Cricket is awesome! Especially those close games that make you super nervous! But who are the best players under pressure? The batting heroes who win games at the very last minute? Get ready, because we’re about to meet the top 10 finishers in cricket history – the superstars who can win the game with just a few hits!

10. Carlos Brathwaite: The Four-Six Hero

This West Indies player might not be a mega-star, but Carlos Brathwaite earned his finisher cred in the EPIC 2016 World T20 final. Remember that crazy last over? Yeah, that was him – four HUGE sixes to steal the win from England in a dramatic finish!

9. Jos Buttler: The Boss with the Blazing Bat

England’s Jos Buttler, aka “The Boss,” isn’t just famous for his cool nickname. He’s got some serious batting power and finishing skills. Since his debut in 2011, he’s been a key player in tons of English victories. And guess what? They just made him the white-ball captain, solidifying his finisher status even more!

8. Vivian Richards: 

Sir Vivian Richards? More like Sir Scary for bowlers! This West Indian legend was a nightmare to bowl to. His finishing skills were insane – he could single-handedly steal games with his incredible batting. No wonder he’s still one of the most respected finishers ever!

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7. Michael Hussey: Mr. Cricket, the Calm Finisher

Michael Hussey wasn’t just all class with the bat (hence the nickname “Mr. Cricket”). He was also a fantastic finisher! With over 12,000 international runs, Hussey had nerves of steel in tense situations, guiding his team to victory over and over again.

6. Michael Bevan – Australia’s Super Sub!

Imagine Australia in trouble, way behind! Suddenly, Michael Bevan comes in and BAM! He hits lots of runs, just like a superhero! Between 1994 and 2004, he saved Australia many times. He chased down scores no one thought possible, winning games when all hope was lost. Bevan’s amazing hitting made him a legend – one of cricket’s greatest finishers!

5. Ben Stokes – Ashes Hero!

Remember England losing the World T20? That was sad! But Ben Stokes is super tough! He hit record runs in the World Cup and Ashes, proving he’s a great finisher for big games. He’s like a bird rising from the ashes, winning after a big loss!

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4. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan’s BOOM Machine!

Shahid Afridi wasn’t just a great all-rounder for Pakistan, he was a FINISHING MACHINE! He hit the ball very hard and could change a game quickly. He hit boundaries everywhere, leaving the other team with no chance!

3. Virat Kohli – Chasing Master!

Virat Kohli isn’t just a batting genius, he’s a master finisher too! They call him the “Chase Master” because he loves pressure! Big scores to chase? No problem! Kohli chases them down easily, making the other team scared!

2. AB de Villiers – Mr. 360° Hits All Around!

This South African cricket legend, “ABD,” is incredible! He can smash the ball anywhere on the field, anywhere at all! That’s why they call him “Mr. 360°.” He’s like a magic finisher who can turn losing games into wins. Bowlers beware, he can hit one big shot and win the game!

1. MS Dhoni – 

The absolute best finisher ever is the super cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or “MSD.” He stays calm under pressure, like nothing can faze him, and can almost predict the game! Dhoni has some of cricket’s most famous winning moments, making him the ultimate FINISHER!

These guys are amazing! They might not always be the top scorers, but they win games when it counts the most, in the very last moments. So next time you see a close game, remember these incredible hitters – the cricketers who win close games in ways you’ll never forget!

Cricket Finishers FAQ – Who Wins When It Matters Most?

  • Who’s cricket’s coolest finisher under pressure?
    That’s MS Dhoni, or MSD for short! He’s super calm and makes winning plays when it matters most!
  • Why’s Dhoni the champ?
    MSD stays cool under pressure, thinks ahead, and pulls off wins when the game is on the line!
  • What makes a cricket finisher awesome?
    These cricketers are tough! They can score runs fast and help their team win even in difficult situations.
  • Who’s the king of chasing big scores?
    Virat Kohli! They call him the “Chase Master” because he loves chasing down big targets!
  • Who are some T20 superstars when the game is close?
    Lots of players are great T20 finishers! Dhoni, Kohli, AB de Villiers, Ben Stokes, and Carlos Brathwaite are all amazing at winning close T20 games!

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