The whole world is aware of the (IPL), right? It’s like the biggest cricket party ever! But imagine one of the coolest teams, Chennai Super Kings (CSK), suddenly had to take a break from all the fun in 2015. Crazy, right? Let’s dive into why!

The Big Problem: Why CSK Stopped Playing

So, CSK was like the king of cricket. They won so many games! AND as the year 2015 began, things got messy. People started saying some CSK guys were up to no good. They were talking about betting on games! And that’s a big no-no in cricket.

Who Got in Trouble?

There was this important guy in CSK, Gurunath Meiyappan. He was caught doing some shady stuff. Then came the Justice Lodha Committee. They checked everything and said, “Yep, he’s guilty.” So, they punished CSK by saying, “No cricket for two years!”

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Missing in Action: Where Did CSK Go?

Picture this: for two whole years, CSK vanished from the IPL scene. Fans were bummed out! They missed seeing their favorite yellow team in action. But guess what? The ban was like a stubborn rock – it wouldn’t budge!

Why Did This Happen Anyway?

It wasn’t just one bad apple. It was a whole rotten bunch! The big cricket bosses want to keep the game fair and square. So, they punished CSK to show everyone that cheating is a serious offense, and nobody gets away with it.

The Comeback Kings!

Finally, in 2018, CSK roared back into action! And guess what? They won the whole IPL! It was a massive party for CSK fans. They proved that even when you mess up, you can bounce back and hit a six out of the park!

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Lessons Learned: Fair Play is the Only Way

The CSK ban taught us a big lesson. Playing fair is what sports are all about. No cheating allowed! And their comeback showed us that even after a tough time, you can come back stronger and win big.

So, even though CSK had a rough patch, they showed everyone they’re still champions. And we all learned that playing by the rules is the only way to play the game!


  • Why couldn’t CSK play for 2 years?
    CSK got in trouble because of many things. Gurunath Meiyappan, wasn’t following the rules. This is bad for sports because it makes them unfair.
  • Why did everyone say CSK was banned?
    There were accusations that CSK might have been involved in something even worse than betting, called match-fixing. This means maybe they tried to cheat and control how the games turned out. But that wasn’t ever proven.
  • When did CSK miss the IPL?
    CSK was banned from playing the match during the year 2016 and 2017. And it was all because of this whole mess.

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