Call break card game is a quite risky derivation of spades that is played using precisely 4 people. The game has gained popularity in South Asian countries like India and Nepal, where it is being played extensively by the online gaming sites. Many call break earning apps pay real cash. One of the best call break earning app you can play call break to win ₹10,000 daily for free is Kheloo.

What is a Call Break Game?

This trick-taking card game can usually be played with 5 rounds, and each round the dealer shuffles the cards and gives them out to other players on the table containing a total of 13 cards. Lakadi, Ghochi and at some places Call Brake as well.

For each of the five rounds there are a total of thirteen tricks available to the player, and players need to follow suit with the same card for each deal, with spades being the trump suit in this particular game. All of the accepted deals are pooled together and the player with the most wins.

The possibilities for gameplay are large, players will be able to choose which bids they want to bet but compete with other players online. They can easily make the right bid for each deal to let them demonstrate all their potential level of play. The second aspect provided by call break, besides the other games such as poker and rummy, is the ability of earning some real cold cash other than having some fun. In Call Break online you can win playable coins, PayTM cash or real money by playing and winning the game which is available on different call break earning app(s). If that’s not a motivation for you to play Call Break more often, then we don’t know what is.

This comes in the call break multiplayer version and even tournaments with different prices to as low as 1-on-1 games to see how well you are faring, all these options can be done. Obviously you are already search list of best call break earning app to earn real money, so here is our best call break earning app list and few more (if you wanna play more)

Before Starting Playing: Call Break Basic

Best Call Break Earning App

Call Break

Types of Practice Modes: Look for the app that offers practice modes that are designed to help new players learn the strategies, sharpen their skills and experiment with new strategies. Moreover, if you learn the rules and regulations in the practice session will help to play the game without any issues.

Choose a Call Break earning app that has available multiple multi-tables from low to high stakes for all players; from beginners who might be gambling 1-2 coins per hand to seasoned professionals established bettors wagering thousands of coins each game (single hand) at any given time. The aim is for variety in gameplay and to help both the new player and potentially a seasoned one.

  • Reliable: Play on an app which is SSL encrypted and has Anti-Cheat AI, Fraud Protection & Fair Play Policy. Make certain they keep all your information and transactions in a secure database that is not to be shared with crews or sources outside the company.
  • Incentivised: Choose apps that offer welcome bonuses, reward for referral etc. Invite friends and earn several cool rewards. This provides a further layer of motivation to help get you improving your skills for a progression system.
  • Quick Withdrawals: Prefer an app which provide with instant withdrawal facilities for enjoying secure payments and also avoid facing problems of delay in withdraws. Features : You will find all features available on a recharges app – Secure Payments like UPI, Bank Transfer etc.
  • Customer support: Opt for an application that comes with customer support via live chat, email or phone support. This would be perfect for getting help with technical issue or queries relating to your account in general.

And the above are only the features to look for from the best app when you play Call Break on app to earn real-money. So those were the best apps from above factors and we have already selected the ones for you.

Call Break AppWinnings
MPL Call BreakWin ₹10,000 Daily
First GamesGet up to ₹20,000 Welcome Bonus
WinzoWin up to ₹25 Crore
Call Break EmpireGet ₹10 Sign-up bonus
Card BaaziReferral Bonus of ₹50
BigCash₹2 Crore+ Daily Winnings
Dangal GamesWin up to ₹1 lakh
KhelooWin ₹70 Lakh+ Daily

Top 5 Call Break Earning Apps

Top 1: Kheloo

Kheloo’s Call Break (35Lakh+ players 3Lakh+ winners) is an exciting and easy to play variant of the classical game with the same name. You can also earn by simply inviting your friends to play on the app. It is responsive to iOS and Android users, as well offering as a free or cash game. Moreover they always keep coming up with amazing deals and campaigns where you can go and Play Call Break online for earn a hefty amount. In the game itself, you are either pitted against a single player in a 1-on-1 or multiple players for a jackpot in an Kheloo tournament. You have to rank towards the limit of the tournament leader board if you want to get that. If you are looking to enter into the Call Break World and earn money from games then Kheloo is Best Call Break App for You.

Call Break Game Modes on Kheloo:

Trump Call Break


Multi Winner


Tournament and leaderboards in Call Break

Besides Call Break, you will play other enjoyments with intriguing games like Rummy, Poker and Solitaire. All these games are integrated with earning options if you want to earn money, so you need to understand new way of calling break and card games anywhere online in 2021. Take your winnings and transfer the money directly to your bank account. To begin with, the call break game and then the other one by one as you want to!

Benefits of Playing on Kheloo Call Break:

Kheloo Call Break App provides a range of different game modes including Classic, Multi Winner, Rapid and Trump. That selection makes sure to deliver an enjoyable and tailor-made experience for every player, providing a mode for all levels of experience or preferences.

Instant Winnings Withdrawal:- Players can withdraw their winnings instant via popular payment methods i.e Amazon Pay, Paytm, UPI, Bank Transfer In sum, this quick and easy withdrawal flow makes sure that players can enjoy their winnings with no hiccups and offers an overall great user experience.

Safest Transactions: It makes the security of its users transactions a top priority on Kheloo Call Break Game. Both depositing and withdrawing via secure payment gateways and encryption protocols, ensures players their financial data and money are safe.

Disadvantages of Playing Calls on Kheloo Call Break:

Possible Addiction: As underneath is a gaming app and if part of the players plays for breaking luck system can worsen itself with quick money withdrawal If it is not done in moderation, excessive games can start taking up too much time and you will neglect other things that are most important in life, including negative health effects on the body as well.

Competition: Multiplayer games such as Call Break can cause frustration and tension in some less experienced players due to their competitive nature.

