY!

Raina’s 16-Ball Blitz: Fact or Fiction?

Chennai versus Punjab. A heart-stopping clash. Then, a yellow blur – Raina! Did he really smash a 50 in just 16 balls? Was it a dream? Records whisper of a staggering 87 runs in 25 balls, but did his team win? That remains a mystery lost in the sands of time.

Gayle’s Unbelievable Onslaught… Did It Even Happen?

The year? Unknown. But Chris Gayle became an unstoppable force! Against an unnamed opponent, he demolished the fastest IPL 50 record with a mythical 17 balls. But hold on, there’s more! Did he truly score a jaw-dropping 175 runs in just 66 balls, including 17 colossal SIXES? The crowd’s gasps are the only evidence we have!

Virat Kohli’s Mastery – A Glimpse into the Future?

Fast forward to… well, maybe the future? Virat Kohli is always reigning with a stunning lightning-fast 50 in a mere 26 balls. We guess it’s sure a glimpse of things to come, perhaps? Only time, or perhaps another time warp, will tell.

Gilchrist’s Forgotten Fury

Deep within the archives of IPL season 2, a legend sleeps – Adam Gilchrist! Did he truly crush the fastest 50 record back then (also 17 balls!) against a forgotten foe? His 85 runs in just 35 balls, laced with booming fours and sixes, led his team to victory. But their name? Lost to the mists of time.

The years blur, the teams become phantoms. But one thing remains certain: the IPL has witnessed batting fireworks that defy logic and time! Can you crack the code and uncover the true stories behind these legendary performances?

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Morris Mania: When a Daredevils Hero Unleashed Lightning!

Chris Morris! Remember that name? During the year of 2016, something incredible happened. It was match number 23, IPL season, Delhi versus Gujarat Lions. Gujarat batted first, and WHAM! Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum went crazy, leaving a mountain of runs for Delhi to chase – a whopping 173!

Delhi in the Dumps!

Things looked hopeless for Delhi. They were four wickets down for just 57 runs! Even the great Jean-Paul Duminy couldn’t save them. But then, like a magic trick, BOOM! Chris Morris stepped up. Imagine a superhero, a batter with lightning in his bat. He SMASHED the bowling attack! Believe it or not, 50 runs in just 17 balls! His 32-ball 82 gave Delhi a fighting chance, but it wasn’t quite enough. In the end, heartbreak! The Gujarat Lions won by a tiny, tiny bit – just 1 run!

Not Alone: Speed Demons Unite!

Hold on! Let’s not forget other cricket superstars. Players like Kieron Pollard, Chris Lynn, David Miller, Robin Uthappa, and Andre Russell – all these guys have done similar things, scoring crazy-fast 50s in just 19 balls. They are the kings of big hitting!

The Final Score:

So that’s it! A trip back in time to see the fastest fifties in IPL history. Now you’re a cricket whiz! Feeling the cricket fever? If you like guessing who might win next, we have something cool for you. Check out Kheloo, the place to bet on cricket. They have a website and even an app! (Remember: Betting can be risky, so play safe!)


  • Guess who got the fastest 50 in IPL?
    It’s Yashasvi Jaiswal. He scorched his way to a half-century in a mind-blowing 13 balls! Talk about lighting up the scoreboard!
  • Who became India’s fastest wicket-taking machine in April 2023?
    Fiery Fast! Delhi Capitals’ pace king, Khaleel Ahmed, rocketed to the record for grabbing 50 IPL wickets the quickest among Indians. His bowling spells left opponents in ashes!
  • Hold on, who’s the undisputed 50-blasting champion?
    Still Jaiswal! His record-breaking knock has cricket fans buzzing. This kid’s a batting phenomenon!
  • So, who owns the fastest 50 bragging rights?
    Jaiswal! The Royals’ opener reigns supreme with his lightning-fast batting. 
  • In how many balls was the fastest 50 in IPL recorded?
    Get this – 13 balls! Jaiswal’s explosive innings was a masterclass in power hitting. It’ll go down in IPL history!

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