Dependence on Internet Connection: You will need a continuous internet connection to keep the Kheloo Call Break app running without any glitches. This result in interruptions or lags for players with unstable connections, and the overall app experience may suffer as a result.

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#2 First Games

This is a Call Break Money Bank app so you should try. Gameplay The basic premise of the game is simple, with points awarded after a set number of turns to determine the match-winner. The call break game is played by four for ebst of four round. Along with this users can also earn PayTM cash by winning the games, and they will even be able to withdraw their winning amount instantly. As the saying goes, not much can go wrong with a gaming app that is handcrafted by PayTM, one of India’s most reliable payment apps.

#3 Winzo Call Break

Winzo CallBreak is a top 5 call break earning app. Call Break Multiplayer – Win Real Cash by Playing on Winzo The rules are slightly different based on the location but basics remains same. Surely, Callbreak is quite a simplified online card games that you can play against random online opponents and your friends

At the start of the game you know how are sitting at the table and who deals. After this, every player need to declare a calling bid and then play game as per the ‘calling bid’ they declared at the start of game. Your call break cash earnings can be cashed out to your account via PayTM etc. All you need to do is access your account and request a transfer.

#4 PlayerzPot

Playerzpot Call Break

Hierarchical League: A gaming app with many types of games as well, including online call break, have 10 million users who have registered to this platform This number itself proves that what an amazing platform to bank your money into especially while playing call break.

Anyone can win call-break games, but winning for money is a different concept. There’s really nothing like that opportunity, is there? So, you better have this app in your smartphone if you are game for a call-break challenge with numerous contests happening every week. Compete with live opponents, win games and some massive cash awards.

#5 Call Break Empire

Call Break Empire

In a nutshell, the Call Break Empire platform is simple- install-> sign-up-> make a payment to play call break cash games-> withdraw your earnings in a UPI wallet or directly into the bankoreach. You will also get a ₹10 sign-up bonus when you install and register on the app. Play call-break and win big. Challenge in real-time thousands of players from your private table and earn money daily via tournaments.

Deposit into a secure interface with instantaneous payout. This is what you currently have to withdraw at any point of time, That will be shown as the amount in the “Winnings Wallet” on the app’s homepage itself(Positioned on top-left). Withdraw instantly to wallet, UPI & bank.

Besides the top 5 call break earning app(s), we would like to list down a few honorary mentions which although did not make it into the list are worthy of your time for the right popularity and gaming experience in Call Break.

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More Call Break Money Earning Apps

#6 AIO

AIO Call Break

When the developers claim that online gaming in India has reached saturation point, we are not sitting here and doubting. It is surely one of the reasons that players want to play multiple gaming platforms and apps. AIO also features an exclusive, interesting variant of Call break on its app that Indian gamers have come to love.

You are just a download away from experiencing their 24/7 customer support, instant withdrawal schemes also with referral bonuses on the side. The Call Break card game provided by AIO is very enjoyable game to play, replayable for all ages people who make intelligent biddings. It is another one of those games which you can win money aside from the salary you earn. By beginners I mean you can make a BIG day one.

#7 Card Baazi

CardBaazi Call Break

With Call Break, Card Baazi kept the card-game-based entertainment business a priority on their all-in-one app. Call Break is real money game play with thrill & excitement you play it among four players. Other Name: Call Bridge or Call Break Taas game. Another well-known variation in India is the 3-player formteen do paanch.

How to Download Call Break for Your Device CardBaazi has the layout of its app which is extremely easy to navigate and rookies wouldnt have any difficulty in choosing which card for themselves. It is great for beginners who want to try out playing Call Break card games Play and earn money!

#8 BigCash

BigCash App

BigCash is an app that has a unique way of earning. After this, you can simply start playing games and earn points on this call break earning app by completing tasks. Players can earn points based on how they perform. These can then be traded for credits or even real cash as well as gift vouchers.

You can boost earnings by contesting and referral programs that improve friend invite experiences. You can avail of ₹2 Crore+ Daily Winnings for sure in the winnings call break cash games from this app.

#9 Dangal Games

Dangal Games Call Break

They had launched Dangal Games: their first few businesses in Rummy and Poker-based games were established. Within a limited era, the app gained immense fraternity within home audiences; mounting more than 10 lakh user base. It achieved this with an effortless-to-play ecosystem, including the casual nature of an AI-provided security gateway.

The fact that Dangal Games app has always been able to get into the head of its gamers and been able to fulfil the biggest needs of a player which is instant withdrawal offered by it in tandem with 100% safety and security This app allows you to play call break on the mobile with either a computer, real-time players, or your WhatsApp contacts. Dangal Games is Now Offering Call Break in Real Cash

#10 MPL 

MPL Call Break

Now, doesn’t that sound great many games on one platform? That can be found on the likes of the gaming app, MPL. Now, jump into the action of Call Break and thousands of other games and win real money.

Here you can play Call Break without any COST and get a CHANCE to make money online for free. The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Get your winning amount directly into your UPI ID. Now is the time to level up your gaming skills!


Call break earnings apps are they genuine?

Yes. These are some apps which are safe to play online call break. We also use a secure database that your data is stored in, and we do not give this information to outsiders. Platforms do not use your bank, UPI, PYMNTS details except for allowing you to transact money in terms of deposit or withdrawal.

Is It Possible To Earn Real Money In call break playing games on Kheloo?

Kheloo is one of the most widely known Indian gaming Apps and it has millions of active users using Kheloo as a one-stop-shop for lots of games. You may find various battles & tournaments on the Kheloo call break game dashboard with different prize amounts. Pay the entry fee to enter a cash game or tournament. Win real cash prizes by finishing the game objective or by scoring higher than your contender.


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